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Another Alice Story

Talk to me, Talk to me

"Alice loves you Blood yes she does, when you get older she's going to marry you, yah" Alice sang rocking baby Blood back and forth. "Alice that doesn't rhyme" Vivaldi said staring at her trying to put her little brother asleep.

"It doesn't have to rhyme all I have to do is sing and he'll smile la, la, la, la, la, I love you Bloooood" she sang again. She was still rocking Blood to sleep but he was being so stubborn, he didn't want too. "What do you expect! Every time he falls asleep you magically disappear" Vivaldi said.

"I'm sorry I leave you Blood but I have to go home and do other stuff" she sang. Baby Blood was just staring at Alice with his wide emerald eyes, holding his bunny doll. "Has my lover said his first words yet?" Alice asked her future sister in law.

"Nope, he's only nine months old Alice" Viv said.

"Well how old does he have to be?"

"Between 9 and 12 I guess" she said.

"Well he's of age I'ma teach him his first words"

"Hold on Mom told me to record you whenever you try and teach him something" Viv said grabbing the video camera. She turned it on and started recording.

"What are you going to make him say? Mommy?" Viv said.

"Ew I'm not his Mother, I'm his Lover. I'm going to make him say 'I love you'" Alice said.

"That's to long"

"Fine then love you is good enough" she said and looked at Blood.

"Speak" she said to him.

He cocked his head to the side.

"He's not a dog Alice" Viv said.

"Shhh! Now Blood I love you and I need to hear you say you love me too okay" she said.

He blinked.

"Good" she said.

"He only blinked! Doesn't mean he understands!" Viv said.

"WILL YOU SHUT UP!" Alice yelled at Vivaldi. She was clearly getting irritated with Vivaldi's little remarks. Right when those words left her mouth little Blood started laughing.

"Aw Blood you like it when I yell at your sister" Alice cooed at Blood. "Your are so lucky your holding my brother right now" Viv said tightening the grip on the video camera.

"Please stop talking now Viv I'm trying to have a conversation with your little brother" Alice said. Viv huffed.

"Blood I love you" she said.

"Gomabaumaru" Blood blabbled.

"No I love you, love you"

"Gaburu u" he spoke again…I think.

"Love you"

"luuuuf u" he said.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Alice screamed.

"I GOT IT! I GOT IT ON TAPE!" Viv yelled after her.

"ALICE LOVES YOU BLOOD" Alice said and giggled.

Blood Dupre

Age: 9 Months

Alice Liddell

Age: 9

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