Authors Notes: Day of Reckoning was friggin awesome. In a dumb sort of way, but I'll deal with that later. After reading Capslock's fic titled "The Future is now" I got to thinking (Something I don't normally do, mind you) How would the greatest story arc, with the exception of the Phoenix story line, be evolutionized. Well here it is.

Dedication: This goes to all the fans of my work. Capslock, thanks for the inspiration. The rest of you, Enjoy and thanks.

Summary: Right now I'm going to just go through the Bio's and alliances that have happened, as well as some back history on how the characters got to were they are.

The good Guys:

X-men: Magneto (leader), Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Rouge, Sabertooth, Storm, Spyke, Forge, Night Crawler, Magma, and Iceman.

The X-men were formed when Eric Magnus Lenshuer saved them from Apocalypse's wraith at various times. They follow Magnus's dream of mutant/human peace, even though they do not know that it was actually the dream of a long deceased man. However they have had to deal with their own tragedies as some of their own broke off and formed their own team.

Erik Magnus Lenshuer, 54 (body of a twenty-year-old): Magneto
After watching his best friend killed by a maniac, Erik vowed to follow his friend's dying wish, to fight for Mutant/Human Peace. First recruiting his own children, Magnus began to find and recruit others in a war torn world. The discovery of a rejuvenation chamber allowed him to regain his lost years. Now with the body of a twenty-year-old, and his powers fully restored to his prime he leads his X-men in a war against Apocalypse.

Rouge Darkholme Lenshuer, 19: Rouge
The young woman known only as Rouge led a life of loneliness. Unable to touch others without absorbing their power's or memories, she isolated herself from others. That was until their mother Mystique dropped off her and her brother Kurt into Magnus's care. Once there she developed a school girl crush with Magnus, eventually helping him regain his youth with the rejuvenation chamber. They discovered that because of this incident they could touch each other without triggering her power. Afterward the to romanced, eventually marrying. However problems arose when Magnus recruited one Remy LeBeau. She suddenly found her self with feeling toward this new stranger. Those feeling's were put aside however when Remy left the X-men to follow his own path. However she still remains torn between the two.

Wanda Maximoff, 18: Scarlet Witch
Wanda has the power to literally change the world. Her power to alter the probability ratios and cause other mutant powers to backfire makes her a deadly and powerful ally. She and her brother generally share a close relation ship with each other.

Pietro Maximoff, 19: Quicksilver
Pietro is the fastest thing on earth. Period. Even though he follows his father's orders to the letter, he finds himself doubting them sometimes. Always the perfectionist, Pietro is way to hard on himself. He has made it his personal goal to watch out for his sister and protect her from all harm, an act that often causes more harm than good.

Kurt Darkholme, 18: Night Crawler
Kurt Darkholme considers himself a freak. He has a generally nasty attitude toward everything and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. As an expert swordsman, Kurt uses his abilities to help Magneto in his war with Apocalypse.

Victor Creed, unknown: Sabertooth
After seeing the horror that Apocalypse inflicted on his native Canada, Victor Creed joined Magnus' team with his only friend, Logan. After Logan left the team, Victor found himself doubting the dream. But after an incident in which he saved a small child, Sabertooth released he made the right decision to stay. His savage fury is easily controlled by his willingness to use it on the forces of the Dark Lord.

Ororo Munroe, 27: Storm
Ororo joined Magnus' team after seeing the horrors that humans were being put through. She along with her nephew Evan fights for Magnus's dream of equality amongst humans and mutants. Using her ability to manipulate the weather she fight for the hope that one day there will be peace.

Evan Daniels, 19: Spyke
Evan Daniels watched as Apocalypse's extermination forces killed his family. He fights for the X-men for the simple reason of revenge. He retains a friendship Pietro Maximoff and no one else. His is a scared and bitter man seeking one thing: The destruction of Apocalypse.

Forge, 17: Forge
They young boy known only as Forge is a genius. He can turn anything mechanical into anything else. But during an attack on his native Arizona, he suffered the loss of both legs and his right arm. With Magnus' help, he managed to build prosthetic limbs that give him heightened strength and speed. Before the attack, he was studying to be a shaman, and as such he has a deep holy side that gives hope to his teammates.

Amara, 16: Magma
The mysterious girl known only as Amara has a side no one want's to see. Literally. She posses the ability to harness raw solar energy and turn it into fiery plasma that will destroy anything it touches. Using the heat her body generates she can obtain flight. (I have no clue what her powers are so I'm just going to make he a female Sunfire. Sorry) She has developed a close relationship with Bobby Drake that is a budding romance in the works.

Bobby Drake, 16: Iceman
Young Bobby Drake has never lived a sheltered life. Coming from an abusive home he knows the horrors that the world holds. However he fight them, using his ability to lower the temperature and create ice out of moisture. His relationship with Amara has lead to the theory of "opposites attract".

The Brotherhood: Avalanche (leader), Shadowcat, Toad, Pyro, Gambit, Meltdown, and Omega.

The Brotherhood is made up of mutants that left the X-men to find their own path. They don't believe in Magnus' dream of Apocalypses. They merely try to survive and bring help to those in this post-apocalyptic world. They fight to defend the helpless and to try and give back something this world does not have: Hope.

Lance Alvers, 21: Avalanche
Lance Alvers has seen more than his share of evil. As such he found himself not believing that the dream of Peace could ever happen. Thus he left the X-men to try and find his place in the world. He took with other members who also doubted the cause. Now he leads them in defense of those who cannot defend themselves. A modern day Robin Hood, Lance's power of seismic manipulation make him one of the most powerful mutant on earth, rivaling those of Magneto and Scarlet Witch.

Katherine 'Kitty' Pryde Alvers, 18: Shadowcat
Kitty Pryde was a normal high-school ditz. Then Apocalypse came to town. She watched as her entire family was killed and all her friends enslaved. She survived the assault with the help of a senior by the name of Lance Alvers. Together the two of them managed to stay alive until they were found by Magnus and recruited. However when Lance found himself doubting the Dream, Kitty left with her husband. Now she fights for a new dream: Survival.

Todd Tolansky, 17: Toad
Young Todd has one of thee most Philosophical minds alive. As a fan of classic literature and history, he proves invaluable as an asset. His genius has allowed the Brotherhood to stay one step ahead of the opposition. His ability to spew various forms of "slime" is also highly welcome, as they range from sticky to acidic. In short, Toad is a scholar trapped in the body of a mutant boy that is remarkably frog-like.

John St. Allerdyce, 19: Pyro
With the ability to control fire, John St. Allerdyce fights for those he loves. And the Brotherhood is the only family he has left. As such he will die for them. But until he does, his pyrotechnic abilities are a welcome addition.

Remy LeBeau, 19: Gambit
Trained as a thief, Remy LeBeau prefers trickery to directly attacking. The only reason he left the X-men was to be far away from Rouge, whom he has feelings for. He has hatred toward Magneto that is rooted in jealousy. As a member of the Brotherhood, Remy puts his mutant ability, to turn potential energy into kinetic energy, to good use.

Tabitha Smith, 18: Meltdown
Tabitha Smith is good at one thing: Destruction. Her ability to generate plasma "Time-Bombs" gives her the ability to get her way whenever she wants it. As a generally wild spirit she enjoys the thrill of a good fight and often goes looking for one.

Michael Nagrite, 21: Omega
Mike is what you would consider the ultimate weapon. With super-strength, heightened speed and agility, a healing factor, and calcium based tendricals he is definitely someone you don't want to mess with. He is a tortured soul, forced to watch helplessly as the woman he loved was killed in front of him. Omega has dedicated his life to the destruction of Apocalypse. Not caring for Magnus dream, Mike left with his only friends: Lance and John. Now he uses his power to train himself for the final battle that he knows is approaching. And with it, his chance for vengeance. (This guy is an Original Character, blended with some Omega Red. That's were the Tendricals come from, except his are natural and part of his mutation Sorry but I needed to give them an evolution version of Omega Red and this was what happened. Hope you like him.)

The Bad Guys:

Apocalypse: The Dark Lord
Not much is known about the current ruler of half the world. He was the first mutant ever and was imprisoned in a tomb, back in ancient Egyptian times. After being freed by Mesmero, he gathered a huge army of mutants and opened an all out assault on the Human race. There is no one more powerful than he is. No One. He rewards those loyal to him with great power. But even though the war is over and he controls all of North America, Apocalypse is planning to unleash his power. He is preparing for another genetic war, in which his philosophy will be realized: "Survival of the Fittest." And with they way things are going, it may be that only he survives.

The Horsemen: Sinister, Holocaust, Shadow King, and Mesmero.
Not much is known about the generals of Apocalypse and nobody's going to find out anytime soon. These four Mutants have had their powers enhanced greatly as a reward for their service to the Dark Lord.

Nathaniel Essex: Sinister, Horseman Pestilence
All that is known is that Essex was once a geneticist. Now with the ability to shape-shift, heal from any wound and shoot energy blasts. While he serves Apocalypse, he does so in appearance only, he has his own agenda, one that may cost him in the future. He leads the group known as Factor X.

Holocaust, Horseman War
The basterd son of Apocalypse, Holocaust is made of pure energy. After having his body destroyed by Magneto, holocaust must now wear armor to survive and keep him together. He is immensely loyal to his father and hates all those who oppose his wishes.

Shadow King, Horseman Famine
The shadow King is a being made of pure Psionic energy. He can manipulate the astral plane to any form that he wants, for it is his domain. He loyally guards his masters empire by locating all mutants as they emerge and dealing with those who have Psi-powers by killing them on the astral plane, for one cannot survive without the mind. With the ability to posses any who cross him, he is a lethal assassin who's is very dangerous.

Mesmero, Horseman Death
Mesmero can control you like a puppet. After freeing Apocalypse he was rewarded with the ability to take control of any one around him, as such he cannot be killed, because no one can get close enough to him. He earned his title by having those who oppose him kill themselves. He is arrogant and that may be his only weakness for he does have control over anything and anyone.

Factor X: Sinister (leader), Cyclops, Havoc, Beast, Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Dazzler, and Polaris

Scott Summers, 21: Cyclops
Summers is the second in command of Factor X, However he finds himself at war with himself. After losing his left eye in a fight with Wolverine, Scott began to doubt himself. Now he is torn between loyalty to his father Sinister or himself. His decision will impact the future events of what is to be.

Alex Summers, 18: Havoc
Alex is loyal to Apocalypse and no one else. He is a suck up who is angry at the world and only cares for number one. He hates his brother Scott for his apparent disregard for the will of the Dark Lord. He is more than ready to take over once the time comes.

Sam Guntrie, 16: Cannonball
Guntrie is an angry individual who wants power and nothing else. He's more than willing to backstab anyone who gets in his way.

Henry McCoy, 27: Beast
Beast is not just a name; it's what McCoy is. A monster who tortures others in the name of science. He is responsible for the creation of the Infinite; a mutant made from a genetic stew that is loyal to the dark lord. He serves only those who will allow him to continue his "Research" and is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Rahne Sinclair, 16: Wolfsbane
Rahne is a twisted form of what she once was. Now she is nothing more than a heartless werewolf who kills all who get in her way. Since she no longer has any semblance of humanity left Beast controls her through an electrical collar. Only one thing is certain though, she is something that should not be taken lightly.

Alison Blair, 18: Dazzler
Alison has the ability to turn sound waves into various forms of light; including lasers and holograms. She serves the Dark lord because she craves power, which gives her the luxury that she craves. A spoiled Brat who only cares for herself, Dazzler is a fierce foe.

Lorna Dane, 18: Polaris
Lorna Dane has the power that rivals Magneto, as such she is held in high regard within the ranks of Apocalypse. She is a cold heartless killer that thrives off of others pain. Her relationship with Alex is nothing more than a glorified Sex-fest.

Rouge Gallery: Apocalypse has dozens of mutants under his command, and he's not afraid to send them to do his dirty work. They are very dangerous and worn hard by the fierce world.

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