Chapter 3

Yes, for someone who doesn't have a clue, I am doing just fine. Thank goodness I had studied the ways of Victorian England for so long, and had poured myself over my copy of Jane Eyre, making sure to study every little detail of it. Three weeks had passed since the first time I had stepped foot into Thornfeild Hall. I fell in love with it quickly, as well as the people who lived in it.

Adele had still proven to be quite troublesome at times, and she would throw fits if I wouldn't let her dance every so often. I had sometimes forgotten that she needed exercise or any life enjoyment for that matter.

On occasion we would go for walks. I tried to teach her about the plants as much as I could, but I didn't really know anything about wild life. I could tell her that the grass was green, but that was my extent of knowledge of the outdoor world.

I had finished putting Adele to bed on Saturday evening, and returned to find Mrs. Fairfax. She was where I always saw her, in the kitchen, doing one thing or another.

"Ah, Miss Stark. How lovely to see you." she looked up at me and smiled. "I haven't been able to really talk to you for the last few days. It seems our Adele keeps you quite busy." she seemed to give me a knowing smile.

I nodded politely. "She is quite an adventurous little soul. But I adore her." I gave her a genuine smile back.

"Well that's good. You can tell she adores you as well." she went back down to her hands where she was crocheting what appeared to be a scarf. "She will be sorry that tomorrow is your day off."

I practically jumped for joy out of my seat. I had every Sunday off. That was my only day, and I used it wisely. "I suspect she will be." I thought for a moment about what I was going to do. "But if she misses me too much, I plan on spending my day exploring the rest of the grounds. If you don't mind."

Her head turned back towards me. "Of course not dear. No one else ever roams them. We are all too old to do so anymore." she looked back down. "Then I shall see you sometime tomorrow then. Goodnight Miss Stark."

That was obviously my cue to leave. I arose from the less than comfortable chair, and curtsied. "Goodnight Mrs. Fairfax." With that, I exited the room quickly.

I was up before anyone else in the Hall, except for the cook. I quickly got dressed in my least favorite of dresses, it was light green with small flowers scattered around the material. I slipped out of the room, and grabbed a writing pad that I had found in the drawer of my room's desk. I grabbed the pen and ink as well and left my room, and locked it behind me.

It was barely light outside, the sun was still rising from behind the gently rolling hills. I went to the kitchen, and grabbed some bread and cheese. I found a nearby cloth and wrapped it all up and brought it with me.

The air was still damp from the evening sprinkle of rain only hours before. I wandered for an hour, looking for the perfect place to sit and write. No, I never drew. I kinda sucked at it. Writing stories was much better for me to do. I finally found a perfect spot. In the middle of a field, there was a lone oak tree, and it was perfect for sitting in.

As a small child, I loved climbing trees. Sitting in them, it made me feel more alive and relaxed. Trees were good for thinking. I could try and figure out how and why I was stuck here. I wasn't complaining, but it did bother me immensely that I couldn't figure it out.

I looked up and down the tree. In the middle of it, there seemed to be a place where no branches grew. I managed to jump high enough to grab onto something and safely place my belongings in that spot. Now for the difficult part: getting up there myself. I had climbed dozens of trees; never in skirts though, but it couldn't be that hard.

I found a hold; I reached up and grabbed with my left hand, and pulled myself up. I managed to stand, and I quickly found more ways to hoist myself up into the tree. I didn't even want to think about getting down.

I adjusted my skirts best as I could, some parts hung off the side. Thank god this was my 'exploring' dress and I never wore it over than outside like this. I moved so that I could write. I looked out and saw the beautiful countryside in front of me. The sun was finally completely out, and it illuminated the beautiful world. I set to writing.

I had composed a lovely story, about a girl who is sent to work on a ship, disguised as a boy. I knew it had been done before, in 2012 at least, but if anyone now saw it, they would probably think that I was strange.

After a couple of hours, and it seemed to be around 10:30 in the morning, I finally started to get hungry. I opened up my makeshift bag, and took out a bit of bread.

There was no one around for a few miles. All I could hear was the sound of birds chirping in the wind, and a babbling brook not to far away. It was enchanting to say the least. After a bit, I set back to my writing. I was getting more skilled with ink, and without lines on a page, it made it doubly hard.

Every now and then, I would stop to eat some more, and adjust my eyes to the world around me. The sun was staring to go down, and I estimated that I would have about an hour before it was completely dark.

I gathered my writing supplies and wrapped them up in the towel, and unfortunately my ink was gone. I tossed it to the ground first, and then sat up, trying to figure out my descent as well.

I move my skirts up a bit, and slowly found my footing to the bottom of the large tree. I had done fine. I managed not to fall, until the end. I jumped down the last bit. I landed it at first, but soon lost my balance. I stumbled backwards, and ended up falling flat on my back.

My head spun for a bit. I sat up slowly, and went to go retrieve my items, which had landed a few paces away from me. I picked them up and went on my way.

I could tell that my dress was a mess, and I would probably be in huge trouble with Hilda, the laundress. She was paid to do our laundry. Not even things in the 21st century could get so clean.

I was worried I wouldn't be back in time to say goodnight to Adele, so I ran the rest of the way, trying to beat the sun. This resulted in me falling a couple more times in the grass. Even with a green dress, the grass was noticeable.

I raced into the hall breathless, and with my hair out of sorts. I came in the servants entrance. I had never seen so many people in there. Or in the house before. I wormed my way through to see Mrs. Fairfax.

"Oh Amy dear." she embraced me. "I was worried about you. I thought you had gotten lost." I shook my head in reply. I was about to speak, but she cut me off. "The master is here." My eyes widened in shock. That's not supposed to happen this way. Jane meets him- no. I wasn't Jane. I am Amy Stark. "He wants to see you. Now." she informed me.

I looked down at myself. "But I'm not in any shape to-"

"Nonsense!" she exclaimed. "You'll be fine. Take the leaves out of your hair though."

I shook my hair out and quickly wound it back into a bun, and rubbed off my face. She took my hand and lead me through the house, to the library.

"Miss Stark is back sir." she pushed me forwards into the dimly lit room there was still sun shining from the windows though.

"Come and sit by the light, Miss Stark." he never moved from his. Chair, but with his hand, he motioned forward. I complied.

I shook on both inside and out. This was the moment I had been waiting for the last few years of my life. Granted, until about three weeks ago, I would never have thought that it would be possible. Now here I was, sitting in his library, directly across from him. The light of the fire illuminating only half of his face, the other covered in a dark shadow.

I could see the white of his eyes flicker to me. I folded me hands in my lap and stared at them, noticing the dirt that encased the material of my dress.

"Where had you been earlier?" I was taken aback by his abrupt and demanding tone.

"I was gallivanting across your estate, I hope you don't mind." I told him honestly. Even though I didn't care if he minded, I would have done it anyway.

"It's a little late for that now." he looked back into the fire. "Tell me about yourself. You clearly like adventure. That was given off by the dirt across your dress."

He wanted to know about me. Damn it. I was praying he didn't want a background story, I couldn't give him one. I wouldn't give him Jane's story, just in case she was somewhere in this story. I cleared my throat. "Well, I like to write. And read." I started out, and stopped.

"No, not that kind of story. Tell me about your past. You are a 16 year old governess from an all-girls school, there must be a story of woe behind it." his dark eyes pierced mine. I couldn't read his expression.

"There is not much of a woeful story. I was abandoned by my mother when I was small, and my father died soon after." I had no idea where they came from, but the lies came spewing out of me. They wouldn't stop, and the story seemed as if I had told it hundreds of times. "I was sent to Lowood School as soon as possible, and I have lived there ever since." I looked up to see him watching me intently.

He was quick to change the subject."How is it that I didn't notice you on my way home? I suspect you were in the old oak tree. It was made for climbing." I cocked my head to the side. I would never have pegged him for a person to climb trees. We tree climbers have certain... air about us. He didn't have it. He must have sensed my thoughts. "Don't look at me like that Miss Stark. I may not be in the prime of my youth, but I was still a young lad at one point in my life." I nodded, feeling bad. "I ride that way to get to the Hall."

"I'm a quiet person, so it comes as no surprise that you didn't notice me." I spoke in a bratty tone. I just wanted to go to bed. Despite the fact that this was the character that I had grown to love, I didn't really care about hearing about his life story, and about how he was actually a dark person with a terrible past.

"You don't seem very quiet." He moved his hand to his chin and rested it there. "There I something about you, Miss Stark that I can't quite figure out. But I will soon enough." He laid his arms back on the armrests of the chair. "You may go. Goodnight, Miss Stark."

I arose from my seat and bobbed my head. "Goodnight Mr. Rochester." I quickly left the room. I shut the door behind me and leaned against it. Did he know that I wasn't supposed to be here? That I wasn't the governess that was meant to be in this place? I doubted that he knew anything, but things aren't always what they seem.