Their Heart's Desire.

Gibbs stares at the advertisement and tearing it out of the paper grabs a fresh cup of coffee before heading out to his car. He then heads directly to Tim's apartment and knocks briefly on the door but when he doesn't get an immediate answer, he lets himself in by using his lock picks.

Tim comes stumbling out of the bedroom and Gibbs smiles at the sleepy look on the younger man's face before frowning at him in concern. He runs his eyes over Tim's body, taking in the nearly nude form and steps further into the room, closing the door behind him.

Tim rubs the sleep out of his eyes as he blinks at the blurry figure in front of him. He heads over to his computer table and puts his glasses on before turning back to Gibbs. The older man runs his hands over Tim's face before running them down the younger man's neck and chest.

Tim shivers at the sensations being created and takes a tentative step back. "What's going on?"

Gibbs follows him, snaking a hand around his waist as he pulls him closer.

"I take it you didn't place this ad?"

Tim blinks as he stares at the ad in Gibbs' hand. As he shakes his head a long forgotten conversation with Kate crosses his mind and he stares at Gibbs in horror. "I…I'm sorry, I oh, gosh boss. I didn't think she'd ever go through with it."

Gibbs nibbles on Tim's neck as he keeps his arm around Tim's waist. "Who do what?"

"Kate…that feels good. I told her when Abby and I, broke up that first year that if I didn't find anyone in three years I was going to…to…"

"Take out an ad saying you loved me?" Gibbs nips at Tim's earlobe.

"Only she said, I'd never go through with it."

"I take it the three years is up?" Gibbs says as he runs his hands up over Tim's chest, lightly running his hand over Tim's nipples, and the younger man sighs.


Gibbs takes the other half of the ad out of his pocket and hands it to him, continuing his ministrations as he does so. Tim's eyes widen as he reads the other part of the ad. "Who?"

"Kate..." Gibbs says as he licks Tim's collarbone.

"Then, it's true?" Tim's green eyes brighten then cloud over with desire as Gibbs lips finally take over his. Gibbs nods when they come up for air and Tim takes him by the hand leading him back into the bedroom.

Tim looks at him hours later and Gibbs raises an eyebrow. "How would Kate have known?" Tim asks softly and watches in fascination as Gibbs ears go a bit red.

"Read the ad Tim."

At the top of the page is a huge bright red background with the words Valentine's Day Wishes in white. Halfway down the page are two hearts intertwined with YB2M in the middle. The first heart has LJG & TM, while the second one has Elflord & Lapua.

"You belong to me. I've never said the words before or since. Kate picked up on that and cornered me one day as to my true feelings. She said…three years would be all she'd give me before she told you the truth."

Tim nods as he thinks about the former profiler and friend they'd lost so many years ago. He frowns slightly as he wonders how she would have pulled off this campaign and then looks at Gibbs who shrugs and pulls him back down into his embrace.

From a corner in the apartment, as she heads back to her ghostly domain, Kate blinks back tears as two of her former team mates finally find their heart's desire. "Happy Valentine's Day. You two do belong together."