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This was partly inspired by this doujinshi I found on YouTube called "[DJ] Hetalia Fan Comic - Northern Brother Beat" You can find it on YouTube at: (Well, the gender-bend part inspired me as well as the designs in it for fem!Sweden and fem!Denmark X""3)

http: /www. youtube. com/ watch ?v=kJ9xZQrnK0 M& feature=related

"I'm telling ya! I'm the eldest here!" Denmark ranted.

"…N', you're not," Sweden mumbled.

It was early in the morning in the Nordic household. It started when Sweden and Denmark both went to the bathroom at the same time, but ended up butting shoulders and they glared at each other.

"…Let me go first…" Denmark muttered dangerously.

"No," Sweden grumbled.

So since then, they exchanged barbs and arguments, miraculously forgetting about needing to visit the bathroom. Their rants were heard from around the house and woke up everyone else.

…Norway buried himself under his duvet, trying not to lose his sanity from hearing the older Nordic's shouts. Even lying under 3 layers of thick duvets wasn't cutting the sounds down and the pillows he tied to his head were useless… His eyes closed as he thought hard, trying to remember whatever spell he knows that could shut those two up, even if it's for a moment!

His mind right now was like a thin string being pulled at both ends intensely. The threads are coming apart quickly, his forehead furrowed in failing concentration… and then… the metaphorical string snapped.

Norway suddenly sat up so quickly that the layer of duvets flew off him and he reached under his bed and snatched his magic wand before storming out.

"Huh? Nor, what's up with those two…?" Finland walked out of his bedroom and yawned. "Did they need the bathroom at the same time again?"

Norway's lips twitched into an uncharacteristically demonic evil smile.

Finland shivered when he felt cold at the suffocating atmosphere. "What are you going to do…?" he asked, glancing at the wand in Norway's hand nervously.

"I'm going to teach those two a lesson…"

Sweden and Denmark now stood a few feet apart, staring each other down with the bathroom door looking neglected. They were in fighting positions, ready to win the right to pee in the bathroom first…

"Last chance, Sve! The toilet is mine!" Denmark cackled, curling his hands into fists.

"…It's m'ne…" Sweden grumbled.

And then there was silence.

Their bodies were so tense, that they know the slightest bit of noise will mean one of the other has moved to strike. But now that their shouting is absent from the house, the Scandinavians' maintained cool composures as they stared-down… ready to leap like gazelles… ready to punch like mantis shrimps… ready to yell like lions…


At the sudden sound, the two men quickly leaped at each other, in the air, fists clenched.

And then they were suddenly encased in a massive cloud of pink smoke.

The two collided with each other in mid-air, yelling loudly and fell in a heap on the floor next to each other.

Norway stood a few feet away, sighing in relief. "A sedative spell should work… I can't believe I never used it…"

Behind him, Iceland and Finland walked behind him wondering what the commotion was, and they gasped as the fluffy pink smoke cleared, revealing a VERY eye-opening sight…

Denmark coughed and hurriedly stood up, glaring at Norway, pointing an accusing finger at him.

"What did you do to us?" he squealed loudly and suddenly covered his own mouth in shock. He slowly pulled his hands away off his mouth and saw that his hands seemed smaller and more delicate and his nails were longer than usual… "O-Oh, mother of Odin…" he whispered and gulped and ran into the bathroom-


Norway thought his ears were going to bleed from the high-pitched voice and Iceland and Finland yelped and forced the palms of their hands tightly against their ears.

In the bathroom mirror a (paling) woman stood there with shoulder-length golden blonde hair which had small curls at the ends and her face was in-between being round and long and has a delicate pointy chin. Her eyes seemed bigger and even bluer and her lips were thin and opening and then closing like a goldfish. Her eyes were outlined with long eyelashes that fluttered at every confused blink.

After caressing the golden locks and tracing the smooth skin of her face, Denmark suddenly ran out the bathroom, screeching. "What have you done, Norgie!" she ranted, marching up to the Norwegian and tugging at her own fine hair. "LOOK AT ME! I'VE BEEN CHANGED! I'M NOT A MAN! I'M… I'M…! I'M A SEXY BABE!"

Behind Norway, Iceland and Finland stared with small blushes on their faces, not quite understanding what was going on.

"…I forgot," Norway mumbled, keeping a straight face, "…When I die and the Valkyries carry me off to Valhalla… and I hitch a ride to meet Odin… I'm going to kill Freyja for leaving me behind the 'Gender-bend' Spell…"


"AH! W-What about Su-san!" Finland suddenly yelped and he skipped around Denmark and kneeled besides Sweden's body, which was lying on its front, hiding his face. "Su-san? Are you feeling okay?"

Sweden grumbled and slowly got onto his knees, looking up…

Everyone gasped.

"…Sve…" Denmark grinned cattishly. "Your turn to use the bathroom, babe, 'cause YOU look so damn good today~!"

Sweden thought he hit his head hard, because since when was Denmark a REALLY good-looking woman? He rested his hand on his head and blinked. She looked down at the weight on her chest and paled when she saw that she has breasts partly hidden under her unbuttoned nightshirt (which was now a few sizes bigger thanks to her body being lither).

"A-A-A-A-A-A…" Sweden turned to look at Finland, whose face burned a deep shade of red. He looked so red that everyone thought he was going to die from blushing so hard. "L-Look in the m-m-m-mirror…"

Denmark laughed lightly and reached down to pull Sweden to her feet by grabbing her arm. "C'mon! Check yourself out!" and pushed Sweden into the bathroom in front of the mirror. Sweden stumbled and almost overbalanced thanks to her having a light body.

In the mirror, Sweden could see a woman with sharp deep blue-green eyes and her chin was pointy, giving her a long, beautifully angular face and her long pale blonde hair framed her face. Those thin lips parted in an uncharacteristic gasp and Denmark laughed, wrapping an arm around the Swedish woman's shoulders.

"Wow~ Lookin' good!" she wolf-whistled and Sweden pushed her away and ran out the room. She was only an inch smaller in height, yet her legs were long and slender giving the lucky witnesses the idea that she still looks tall. Sweden knew she was only wearing her unbuttoned shirt and her briefs which were in danger in falling down, but right now she doesn't care.

"Wh't happened?" she growled. Even as a woman, her growls sounded more dangerous and her deeper-blue eyes glinted.

Norway was silently steaming underneath his cool exterior, cursing Freyja for leaving behind the wrong spell. "Like I said, I used the wrong spell and this one looked near-permanent."

"WOW! So does that mean I can hook up with guys AND girls?" Denmark appeared out the bathroom excitedly.

"I want you two to keep cool and get decent…" Norway took a deep breath, "while I examine my old spell book…" He said before walking away to his bedroom.

While Sweden stood there, feeling her emotions all clang together like metal in a fireworks factory, Denmark was examining her own body, whistling. "I could get used to this… Huh. Maybe I should shave…"

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