Title: Overboard (remix) epilogue

Author: RogueAngel

Rating: PG-13

Characters/pairings: Jim/Bones, with appearances of Spock, Gary Mitchell, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov and Winona. Passing mentions of Rand, Chapel, Uhura, and Riley.

Word count: 34,000+ (I just can't write short fics!)

Seven months later

"Jim, I'm not signing this," Leonard declared, marching into James' office and tossing a sheaf of papers onto his desk.

Not the least bit phased by his imposing frown, James didn't even glance down at the offending document, but instead looked directly at Leonard, an eyebrow lifted in question. "It's a standard prenuptial agreement, Bones," he said calmly.

"Yeah, I can see that," Leonard barked, causing Riley who was seated in front of James' desk taking notes to jump. "And I ain't signing it."

Riley made to stand up and excuse himself, trying to be inconspicuous. He'd come to fear Leonard's temper, though the doctor had never done anything more than growl at the secretary from time to time.

"Riley, please remain seated," James ordered, before turning back to Leonard. "I don't see the problem Bones."

"That thing is ridiculous," Leonard huffed, crossing his arms and glaring at James. "Twenty-five percent after five years, fifty after ten? That's just insane."

Riley's eyes boggled.

James sighed. "Then what do you want, Bones?"

"I already told you," Leonard snapped, "though apparently you're deaf. I want nothing!"

At that pronouncement, Riley's jaw dropped.

"If I'm idiot enough to ruin this then I don't deserve a damn thing," Leonard declared. "And besides, I can support myself. Damn it, Jim, I am a doctor, not some kind of kept man!"

"I know that Bones, but…"

"Damn it Jim," Leonard interrupted him by banging a hand on the desk, once again causing Riley to jump. "I ain't marrying you for your damn money, kid. I don't need anything from you."

"But what about…" James tried again.

"No," Leonard cut him off, stalking around the desk and resting his hands on the arms of James' chair. "If I fuck this up I'll take the residuals from my research like any other research fellow, but I don't want a dime of your damn money." He paused, his frown fierce, but then it softened. "I only want you, kid." Not waiting for a response, he leaned forward and kissed James, pressing him back into the chair.

Grinning, James ran a hand through Leonard's hair before nipping at his lips playfully. "What about the provisions for the boys?" he asked after a few more kisses.

Leonard pulled back, his expression once again stormy. "Now I will not let you renege on your responsibilities to our boys. You're legally their father now and you will take care of them come hell or high water, you hear me?" he said, shaking a finger at him.

Jim's smile widened. He leaned around Leonard. "Riley, you're dismissed. Please close the door behind you. And you better cancel all my appointments for the afternoon."

"Yes sir," Riley was out of his seat and across the office before James finished speaking. "I'll hold all your calls too."

"Good idea," James said absently. Standing up, he pushed Leonard onto his desk, his hands already on the buttons of his shirt.

"Damn it, Jim," Leonard scowled, not resisting in the least. "I'm supposed to be in the lab in fifteen minutes.

"You're going to be late," James grinned. "But don't worry, I know your boss. I'll write you a note." He muffled Leonard's response with his mouth.

"James Kirk's office," Riley answered the comm. "No, I'm sorry Ms. Kirk," Riley replied efficiently, his posture stiffening. "He's…in a meeting." He cringed as he listened to her. "Yes, ma'am, with Dr. McCoy. Uh…well, I think it might be awhile, actually," he said, his face turning red. "Probably an hour, maybe two." He paused, once again listening. "Yes ma'am. I'll let him know."

Ending the comm. he reached forward and turned up the volume of his music player. They really needed to work on the sound proofing of the doors in this building, he thought, resting his head in his hands wearily.

The clearing of a throat caught his attention a few moments later. Sitting up, he nodded respectfully at Spock.

Spock looked at Riley, his music speakers, and the closed door behind him. "Dr. McCoy is visiting?" he asked, one eyebrow lifted in inquiry.

"Yes, sir," Riley nodded, wincing at the thud followed by a moan that floated from the office behind him.

"I will return in an hour," Spock intoned, turning away.

There was a deep laugh followed by a drawn out groan.

"Better make it two hours, sir," Riley suggested.


The End

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