Title: Finding Love Through Coincidence 1/?

Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian

Rating: R

Summary: Written for this prompt: AU season 2, where Sebastian is already at Dalton when Kurt transfers. So Blaine is chasing after other boys, but Sebastian finds it amusing how tetchy the other boy gets when he hits on the naive, oblivious Kurt. Sebastian's only doing it to get a rise out of Blaine at first (they don't like each other at all - bad history), but then one day, Sebastian's injured whilst playing some sport, and Kurt fusses over him and they get talking properly. Sebastian loves all the attention from Kurt and begins to take him seriously. Eventually, he courts Kurt for real and they finally date.
Bonus points for Sebastian calling Kurt a variety of would-be degrading names such as: Precious, Baby, Baby-Doll, Sweetcheeks, Pretty Baby and you get the picture.
Kurbastian awkwardly hanging out with Blaine with Seblaine having eye-wars between them.

A/N: I tried my best to follow the prompt, hope you like this, and the second part will be up soon.


Sebastian pokes at his steak, cutting it up and eating it absent-mindedly. His gaze and attention is focused on the two boys sitting three tables away in front of his own.

Blaine is talking, gesturing widely with his hands as he did so, and Kurt is staring, transfixed. The slight blush on his cheeks and the plain adoration in his eyes tells the obvious story of him crushing on Blaine. Sebastian snorts quietly into his orange juice. Blaine is such a jerk, and it's also obvious to everyone that he's stringing Kurt along, keeping him on the hook.

It's been nearly a month since Kurt transferred into Dalton. And Dalton is a comparatively small school, so it's not a shock that by the second week of his transfer, Sebastian already knows all about this gorgeously ethereal looking boy with the sound of an angel and how he's hopelessly crushing on Blaine, the lead singer for the Warblers.

Of course, he hears all about how they meet. The story of Kurt meeting Blaine on the main Dalton staircase, and it's the perfect meet cute. Starts with a well timed serendipitous meeting, joined with an impromptu and fate-driven serenade in the middle of a crowd, ending in Blaine being the knight in the shining armor to Kurt. It leaves Kurt besotted, and it would have seemed like an ideal start to a wonderful romance if not for one simple fact: Blaine is not interested in Kurt at all.

From what Sebastian's heard, Blaine knows about Kurt's feelings towards him, but has cited that he just wishes to remain friends because he's 'not good at romance'.

'Not good at romance' his ass. Sebastian thinks. Blaine has been courting after so many boys in Dalton that Sebastian has lost count after he ends up nearly being one of Blaine's conquest. Sure, he fell for the innocent, bashful, hot and talented schoolboy act at first, but once he found out that Blaine is flirting with other boys using the same tactic, Sebastian cut himself off from Blaine. He's not going to be the one getting conquered, he would rather be the one doing the conquering himself, thank you very much. And Sebastian Smythe is nobody's toy to string along.

He can't help but feel bad for Kurt Hummel though, the boy is truly gorgeous, but completely head over heels for Blaine. Kurt looks at Blaine like he's the most perfect person in the world, and Blaine certainly does act the part in front of the counter tenor. Being all suave and gentlemanly and just an all round good person. Sebastian knows better though.

What's even more irritating is the fact that even though Blaine has made it clear he thinks of Kurt only as a friend, he still acts the part of a possessive and jealous boyfriend, laying claim on Kurt and declaring him off limits to a significant number of very interested guys in Dalton. And Kurt knows nothing about it at all.

Blaine has the grades, talent, money, power and the name of a very prestigious old family to back him up and most guys that are interested in Kurt just backs off at the very beginning.

It pisses Sebastian off so much.

Kurt seems like a genuinely nice person, albeit being slightly more outlandish and flamboyant, and Sebastian can see how Blaine's silent manipulation of Kurt and his personality is taking a toll on the boy.

Well, Sebastian's not going to stand by and watch this innocent boy be manipulated by Blaine any longer, not if Sebastian has anything to say about it.

Sebastian remembers the first time he meets Kurt.

He's running late for class, but the lone figure standing in the middle of the deserted hallway, looking all lost and confused stops him in his tracks. He turns around and makes his way over to the boy, and when the other person looks up at the sound of footsteps, the gorgeous blue-green eyes that look back at him makes his heart stutter for a moment.

"Are you okay?" He asks. "You seem a bit lost. I'm going to assume that you're new here?"

The boy smiles, almost self-mockingly, a perfect brow rising up even as he looks Sebastian over, in a very scrutinizing manner. The boy's got attitude and flair, Sebastian's got to give him that. "Yes, actually. I'm Kurt Hummel." He extends his hand.

Sebastian takes it, and the porcelain skin is really as smooth as it looks. "Sebastian Smythe."

"I'm really quite lost. I'm supposed to be at the Administration Office, but the hallways all look pretty much the same and I can't find my way." Kurt's blushing a bit, voice soft as though it's difficult for him to admit he needs help.

"It's okay. Took me nearly two months before I knew my way around here, and I still get lost sometimes. I'll show you the way then." Sebastian says, smiling. He's a bit surprised to find that he likes Kurt. He normally doesn't really take to people on his first meeting with them.

"Thanks." Kurt says, still looking a bit wary and tense.

He leads Kurt all the way, pointing out certain places that might be helpful to Kurt along the way.

He makes it class thirty minutes late, and gets a stern reprimand and detention for two days.

Weirdly, Sebastian finds himself smiling all day.

Sebastian starts, by meeting Kurt again.

It's easy, seeing that he has met with Kurt before, and the later definitely remembers him. He accidentally bumps into Kurt in the cafeteria, and when the boy looks up and sees him, face breaking out into a small smile in recognition, Sebastian finds himself smiling back, and then they're sitting at the same table eating together.

Sebastian finds that Kurt's easy to talk to. Sure, the boy is brutally honest and sarcastic, but he's also witty and funny. He speaks with such flair, as if speaking is a performance, and Sebastian finds himself completely immersed with this spectacular show.

The cherry topping on this already delicious sundae comes in the form of a frowning Blaine, clutching his tray and standing at the side of their table.

Sebastian resists the urge to smirk, instead smiling brightly, and he can see that his unusual reaction unnerves Blaine. They usually ignore each other in the school, putting up cold faces and tightened jaws whenever the other comes into proximity.

"Hello, Blaine Anderson."

"Sebastian." Blaine intones coolly. He turns to Kurt, and immediately his face shifts into one that is friendly and curious. "Hey, Kurt. What're you doing with Sebastian? I didn't know that you two knew each other." He slides into the seat beside Kurt, placing his tray down on the table, and reaching forward to brush a stray lock of hair on Kurt's forehead.

Sebastian has seen this move enough times to know that Kurt usually blushes and melts into Blaine's touch. Delightfully though, Kurt didn't act like that this time. He's looking back at Sebastian, grinning and exclaiming happily: "Ooh! I forgot that I didn't tell you about meeting Sebastian on the first day of school. It's funny, because I got lost, and he's the one who helped me out. Now that I think about it, it was during class hours, and wouldn't you have gotten into trouble for being late to class?"

Blaine looks almost affronted that his gesture is ignored by Kurt. And Sebastian really feels like cackling like an evil mastermind in those B-rated movies. Instead, he just grins back, and putting on a woeful face, exclaims: "I did, actually. Got detention for two days! Imagine my agony!"

Kurt giggles at his exaggerated act. Blaine's positively fuming now, stabbing at his broccoli as if it has personally offended him just by existing.

"I'm so sorry about that! Tell me, how can I make it up to you?" Kurt asks, looking genuinely apologetic.

Sebastian leans forward. "Well…" He drawls, voice pitched low and husky. "I suppose if you treat me to dinner I might be appeased."

Normally this would have work on the boys that Sebastian's trying to seduce, but Kurt remains adorably oblivious and just laughs and agrees.

As much as Sebastian feels disappointed at failing in his subtle attempt to flirt, the look on Blaine's face as they made plans for dinner is more than enough compensation.

Sebastian keeps up his continuous attempts in flirting with Kurt whatever chance he's got. Of course, Kurt never notices it, just laughing and dismissing it as the way Sebastian acts and talks, but Sebastian's antics are definitely getting to Blaine.

He starts with compliments.

Sebastian almost always praises Kurt's looks whenever they meet one another. A casual, "You're looking very handsome today." "Is that a new lapel pin? I like it, it's quirky." "The blue scarf really brings out your eyes, Kurt. You have very unique and gorgeous eyes, did anyone ever tell you that?"

Kurt preens and flushes whenever he hears the compliments, and thanks Sebastian demurely.

And then there are touches.

Sebastian will wrap an arm around Kurt's shoulder when they walk, pulling the boy in against his side. He brushes his hands over Kurt's whenever he wants to get the boy's attentions. He pats Kurt on the head, making sure not to mess up the perfectly styled hair whenever he does so. Sometimes, he just grabs Kurt's arm or hand, pulling the boy along as they walked. And then there are the numerous small gestures—placing his arm or hand on Kurt's waist when they're standing together, leaning in and sitting too close without thought of personal space, tugging on Kurt's ears teasingly, poking the boy at the side as he tries to get him to laugh…

Blaine looks at him like he wants to murder Sebastian whenever he touches Kurt and the counter tenor doesn't stop him, and Sebastian marks it as a win in his book.

Sebastian slides into the sit beside Kurt, leaning in and muttering: "Good morning, gorgeous." as he did so. Kurt just smiles back at him. Seating opposite him, Blaine tenses up at Sebastian's presence.

Placing his tray onto the table, Sebastian drapes his arm over Kurt's chair, and pressing in, says: "So, Kurt, my precious baby, want to go out and have dinner at that Chinese restaurant that you love so much?"

Kurt nods, chewing his salad. Sebastian can see the way Blaine frowns, the edges of his lips turning down. "Kurt, I thought that we were going to have a movie marathon tonight?" He asks with his voice tight with displeasure.

Kurt looks up then. "Oh god, was it tonight? I completely forgot about it!"

Blaine sighs, and says: "Really? You've been forgetting things left and right recently, Kurt. And I must say that I'm really sad and disappointed that you're acting like this."

It is the wrong thing to say, of course, because Kurt tenses up too, and stares back at Blaine, almost incredulously. "You're disappointed? You are the one who's been acting all weird and snapping at almost every single person in the vicinity! You almost tear Jeff's head off when he messed up just that one step in Warblers practice yesterday! I don't even know if you realize how insufferable you're being recently."

Blaine looks taken aback, and Sebastian silently cheers as this train wreck unfolds before him. "Kurt, I—"

Kurt just shakes his head. "You know, I used to think that you're perfect, Blaine. But I can see now that it isn't so. You clearly have some issues you need to work out, but you don't get to take it out on all of us. Wes says that it's because of Julian, that you've been unsuccessful in chasing after him. And don't you try to deny it. I'm not blind. I know that you've been chasing after other boys, even though you never seem to tell me."

Kurt stands up, picking up his tray. "Stop acting like a jerk to everyone. I think it is better that we cancel for tonight, I'm going out to dinner with Sebastian instead."

He walks away. The moment he's out of sight, Blaine's turning around and glaring at Sebastian so fiercely that it might have been terrifying if Sebastian isn't so utterly amused by the situation.

"You! You bastard, Sebastian. What did you do to Kurt?" He seethes.

Sebastian shrugs. "I didn't do anything. You're the one being a jerk."

Blaine's fists are clenched tightly on the table top. "That's because you're always flirting with him! What do you want with Kurt? Why don't you just leave him alone?"

Sebastian stares back coldly. "You're one to say. You cannot return Kurt's feelings and yet you won't let him go. What are you wishing to accomplish, manipulating Kurt like that? You get jealous and act all possessive when you clearly have no right to do so. So what if I flirt with Kurt? He's unattached and totally single, and you're chasing after boys that definitely aren't Kurt. The way I see it, your bad mood is just laughable. There are tons of other boys in Dalton that are more worthy of Kurt, you know?"

"What, you think you're one of those who are worthy? Leave him alone, Sebastian. I don't want to see you around him!" Blaine exclaims hotly.

Sebastian smirks. "It's funny how you think you have any choice in this matter though. I suggest that you leave Kurt alone, and guess what, I won't stop flirting with him, because I do love seeing you being so strung up and tetchy, Blaine."

With that said, he gives Blaine a wink and walks away.