Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a fanfic of The Mark of Athena because I am a big Rick Riordan fan and I love writing so I wanted to see what people thought of my writing skill. Please keep in mind that this is my first fanfic so no really mean comments plz . Also I will be doing the book in first person perspective even though the actual books are written in third person limited, as I'm not very good at any third person perspective.

Disclaimer: I am not Rick Riordan and I own nothing.


I anxiously paced as I waited for Leo to announce how close we were to Camp Jupiter. I couldn't wait to arrive, but at the same time I wanted to force the ship to fly away. I could probably do it, being a son of Jupiter and all but I knew it would be selfish and doing so would destroy all hope of Gaea being stopped.

It's not that I didn't miss the Roman camp but I was almost afraid of what I would find there. What if Octavian had become praetor in my absence? No way would he tolerate a warship full of graecus landing in the middle of the Fields of Mars. And what if Reyna had moved on? We were never truly dating but we definitely had something. Or worse, what if she hadn't moved on?

That was the real problem. Piper and Reyna. I really liked Piper, but whenever I think of Reyna I'm filled with longing. Both of them are great girls, not alike at all, but amazing in their own ways. How could I choose between them? Every time I tried to think about it, I always came away more confused than before.

"Are you okay Jason?" Annabeth inquired. I stiffened in surprise, not having known she was behind me.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little nervous," I replied hesitantly. Well, it was partially true.

"Me too." I looked at her in surprise and immediately felt guilty. Annabeth's face was pale and the dark circles under her eyes looked so dark it was almost like someone drew them with Sharpie. Here I was, so wrapped up in my own little drama, not even noticing how Annabeth was feeling. After all, her boyfriend was snatched away just one year after the Titan war and he likely has no memory. I could only imagine what she was going through right now.

'What Reyna's going through right now,' a little voice in my head told me.

'Shut up.' I told it.

"How close do you think we are to the camp?" Annabeth asked, changing the subject.

I glanced down at the changing scenery. "Uh, about a mile or so," I guessed. "So at the speed we're going we should be there in –" I cut off as I heard the speaker mounted on a tall pole in the middle of the deck crackle to life.

"Pardon ze interruption," Leo's voice said in a bad French accent. There was a grunt of pain, signaling that Piper had smacked him in the head. "This is your Supreme Commander speaking –" he paused hesitantly as though waiting for the daughter of Aphrodite to slam his head with a book. When nothing, encyclopedia or otherwise, came flying at his head, he resumed speaking. "We will be arriving at Camp Jupiter in about 5 minutes so please ready yourselves for the Romans to stab you with pointy spears if something goes wrong." This time there was a crash followed by a loud, "Cool it Beauty Queen!" meaning Piper had thrown something this time. The speaker fell silent as Leo took his finger off the intercom button.

I laughed nervously. "I guess we're almost there."

Annabeth nodded her head in reply. We spent the next few minutes in silence, nervously looking into the distance, watching the Roman camp draw closer.

Okay I know that was kinda boring but I wasn't sure how else to start. The next chapter will be much more interesting and from Percy's POV. Please review.