Phil purposefully looked away from the shed as they went in. This would be an easy 'welcome': the cripple couldn't put up a fight. He checked his watch.

Fifteen minutes later, while walking him to the infirmary, he couldn't resist smacking the sore ass. He'd ask Sam for details tonight.

Mendelsohn was bored. He met Mickey's eyes, sharing his unspoken longing for a woman. He returned his attention to the cripple: at least Sam was enjoying this. The guy was so obviously in pain he asked for one pill only. No point torturing him, as long as he behaved properly.

The cigarette put Sam in a thoughtful mood. Mendelsohn was his best pimp ever: he never beat nor raped him, protected him from customers, and occasionally let him have fun, like today. He had even talked Phil into taming the spanking sessions.

Sam closed his eyes and inhaled, feeling lucky.

Wilson clicked the usual website open, and gasped: eight extra months, one in solitary.

He tried to understand the motivation, saw a sick prisoner was involved. House.

He had promised his therapist he wouldn't seek contact, but once he read about solitary confinement he couldn't help planning a care package.

After sniffing his hands Mickey scrubbed them carefully again. Usually he wore latex gloves, but Mendy had insisted on the full treatment: fingernail scratches in addition to the bruising.

The poor bastard would be in pain for a long time. He felt no pity, though, it was well deserved punishment.

Alonso had discussed the fisting through dinner, generously sharing gory details. No point wasting all this effort on one person only, Mendelsohn had said.

He shuddered, remembering well the cripple's eyes while Mickey worked him: Alonso didn't know what he'd been threatened with tonight, but now he looked even worse.

"House sent me. You're Dr. Wilson, right?"

The handsome man in front of her swayed as if she'd punched him.

"Yes, and I'm not interested, Ms.—"

"Dr. Adams. His message is 'stay out of my life'."

"I'll do that, thanks. Please go now."

She hesitated.

"There's something you should know."