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My hands clenched tightly, almost breaking my pen, as I gritted my teeth and released the biro from my grip. This was getting painful. Any moment now, I was going to snap, it was getting hard to keep a cool, calm exterior.

To stop myself from exploding, I let out a frustrated sigh and dragged my fingers through my long red hair. My sigh seemed to stop Anna Olsen in her tracks, her lips pursed and she furrowed her brow at me.

"This is getting ridiculous. There is nothing more I can offer you Tim. And why the hell did you bring your mother along? I have no one but my attorney with me, as arranged?" I said; spitting the word mother out like it was venomous. "You know who I could have brought with me, he would not have sat here quietly either."

Tim rolled his eyes. "I'm not afraid of your little boyfriend, Blossom."

He should be. I just shook my head knowingly. Who'd have known a man I was married to for 3 years could be so immature. Honestly, I live with the Rowdyruff's, I know immaturity, but this guy takes it to new levels.

"That's not what I was insinuating." I said, sniffing, and glancing over to my attorney.

She looked from me to Tim, then down at her notebook, tucking a strand of brown hair behind her ear. "We're prepared to offer the apartment, half the joint account and half of Ruby Utoniums' savings account."

Tim shook his head slowly, a look of defiance on his face.

I sighed again loudly. "Fine, fine! Take it all, the house, all our joint earnings, and Ruby's entire savings. Take it all." I cried, not being able to hide my annoyance any longer.

But still, he shook his head, looking so sure of himself.

"What do you want, Tim?" I asked desperately.

"I want my life back!" He yelled suddenly. "You quit on us, Blossom. You're just a quitter, and a liar. We could have worked this out-"

"No we couldn't of Tim, it was all a lie, I am a liar. You know what, fine, I'll take full responsibility for this divorce, I'm a liar, I'm a cheater, and I'm a home wrecker, but you know what I am not, Tim? I'm not pretending this isn't happening. You need a slice of reality! I wasn't happy with you! I, I wasn't even in love with you. You know you deserve better than what I gave you."

My attorney rested her hand over mine, a signal to settle down.

"Now just who do you think you're talking to? After all you've done to my son, you have no right to be sat here yelling at him! You should take the blame; it was your entire fault. You should be left with nothing! If you had kept your legs crossed, you two may have been in a loving relationship without a, a bastard child!" Anna Olsen cried.

I stood up then, my fists squeezed so tight with anger my fingernails nearly punctured my palms. "You call my daughter a bastard one more time, you'll be out of here so fast your feet won't touch the ground." I growled, leaning over the table, inches away from Anna's face. She held my gaze for two seconds, then looked away, backing up slightly.

Tim was the one to sigh after this. "You're not seeing her, Tim. That is that. You're not seeing her, you're not having any form of visiting rights. And you can thank your mother here for that one. What is she even doing here?" I exclaimed, angry now and not even thinking straight. "You're just trying to make this harder then it should be to hurt me. Because I'm happy now, and you're not. Well, I spent 3 years unhappy Tim, and thinking of everyone but myself, and that's over now. I'm not doing that anymore."

"But I didn't know that! Do you think I'd have married you if you had told me the truth about Ruby? We wouldn't be together, if you'd have just told me the truth. I still to this day have no idea why you lied to me." Tim said, looking more hurt then smug or angry.

"You know who Ruby's biological father is, you do the math!" I bit back, his hurt eyes not getting to me. I knew I'd hurt him, and it would stay with me forever, what I'd done to this man, but what he was doing now, I couldn't get over it. I just wanted this over.

Anna opened her mouth to say something, but I beat her to it. "Anna, why don't you wait outside, your opinions aren't needed here. In fact, you're making it worse."

She glared at me. "As a matter of fact, I am here for a reason. Me and Oliver Olsen want the money we paid for the medical bills of your child back."

My mouth dropped open slightly. I'd forgotten about that. Tim's attorney then cleared his throat. "I am representing Tim and Anna Olsen. My second client wants the $12,000 of medical bills for the antenatal visits and the delivery of Ruby Olsen back. It was offered as they believed Ruby was their grandchild, but if future paternity tests prove Ruby is not Tim's child, they want their money back where it belongs."

"Ruby Utonium." I interrupted, like that mattered right now.

"Err, yes, Ruby Utonium."

I looked to my attorney. "Fine." I answered, before even getting my attorneys confirmation of whether this was a good move. "I'll pay that, with no trouble. If you drop this 'full custody of Ruby' case. Because it's just not happening Tim. What grounds do you even have, to claim that Ruby isn't safe with me? You aren't her biological father."

"Simple." Tim said, the smug grin returning. "You're living with a criminal. Three criminals, actually, how is that a safe environment to raise a 3 year old?"

Once again, my jaw dropped. "Well isn't that a sneaky little game you're playing. It won't work Tim. I am a Powerpuff girl, I've done more for the majority of the judges in this city then you'll ever know, they know me, they know I keep my daughter safe. The fact that these three 'criminals' we live with are related to her, might change things too. Did you think of that?" I had the smug grin on my face now, but when I turned to my attorney, she had paled.

"That won't matter. They used to terrorize this town. If a judge has to pick who should raise a child, a normal working class citizen, or a villain, they are going to pick me anytime. In fact, Ruby's father and her uncles will end up in jail if they set foot in Townsville Courthouse." He muttered, leaning back in the office chair he sat in.

I squirmed slightly. This wasn't true. Or was it? When I glanced over at Helen, my attorney, she seemed to have paled even more, if possible.

"You can't use his past like that. What matters is now. And he wants to be her father. And he is her father, so this silly custody case will be thrown as soon as the paternity test is performed, which is this week. Right Helen?" I asked my face indifferent.

"Well, a normal custody case would be thrown without any extreme cases of neglect or abuse from the biological parents. So, if Brick is Ruby's father, I can't see the case going any further. Wouldn't you agree?" She sounded a little more confident now, the colour coming back to her cheeks. The panic in her eyes put me off slightly. She'd aimed this question at the Olsens' attorney.

"I think this case will be a special one. Because, the Rowdyruff boys were notorious for causing trouble. It's like wanting to raise a child with Mojo Jojo to a lot of Townsville citizens." He said, tapping his pen against his paperwork.

I cringed slightly at the thought, but shook my head. "Well, it's just a good thing that my divorce isn't the people of Townsville's business, hmm?"

"I guess so." He said with a daring smile.

Helen cleared her throat. "So, shall we get back to the mitigation?"

My heels clogged along the wooden floors as I stomped my way towards the elevator, Helen struggling to keep up with me.

"I can't believe he's being such a pain in the ass. I don't even care about the money. I just want it sorted." I complained as I pushed the down button.

We were in the office building of the publishers Brick and I worked at, I'd been able to use one of these offices for the divorce mitigation meeting with Tim. A good idea in my eyes, because now I could go down 3 floors and bitch and moan to Brick about what an asshole my soon to be ex husband was.

"I wouldn't worry about it too much, these things tend to take a little time, you'll come to some kind of agreement eventually." Helen said, arranging the papers in her arms. She was a pretty young woman, maybe a year or two older than me. She had dark brown hair and sharp hazel eyes, I'd chosen her because she was kind of scary looking, I wanted a maneater lawyer to stop this custody crap. Six months had passed since everything had unraveled. And this divorce process was beginning to take it out of me. Tim was being ruthless, disagreeing with every arrangement, changing his mind left right and centre. Longing it all out, basically.

"I hope so. Do you really think Tim has a chance of using Brick's past against him?" I asked as I pressed the floor number and watched Tim's face disappear through the shutters of the elevator.

She shrugged. "I am confident he wont."

"You didn't look that way in there?"

"Well, if he was to take it to the press, and they were to make a big deal of this, because of who you are, and who Brick is, I could imagine it turning into something it's not, if that were to happen." She said, looking through the paper work slightly nervously.

I blinked in reply. "Well, it's a good thing he won't take it to the press, isn't it." He wouldn't, would he?

"Let's hope not. The custody case should get thrown once the paternity test is performed. I'll call you to arrange another mitigation after the paternity test, okay?"

I nodded. "Okay. We are going to have it done tomorrow I think. My father is performing it in his lab."

"That's great. Well, I'll call you."

"See you later Helen." I said, waving as I left the elevator.

I could see Brick in the office kitchen, leaning against the table. He'd wanted to come, but I'd not allowed it. I might have let him come to the mitigation if I'd have known Tim was bringing his dragon mother with him though.

I came up from behind him, tucking my arms round his waist.

"Oh hey, I was just thinking about you." He said, turning around and planting a kiss on my lips. I still found it strange just being a 'normal' couple in front of other colleagues at work. Even though the majority of them knew I was going through a divorce. Brick had told me when the office windows were open, and the windows three floors above were open too, sometimes you could hear me screeching at Tim.

After all the years of hiding our relationship from the world, to now be so public, I still forgot sometimes that we weren't hiding anymore. We'd been through so much together, Brick and I. We started a forbidden relationship as 15 year olds, broken up due to this fact as 18 year olds, but I'd fallen pregnant with our daughter, Ruby. Brick disappeared off the face of the earth, and I'd started dating Tim, who I met at a café I previously worked at. When I found out I was pregnant, I'd tried to tell the truth to my family and to Tim and his family, but everyone presumed Tim was the father. I kept this secret up for 3 years, marrying and living with Tim during this, and searching for Brick.

But about six months ago, I'd found him. Brick happened to be working at the same publishing firm as me, and my marriage had unraveled at his return to my life. The truth had come out, and I'd moved in with Brick and his brothers, along with Ruby, who strangely enough had taken the whole thing really well. Which could have something to do with the XBOX 360 her uncles owned.

My sisters and my father knew everything now; I'd come clean. It felt strange that they knew, they had only seen me and Brick together once, the day they found out, and it all felt so, strange.

Bubbles was still happily married to Zac, and still yet to manage to conceive a child. Buttercup was still single, and presumably happy that way, after suffering a miscarriage with her ex boyfriend Dominic. Said miscarriage had pulled their relationship apart, and Buttercup was now longing for someone to settle down and start a family of her own with.

"So how did it go?" Brick asked, clicking the kettle on to make me a drink.

"Coffee, please. And it went horribly, as usual. He spoke a lot more this time, but he brought his awful mother along with him. Turns out she is after some money from me too." I said, leaning into him with a little sigh.

"What? Why?"

"They paid Ruby's medical bills. I totally forgot about it. They want $12,000. I agreed to pay it with no issues if they dropped the custody case. But of course he said no."

By this point the kettle had boiled, and Brick poured the water into my mug, stirring the instant coffee granules in with force. "I dunno why you don't just let him take everything. We can start again, I've got a bunch of savings we can use."

"I offered that, he still refused. I know his plan. He's refusing all my offers so the divorce is a long grueling process, which slows down you and I going forward with our relationship, and makes me unhappy at the same time. And the custody thing? He is planning on using your criminal past to his benefit. He thinks that even though you will pass the paternity test, that they won't throw the case because you're a villain, and being a villain in the jury and publics eyes means you can't be trusted to raise a child." I said, looking up at him with a concerned face.

He screwed his eyebrows up slightly. "Why don't you just let me deal with this guy?"

I shook my head. "No no, you know that won't help. I just need you to be the model father and citizen. You aren't, wanted, or anything, anymore are you?"

"No. No, I don't think so. I wouldn't be working here if I was. I haven't done anything and gotten caught in years. Not really since I got sober again. I'm a good boy now." He winked.

"Well, that's good then, I guess." I mumbled, a smile creeping up my face. I was surprised he'd managed to get a job here. He'd used his real name and everything. Not that I was ungrateful, I knew the pay for Brick's position here was good, I'd started off with it, and I needed us both to be bringing something in at the moment, what with the cost of my divorce, and the fact that I could lose a lot of my savings in the divorce.

"Don't worry about the divorce. We'll deal with what happens as it happens." Brick said, us both grabbing our mugs and heading back into the office area.

"Yeah, you're right. I got something scarier for us to deal with tomorrow anyway."

"What's that?" Brick asked.

"A paternity test, with the Professor." I said with a sheepish smile.