"What's wrong Kagome?" Kouga asked as he walked toward her in the center of the uneven triangle. She turned her head, maybe at the sound of her name, his voice or the new smell. She bared her teeth and launched at him, razor talons ready to rip his throat to shreds.

"Woah." Kouga jumped and dodged her attack, landing not far from his position. Kagome stopped herself from tumbling too much; she was learning quickly.

Kouga took in her appearance; piercing red eyes, sharp, dangerous talons, ears on the top of her head that resembled the Mutt's. Kagome's mouth was wide open, showing off her very sharp teeth that could only be called fangs and hissing and growling like a cornered animal.

"What did you do to her, Mutt!" He shouted, turning to Inuyasha.

Taken aback, Inuyasha raised his eyebrows, before leaning closer to Kouga, raising his free fist shouting, "I didn't do anything you stupid wolf!"

"Are they really going to do this now?" Shippou asked deadpan.

"Looks like it," Sango answered in a determined voice, readying Hiraikotsu, trying not to be hesitant with it.

"Why do I leave her with such a useless person?" Kouga grumbled. "Every time I turn around this girl is being kidnapped by Naraku or some crazy witch or whatever and it's always your fault. You can't keep Kagome safe!"

"What'd you say?" Inuyasha said in a low growl. The nails of his fists digging so hard into his flesh of his balled fists that he drew his own blood. He didn't seem to notice.

But was he right? Kagome was always being taken by some crazy demon. But he always managed to get her back. But now; this. How could he save her from this?

Scratch! Kouga let out a scream and fell to the ground, unconscious. They were too busy fighting and blaming each other that they didn't notice Kagome recover from her flip and launch at the wolf.

The crazed Kagome turned her attention to the dog demon, ready to attack, with no recognition in her eyes.

A sutra appeared. Kagome had been too fast for it to stop her from hurting Kouga, but she finally was still enough and it landed on her back. A surge of pinching electricity overwhelmed her body; Kagome lost consciousness and fell; Inuyasha caught her before she could hit the ground. Carefully, he turned Kagome unto her back. She looked like she had when she was sleeping in her bed back in her time. Her breathing steadied and Inuyasha reached out to hold her hand. "What's going on in your head, Kagome?"

Above in the air, Kagura turned to a nearby saimyōshō, knowing Naraku was using them to watch this little gathering. Waiting for orders, she turned back. This was losing interest. Suddenly, she heard his voice in her head, telling her what to do.

Miroku and Sango ran to their unconscious friend but stopped in their tracks when they saw a young girl running toward them.

"Is Miss Kagome okay?" a worried Rin asked in her sweet voice as she knelt next to Inuyahsa.

"I hope so," Sango said, curtly. They looked around the perimeter of the woods. If Rin was here, then Sesshōmaru wasn't far away. But why would he allow Rin to run into a field with an uncontrolable demon? They were about to get there answer.

"What are you doing here, Sesshōmaru?" Inuyasha asked, his voice laced with suspicion and accusation. Hand on the hilt of Tetsusaiga, he carefully laid Kagome's head gently on the ground with his other hand.

Sesshōmaru said nothing; he stared at Inuyasha with a blank but severe look. It was as if he was deciding whether or not to kill him.

Finally someone spoke up. "Lord Sesshōmaru, what's wrong with Miss Kagome?" Rin's bell-like voice rang out.

The powerful demon looked down at his human companion, then back at the unconscious girl in the grass.

"Let's go Rin." He turned and walked away.

"But Lord Sessh-" Rin started to say, before devotedly following him back into the forest. She took a look back at the group before walking after Sesshōmaru.

"Why aren't we going to helping Miss Kagome, Lord Sesshōmaru?" Rin asked innocently. She didn't receive an answer and also didn't press for one. She simply followed Sesshōmaru deeper ino the forest.

Kagome? The human girl who can sense Sacred Jewel Shards. Sesshōmaru thought to himself. Inuyasha's fondness of human companions has always been a weakness. It led to Father's down fall. But she didn't smell human. Something made her into a filthy half breed. Only Naraku could have thought of something so wickedly clever and have the means to execute it. So, Naraku found a way to change humans into half demons. This will be entertaining.

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