I'm an arsehole, I know. In fact, I'm worse than any old arsehole; I'm comparable to the arsehole of that monkey we all see at the zoo with a rump larger than its own head. Yeah, that's about right. Personally, I hate it when authors update chapters that, well, aren't chapters, but this is super important to me. I thought I'd never put my awesome fans through the horror of a stupid A/N, yet here we are.

I guess I'll get to the point, then. Well, several months ago I read this awesome story. Aaaaand I forgot what it was called because apparently I didn't favorite it. I posted something on the Forum of lost stories and whatnot but one look told me everything I needed to know; it was never going to be answered. Barely any of the forums had gotten replies. So I've decided that I'm going to exploit you, my little minions who I'm sure hate me. Below is my description of the story I can't find, and whoever finds it for me gets one wish from me. And that includes a new chapter for OOFAS: R within, say, the next month.

*I remember it was only around five or six chapters and the title or summary had something to do with dreams or wishes. In the story, Ino and Sakura are twin sisters whose brothers are delinquents that ran from home. Their parents were polar opposites (but overwhelmingly rich) so the two daughters are very different: Ino took after her mother and was interested in things like dance whilst Sakura shared her father's admiration for martial arts. The two girls weren't good friends and actually live on two different sides of the house, barely interacting. Even in school where Ino is popular and Sakura is the loser with only Neji and Rin as her friends, no one knows that they're even related.

Anyways, the girls learn from a cop that their parents are now dead. Not wanting to be sent to an orphanage, the sisters decide to call their brothers to come and live with them since they're old enough to be legal guardians. At first they don't get along, and Sasori and Deidara bring the rest of the gang over a lot so the girls steer clear of them. However they slowly get that family love again. That's where I remember it ending.

Please, please help me find this story. And it was first published quite some time ago...hadn't been updated in a long time, too. So, we're looking for a pretty old story.

Don't forget! Find the story and I'm yours. Well, at least my writing is.
Once again, I'm so, so, so, so, so sorry for abusing you amazing people like this. lessthanthree