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Another Alice Story

Always Been Yours

"Alice come on your suppose to walk down the aisle in 2 minutes" Vivaldi yelled at her soon to be sister in law.

"I know, I know just give me one second" Alice said taking one final look at herself in the mirror.

Today was her wedding day. Yesterday was Blood's birthday. Blood had this planned all along. He had been planning their wedding for weeks. Alice laughed to herself at the thought of Blood setting this up.

She remembered how they woke up this morning.

"ALICE! WAKE UP COME ON!" Vivaldi yelled. Blood sat up immediately and passed Alice a shirt. He then got up to let his sister in the house.

Alice sat up and yawned. After stretching and rubbing her eyes she put on the shirt and walked into the living room.

"Blood go leave! Mother is waiting for you, ALICE! Come on we have much to do" Viv said grabbing Alice.

"What?" Alice said.

She was still sleepy from last night, she didn't know what was happening.

"WAIT! First things first let me see the ring" Viv said.

'How did she know that' Alice thought.

Vivaldi lifted her hand and saw the ring. Then she squealed.

"Amazing must have cost Blood a fortune" Viv said.

Alice just stared.

"Okay now come on we got to get ready" Vivaldi said.

"For what?" Alice said.

"YOUR WEDDING DAY!" Vivaldi yelled.


"Okay I'm ready let's go" Alice told Vivaldi.

Alice met with her father in the hallway along with the maid of honor, Vivaldi and best man, Elliot. "You ready" her father asked as the others started walking down the aisle.

"Yes" Alice said full of confidence.

When they walked down she saw Blood. He was everything she ever wanted, and everything she ever needed.

She started to remember old times with Blood like when he first crawled, and first talked, when he learned to ride a bike and his first day to school. Alice started to cry before she even got to Blood.

'I love him so much. And I'm about to marry him. This is the happiest moment of my life' Alice thought.

Finally they reached Blood and her Father had to let her go.

"Everyone please be seated" the preacher said.

They did so.

Blood grabbed Alice's hands and smiled.

Alice smiled back at him.

"We are gathered here today to join this man and this woman together in holy matrimony. If there is anyone who objects to this marriage speak now or forever hold your peace" he added.

The audience stayed quiet.

"Good. Now Alice, do you take Blood to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do" Alice said.

"And Blood do you take Alice to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do" Blood said.

"Now by the power invested with me I pronouce you man and wife you may kiss the bride" he said.

Blood leaned over to Alice and lightly pressed his lips against hers. Alice felt every emotion Blood held for her in this kiss and she was sure Blood felt hers.

When they parted everyone cheered for them.

"Your finally mine" Alice said.

"I've always been your's Alice since the minute you saw me" Blood said.

"Till death do us part?" Alice asked.

"Maybe ever longer, like forever" Blood said.

And Alice and Blood were extremely happy, as happy as they'll ever be.

3 months later

"Blood" Alice said.

"What is it Mrs. Dupre?" Blood asked.

He never got tired of calling her that, he loved it in fact.

"I'm pregnant" she said.


The End…..

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