Title: Finding Love Through Coincidence 6/?

Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian

Rating: R

Summary: Written for this prompt: AU season 2, where Sebastian is already at Dalton when Kurt transfers. So Blaine is chasing after other boys, but Sebastian finds it amusing how tetchy the other boy gets when he hits on the naive, oblivious Kurt. Sebastian's only doing it to get a rise out of Blaine at first (they don't like each other at all - bad history), but then one day, Sebastian's injured whilst playing some sport, and Kurt fusses over him and they get talking properly. Sebastian loves all the attention from Kurt and begins to take him seriously. Eventually, he courts Kurt for real and they finally date.
Bonus points for Sebastian calling Kurt a variety of would-be degrading names such as: Precious, Baby, Baby-Doll, Sweetcheeks, Pretty Baby and you get the picture.
Kurbastian awkwardly hanging out with Blaine with Seblaine having eye-wars between them.

A/N: Sorry, sorry for the delay in updating. RL caught up, and also, I've been working on completing another Kurbastian fic for a song challenge, which I'm almost halfway through.

Short chapter, just some fluffiness that may or may not rot your teeth. =)

Again, any typos + grammer mistakes are my own. I apologize for them, my fics are not beta-ed.


Kurt finishes his lunch in a weirdly contemplative mood.

His own words still echo back at him in his head, and he mulls them over and over.

"Who's to say that it's not going to be me who breaks his heart?"

He didn't even know that he's concerned about this until he's admitted it out loud. He feels conflicted. He knows that he likes Sebastian as a friend, but can he really feel something more for the man?

Part of him has to admit that the idea of hurting Sebastian and losing their friendship is a really frightening probability. Kurt's never been in this position before, and he's at a loss over how to proceed.

He thinks of maybe calling it all off and stopping Sebastian now. It will be far better to just hurt him now rather than getting his hopes up, only to discover that Kurt can never reciprocate the man's feelings.

Kurt sighs. Spearing into his dark chocolate cake with even more force than necessary, he scoops up a whole chunk and eats it. The cake is simply decadent and downright sinful, the chocolate melting and the flavors bursting at the tip of his tongue. Kurt chokes back a delighted moan.

Trust Sebastian to use his weakness of chocolates as a weapon in his plans.

It is only a moment later that Kurt realizes that he's smiling.

His phone chooses that exact instance to vibrate gently on the table, having been put into silent mode during classes.

Kurt picks it up and taps on the message notification.

It's Sebastian again.

Enjoying the lunch?

I am, until someone decided to message and disturb me.

I bet you're thinking about me anyway. C;

Kurt blushes and looks around suspiciously, but Sebastian is nowhere to be seen.

You're delusional. And where are you, by the way?

Oh, you know, lurking around. Meeting important people, doing important things. Missed me?

He can almost visualize the satisfied and smug expression on Sebastian's face, attractive despite the man's many attitude flaws. Kurt scoffs. The waiter comes over and takes away the empty plate, Kurt leans back against his chair, feeling completely full and stuffed with delicious food. He stops the waiter with a touch to his arm.

"Is there more?"

The waiter nods. "Yes, Mr. Hummel. It's just simple coffee though, so I don't think you have much to worry about." He replies with an amused smile.

Kurt sighs happily. "Thank Gaga. I don't think I can eat anymore."

The waiter gives a small bow and leaves. Kurt wonders where Sebastian went to find someone like this for hire, and also how on earth did he get the Dalton administration to approve of him taking over a corner of the school's dining room and also the school's kitchen.

Another enigmatic side to the more and more complex character that Sebastian is turning out to be.

The waiter is back soon enough with a delicate and expensive looking china cup that's balanced on a small china plate. He sets it down, with more care than he did with the other dishes.

Kurt notices why when the waiter moves away. It's not just coffee that's in the cup, but coffee art. There, on top of the light brown liquid surface is a white, heart-shaped foam, along with Kurt's initial's 'KH' at the bottom corner.

The coffee is hot, steam rising up steadily, adding even more allure to the view. It is beautiful, and Kurt takes a long moment to admire the handiwork. He uses his phone to take a series of pictures, wanting to preserve this sight in not only his memories.

He reaches out and traces the edges of the cup, fingers lingering over the china handle.

Pulling back, Kurt sends a message to Sebastian, attaching a picture as he did so.

You bastard. I can't bear to drink this. It's just too pretty.

Aww, don't be like this. Were you touched, even a little?


Come on, why would you hesitate to drink it then?

Fine. I might have felt deliriously happy and moved for a moment there, but it's faded now.

So you drank it? C;

You didn't, did you? You are so moved that you can't bear to drink the coffee. That's cute, baby.

And here comes the nicknames. I feel compelled to tell you again: You're a bastard.

That I am.

Drink it. I can make more for you again next time.

Kurt blinks at his phone. His heart seizes in his chest for a moment, before it starts thumping again, furiously and quicker than before. He holds his breath as he types out a reply.

What? You made this?


No, no. No questions. Just drink it, Kurt.

Answer me, Sebastian.



Kurt waits for another five minutes, but Sebastian didn't reply.

He drinks the coffee, now lukewarm, unaware that he's grinning happily the whole time. Savoring it sip by sip, Kurt feels something warm and fuzzy curling in his stomach, oblivious that it has nothing to do with the beverage he's consuming.


The rest of the day goes somewhat normally in comparison to all the grand gestures that Sebastian's done in the morning. Instead, Kurt finds a single red rose and a card in every single class at his normal seats.

The cards are the same as the ones that Sebastian has been using for notes, and on them are just random compliments, typed out in normal font.

They go something like this:

"Your eyes are just gorgeous. I can look at them all day and get lost in them willingly. I've spent more hours than necessary thinking about what color they are, but I still haven't found one that can define them.

They are indefinable, just like you. You just constantly amaze me. S. Smythe"

" 'Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but the number of moments that take your breath away.' And you do take my breath away, every single time. So much so that I'm pretty sure that my life can be made up from those small moments itself. S. Smythe"

"I'm pretty sure that no one tells you this enough, though I'm of the belief that you should be told and praised every single day: You are the single hottest and sexiest guy that I've ever met. I could go on to expand on that, but I don't think that this small piece of card can take even that amount of inappropriate and frankly, quite forward and perverted statements.C; S. Smythe"

"I just like you. So much so that it confuses even me, I can't even begin to comprehend and define what this feeling is. S. Smythe"

The last one is the only statement that isn't typed out, but instead written out in Sebastian's own slanted and looped handwriting. It's a bit messy, like Sebastian wrote it out frantically without pausing for thought.

Kurt traces the indentation made from the writing on the back of the card, fingers caressing each word as he did so. He reads it five times, and without knowing why, feels a sudden urge to cry. A feeling swells in his chest, curling and curling into a big ball of emotion, but he just can't understand what it is. But it hitches his breath and sends tingles from his chest to the pit of his stomach.

It's the only card that he brings up and bents his head, bringing his lips forward and kissing softly at the corner, directly on the words S. Smythe.


Five minutes to the end of his last class for the day, his phone vibrates in his pocket, and Kurt almost knocks over his pencil case in the hurry to bring it out.

Go to your locker.

A simple command, but Kurt rushes out of class as soon as the bell rings. Jostling through all his other school mates that flocks the hallway, he pushes through the similarly costumed boys, marveling that not once has anyone even tried to block him or push him away or even shout slurs at him.

It adds to his already giddy level of happiness.

Understandably, his heart drops in disappointment when he reaches his locker and there's no one there. Instead, another card is taped to his locker, and oddly enough, a garment bag hangs from the handle. Kurt's moved all of the presents that Sebastian's given him to his car during his free period after lunch, but the table is still there, and lying on it is a paper bag with a shoe box in it.

He picks up the card.

Wear the suit and the shoes. They should fit you. I'll be over your house to pick you up at 7.30pm.

Can't wait to see you.