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chapter 3: the truth is not always good

some random store in canada, cashier #3

'WHAT THE HECK!' leo was yelling in his head, practicly going insane, but his outside features seem like he was a statue, speechless.

"whats the matter, whats on the cover?" aeris strolled over to get a peek and began reading 'almost a year since the mysterious death of mr. and mrs. leanardo'






"WHAT THE HELL!" aeris yelled and practicly ripped the book out of leos hands, if he was a statue, he would crumble to the amouyt of force.

"i know i said the same thing" leo said." quick buy it and we will read it when we get back to the house, people are looking at us weird"

(not my best typeing of a person finding out about the death of their parents, but what the heck, im a bit rusty on typeing)


they just ran into the house almost knocking scott over when he was walking with a bowl of cerial "holy crap, whats the rush, did you kill someone!" scott said gaining his balance

"we *pant* found out *pant* my parents *pant* death *pass out* " leo passed out since they ran about as fast as any car on a high way

"*soda can spit out with cerial* WHAT, YOU DID!" quickly noticing that he just spit cerial chunks on aeris

"im gonna kill you later, you know that right?" aeris said, very calmly

"*gulp* yes ma'am, any ways what happened, what, who, how did you find out, they didint even tell me! this is increadable, months gone by and fin...*smack*" aeris throught the magizene at his face to shut him up

scott grabbed it and looked at it and looked with a weird face "how is a manicure gonna help us know?" fliping it over going the ad

"whoops, wrond magizene, here" aeris said blushing quickly grabing the magizene she bought

"ok, here we go... holy crap, this is it, where you use to live." scott opened it

page 12 (ok, when you see this A'~~~~~~' its aeris talking L'~~~~~~~~' leo and S'~~~~~~~' scott)

"investicgation has given up to the no answer of the mysteriouse death of a local family parents L' whats they gave up already, WTF' A' leo, talk normaly, no fricken hoohaw texting laungage, anyways yeah, mest up' S' shut up, im reading' mr and mrs. leonardo, a mysterious death locals recall as crazy as can be, they heard it, but thought it was local boy leo leonardo playing a video game L' well, im famouse for one thing i guess' but eventualy it got quiet, the earth shook violently in this area and this house only, around 10 pm on halloween night, the noise stopped, police then founded leo and his friend nknocked out on the ground, scars and bruises to show, ambulances rushed the two to a near by hostbittle. here are the pictures of these two in the ER. *pictures show leo and aeris knocked out and scott nearby, but as seen here as pantsman.* S' i looked wat better in those day' A'shut up and read' L' aeris looks lest threatening when shes asleep' the search has been shut down due to the fact what ever what here, is gone for good. but this upcoming halloween, stay inside and be very careful, govener *who ever the govener is* says halloween will be cancelled this year to keep safe. END

"well, im happy i found out, but sad halloween is canclled. but i'll live"leo said laughing

"says you" scott said, he always had a sweet tooth, always flying everywhere and taking the candy people left on the door steps

aeris and leo began laughng at scott as the day ended, their answers have been answered, and now they can enjoy their summer, but will a unexpected friend come back into play, stay tuned to hear more storyes of vg cats every story begins with a tail part 2 of 3

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