"Holy crap, my breasts are huge!" Denmark declared loudly as she stormed into the living room. Norway almost choked on his coffee upon hearing that and Iceland hid his face in his hand.

"Dammit, Denmark! Too much information!" the Icelandic teen ranted, growing red.


Sweden followed in the room after the crazy Dane, taking her hand gently. "Ignore her. She's a little loopy since I barred her from taking alcohol."

Denmark said nothing, but sent her a steely glare and slunk off into the kitchen.

Since the talk they had that night together, Sweden made a few rules to keep Denmark as healthy as possible for the baby. That means strictly regulating the Dane's diet and daily routine, which includes gentle walks and locking away all the alcohol in the spare cupboard. It was hard trying not to cave in to the puppy-eyes that she was giving Sweden, but the Swede persisted and avoided the alcohol-cupboard key. Even though Denmark is the pregnant one in the pair, Sweden felt as much affected as the Dane is. She constantly spent all of her time by her side, talking with her and taking over chores for her as well as feeding her salmiakki to fuel her craving (which Finland wasn't very happy about.) Despite the Dane growing slightly more volatile in personality, Sweden never once scolded or belittled her or left her side.

"How's she doing anyway?" Norway asked as Sweden sat down beside him.

"She's doing fine," she replied, "she's kinda moody, but it's only been 3 months so she'll get a little worse along the way."

Iceland sighed heavily and put his mug down on the coffee table. "Well when she gets into labour, I'm not sticking around to have my hands crushed."

Sweden sent him a small, playful smile and raised an eyebrow. "Nobody says you'll have to be around when she does – unless you want to play nurse?"

Norway chuckled at that and Iceland hissed at them. "Shut up, Sve!"

"Iceland would look adorable in a female nurse's outfit…" his brother smiled wryly.

"You shut up too!"

Later on that day, Sweden answered the door when someone began knocking on it and she opened it. France stood there with a small smile, wearing a simple t-shirt and dark trousers and a light scarf.

"Bon après-midi~!" he greeted her with a wink, "do you have any free time today?"

"U-uh, no, I don't…" Sweden blinked at the surprise appearance. "Ah, wait, I need to check with Denmark though…"

"Of course, I'll wait."

"Come inside, if you like," the Swede offered and France thanked her before coming inside, slipping his shoes off. They both went into the living where France greeted Norway and Iceland, he also greeted Denmark as she left the kitchen and grinned at him.

"Hey, FRANCIS. Or should I just call you France?" she snickered, holding a glass of milk.

"Mathilde, it's nice to see you too – or was it Denmark?" France laughed and they both gave each other a hug, when he pulled away and glanced down at her stomach. "Oh? What's this?"

"Just – I've been eating a lot," Denmark lied, "Sweden says women metabolise more quickly than men!" None of the other Nordics bothered to back-up her story.

"Well… congratulations anyway!" France chuckled and patted her shoulder. "Is it going to be a boy or a girl?"

Denmark whined. "Oh, man, France, don't do this to me, man! What if this ruins our Awesome Trio band? I don't want us all to break up because of a baby!"

"So Gil doesn't know?"


"There, there, don't cry, Math…" France pulled the woman into an embrace, patting her back and feeling her shake. "If you don't want him to know, I won't tell him."

"Does Prussia know that Denmark's been turned into a woman?" Norway spoke up after watching them silently.

"No – Pru's brighter than you think, but he didn't seem to notice this amazing transformation," France answered and let go of the Dane. "So… I asked Sweden for a little date, but she wanted me to consult you first."

"Eh?" Denmark snorted and nudged Sweden, "why'd ya have to ask ME if you want to date this loser? I say why not!"

They, Sweden and Denmark, despite being together for the past three months, haven't actually dated properly. It was all about the Swede making sure that Denmark didn't do anything to hurt herself by accident. The baby may be Prussia's, but Sweden feels extremely responsible for it. They have kissed and hugged before, but that was it. No promises of love or commitments, just caring for each other.

That's why it didn't feel right when Sweden shrugged and said that she'll get changed ready to go out with France for the evening.

"Think of it as a break from babysitting me," Denmark winked with a grin. "Hey, get pregnant too so we can BOTH be mommies!"

"Beautiful evening, don't you think?" France asked Sweden with a smile, "Where would you like to go? The park? Or that restaurant?"

"I… don't really know," his date-partner shrugged, "the park?"

France took her hand and kissed it with a wink. "The park it is."

The sun was still up as they strolled around, small-talking and took in the sights of carefully-manicured flowers, giant trees of different varieties (France adores the Silver Birches) and the lake with the small bird island in the middle of it. Lots of geese and ducks swam around the nests as well as nomming on bread crumbs left by squealing children. The ice cream van was soon packing up to leave when France quickly ran over and barely managed to order a couple of plain vanilla ice creams – he gave one to Sweden, slightly embarrassed that he looked so loutish.

"What do you mean?" Sweden tilted her head.

"I looked as graceful as America in a Russian ballet," France sighed, adjusting his scarf. He brightened up a little. "So how's the ice cream? Do you like vanilla?"

The Swede chuckled after a few licks. "Mint's my favourite, but vanilla's lovely too."

They sat down together on a spare park bench and watched as a young couple walked past with a sleepy baby in a pram. Sweden looked back at her ice cream. "I don't know if Denmark's making the right choice, keeping the baby…"

France glanced at her. "Why does she want to keep it? I wouldn't expect it from Denmark as a male, but maybe being a woman changed something in him?"

"I'm just worried…" Sweden sighed. "You wouldn't expect nations to be parents, especially if… whether the children are going to be immortal or not… they'll suffer like we did."

"I had human friends too – I understand what you mean," the Frenchman beside her murmured. "And there's that matter of whether Denmark could handle raising a child – but she'll have no problem at all."

Sweden's eyes widened. "What? Really?"

"It's because she's got you and the other Nordics," France chuckled, "you all look after each other like a massive family. I'm envious of your strong relationships. I'm just lucky to have Spain, Prussia and Denmark as friends. When Spain's in a mature mood, I can talk to him about absolutely anything, and if I want a hearty drink I turn to Prussia and Denmark is someone I can banter with without us killing each other."

"No – I'm lucky to have my family too. There's nobody else like them," Sweden laughed, shaking her head. "They drive me crazy though. But I lost it when Norway turned me into a woman." Sweden already explained to France how she and Denmark got turned into women. "If anything though, Denmark's been even more hyper as a woman and I'm just… more chatty."

After that chat, France asked Sweden if she would like to join him in his hotel room, which the Swede politely declined in favour of returning home, but she leaned in and kissed the corner of his lips before feeling him kiss her cheek in return. "Thanks for the date. I enjoyed it."

"You're welcome, my lovely. Oh, and… are you in love with Denmark?" France asked. Sweden's cheeks blushed pink and she nodded a little. "In that case, I'll back off, but if things don't work out between you two, feel free to come to me anytime, as a friend or anything else."

Sweden glanced at her phone hesitantly, having not received any text messages and shrugged. "I'll hang out for a bit."

Next morning, Denmark snored while sleeping on the sofa with drool running down her cheek. Norway sat opposite her, looking like he was about to burst a blood vessel with heavy bags under his eyes. His younger brother strolled into the room, glanced at them both, before asking; "Didn't she sleep in her bed last night?"

"She did, but she kept bothering me to talk to her, so I dragged her down here and gave her 4 mugs of hot chocolate," Norway grumbled darkly, looking deeply tempted to perform dark magic. "And LITERALLY just 5 seconds before you walked in, she fell asleep. AFTER 7 HOURS OF DOING NOTHING BUT YAMMER TO ME ABOUT RANDOM SHIT."

Iceland's lips curled a little as he tried not to laugh. "It's as if you're the pregnant one."

Norway settled for grumbling into his hands, as he loves Iceland too much to scream at him. Iceland noticed and let out a small laugh before going into the kitchen for coffee. "I swear, as soon as Sweden gets back, I'm gonna—"

Just as he said that, the front door opened and Sweden came inside, wearing dark glasses and she closed the door as quietly as she could, swaying a little.

"SWEDEN," Norway started loudly, but slowed down when he saw how pale Sweden looked and seeing the massive shades hiding her eyes. "Sweden? Did you go drinking with France?"

"Yeah, I did, then slept with him AGAIN," the woman growled, "stupid, sexy, Frenchmen…"

It was if her voice alone woke up Denmark, and the pregnant Dane happily sat up and swanned over to hug Sweden tightly. "SVEEEE! You're home! I waited for yooou."

Sweden raised her eyebrow at her before glancing at Norway for an explanation, but the Norwegian shrugged. "Don't ask. You didn't text her."

"Did you have sex with Fraaaance?" Denmark asked her sleepily, "because I can see the bites on your neck." Sweden squeaked at that and tugged up her shirt collar quickly.

Norway snickered. This is payback for leaving Denmark alone with him. "So you got laid with France?"

"Oh, shut it, Norge!" Sweden growled and tried to pry the sleepy Denmark off her, but she had a grip like a vice. "And Denmark, I'm sorry I didn't text you, I was just so busy last night!"

"Having sex with France?" Denmark yawned and her companion just rolled her eyes.

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