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I glared at Raven as though staring would make her go away. I didn't know who she was, but shoe obviously knew Percy. And that bothered me, although I wasn't sure why. Actually, no, that's a lie. I knew exactly what was bothering me – she was pretty. Beautiful even, more so than me at least. Percy claimed that the entire time he was gone, he held on to the memory, but how did I know he was telling the truth? He was gone for nearly a year and there's no way of knowing whether or not he truly remembered me all that time, or if the memory of me was so faint, he just didn't care or understand what it implied. Anything could have happened.

I saw her glance meaningfully at Percy and tilted her head toward me, her message as clear as if she had pointed at me and screamed 'What's she doing here!' at the top of her lungs.

I bristled angrily and continued to stare at her as though to say, 'I have more right to be here than you do!' Raven ignored me and continued to focus on Percy, waiting for his answer.

However, instead of saying or attempting to signal something, he simply dropped his head and stared at the ground.

I couldn't believe it! Was he ashamed of me? No, I thought hurriedly, that wasn't it. Percy loved me.

Raven suddenly seemed to notice the hostility radiating from me in waves. Plastering a smile on her face, she turned to face me. "Hi, I'm Raven, Percy's sister. And you are…?"

My mouth formed a little O. I glanced at Percy, seeking reassurance that she was telling the truth. As though sensing my questioning gaze, he looked up at me and slowly nodded. That was all I needed – I trusted Percy. My jaw dropped even lower, and for a moment I was too shocked to do anything. I wasn't sure what I was expecting. "Hey, I'm Percy's girlfriend. And who are you?" or "Hi, I'm a prostitute from Las Vegas, what's your name?" or something along those lines, but definitely not this.

Expect the unexpected, a little voice in my head chimed.

Shut up, I told it. I thought about this new development: Raven must only be his half-sister… I mean Sally wouldn't give away a kid if it was hers, right? But two kids of Poseidon around the same time, as Percy and Raven looked about the same age, seemed highly unlikely. The Big Three still had the pact not to have kids back then and Poseidon didn't seem like the type to break his vow on the River Styx twice in as many years…

My thought whirred, trying to make sense of it all. Finally, I realized that Raven was still staring at me, smiling politely, waiting for my name.

"Oh! Uh, my name is Annabeth," I stammered.

"Nice to meet you!" she said cheerfully.

I nodded, stunned. How could Percy have a sister? If she was Sally's kid then I had a hard time imagining Sally giving up her own child. And as far as I knew Poseidon didn't break his oath twice. Once again I looked to Percy for confirmation but this time he wouldn't meet my eyes, rather he took a sudden, extreme interest in the floor. I took that to be a yes.

As I was thinking, Leo's voice crackled on over the intercom. "Hello ladies and gentlemen! This is Leo Valdez, your Supreme Commander and acting tour guide! Now, if you look to the right you will see clouds. If you look to the left you will see a giant dragon attacking camp." I winced at his bluntness.

"But not to fear," he continued, "For your genius ship engineer solely deseigned and installed an invisibility shield –" There was a smacking sound, probably a result of Piper slapping him.

"Okay, with a little help from Annabeth –" Another slap, louder this time.

"Well, a lot of help really…" he admitted. This time there was a thud followed by a muffled yelp from Leo.

"Fine! It was all Annabeth's idea! I didn't have anything to do with designing it! The point is it's on, it's working, and we're frickin' invisible! Happy! Or does someone else wanna throw something at Leo? Huh!" he yelled and paused for a second as though waiting for an answer before shouting "Good!"

"Anyways," he continued, slightly calmer, "If you look out the left window once again, you will notice the Roman demigods stabbing the dragon with pointy sticks. Fun! In other news, we will soon be over the ocean, where we will continue via water travel for most of the trip, so if you get seasick, I recommend you stay close to the railing, because I am not cleaning up any puke." The intercom fell silent.

I glanced over at Percy. He looked relieved as did Raven. Since they were children of Poseidon, I knew they were immensely uncomfortable with being in the air. I suppose it must be the same for Jason in the water but to be perfectly honest, I didn't care all that much. My main concern was Percy – if he was happy, I was happy. Because I love him and nothing will change that. Not even whatever this new 'surprise! I have a secret sister' development will mean.

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