Season 1

Things to know:

Each episode will have 3 acts with separate installments

I play fast and loose with the ages of the "young-uns" because it works for the story.

The Baker twins are identical looks-wise for the purposes of this story.

Main characters

(besides the adults such as Peyton, Lucas, Brooke, Julian, et al)

Clint Evans – son of Quinn and Clay - Clint is keeping a major secret from his parents and peers at Tree Hill High. His secret? He's gaga for guys! But after all, the boy has a reputation to maintain as a member of the Ravens basketball team and isn't about to let anyone know he prefers his lovers decidedly male. Instead he makes a big show of being a girl magnet while he secretly longs to tell the whole world who he really is!

Davis Baker – son of Julian and Brooke - A player he may seem to be but yet Davis's heart beats for one girl. And that's Sawyer Scott. The only problem is she's his identical twin brother's girl. Davis doesn't want to hurt his brother but he wants Saywer. How far will he go to get her? Davis is involved in no extracurricular activities at school but is still one of the most popular guys around.

Jamie Scott – son of Nathan and Haley - Jamie is an intelligent, charming and also pretty sweet guy who the ladies love. He is dating fellow teacher Brenda Walker but that doesn't stop women from practically throwing their panties at him. Jamie is the new basketball coach of the Ravens team and teaches English literature at Tree Hill High. His life is content until one day a mysterious woman walks into it and turns everything he believed in upside down.

Jenny Jagielski – daughter of Jake and Nicki - Jenny had a hard life after her father died when she was just ten years of age. She was raised by her mother Nicki for lack of a better word and Nicki put her in all kinds of uncomfortable situations. Jenny comes to Tree Hill hoping to start over and discover the town her dad never stopped talking about when he was alive. Here she meets Jamie Scott and things will never be the same.

Jonathan Avery - Jonathan is the captain of the Ravens basketball team and dating head cheerleader, Sofie Montoya. They are a "supercouple" at Tree Hill High but definitely do not always get along. In fact, more often than not they are at each other's throats because he thinks Sofie is a bitch and she thinks he's a loser. However, their love/hate relationship has been going on for 3 years with no true end in sight. Jonathan is dyslexic and so he has to work with tutors to keep his grades up so he can play on the team still.

Jude Baker – son of Julian and Brooke - Jude is considered the kinder, gentler Baker twin. He is both sweet and thoughtful. He loves his girlfriend Sawyer so much although he also has a fierce dedication to movies and anime. He knows Davis is after Sawyer but he's determined not to let his twin have her.

Lily Roe Scott – daughter of Keith and Karen - Lily is a unique individual in that she refuses to conform to what she calls "the smalltown mentality". She lives with Lucas, Peyton and her niece Sawyer because Karen is off travelling the world with Andy and wanted Lily to have a "stable" life. The only problem is nothing is ever "stable" in Tree Hill especially when hearts like Lily's are on the line.

Lydia Scott – daughter of Nathan and Haley - Lydia is a quiet, thoughtful young woman who is also very intelligent and resourceful. She is a self-professed "bibliophile" and takes after her mother Haley in that she likes to help people and has a kind heart. She is also volunteering as a tutor at the student center.

Mariah Stewart - Mariah is the definition of the "poor little rich girl". She has everything materialistic that she could ask for but seems to crave what we all want - LOVE. Except she's always finding it in the wrong places! Mariah is on the cheerleading squad and is known for being with a few different guys from the basketball team, mostly recently Clint Evans who she dumped because he didn't seem all that interested in her sexually. Plus as of now she has yet to meet the guy who makes her want to be monogamous. Boy, will things change soon enough for her!

Mick Adams – son of Chase and Mia - Mick is best friends with Lily Scott and they do everything together. Except sex each other because Mick prefers male anatomy. He is in fact the only openly gay student at Tree Hill High and has received some trouble for it but says he won't deny who he is - something his parents agree on even if they agree on few other things. Mick is passionate about anime, music and gay rights. He also has a deep crush on Jude Davis that is very unrequited.

Riker Gatina – (assumed) son of Dan and Rachel - Riker is assumed to be Dan Scott's youngest son but Rachel has never actually confirmed that. He was raised single-handedly by Rachel in California for the first 14 years of his life and is only now setting foot on Tree Hill soil during his 15th year. Every girl wants him immediately and why not, he's handsome and knows it too! He is cocky but also an angry boy who feels he was denied by his family for far too long and is going to make them pay for it – and pay through the nose.

Sawyer Scott – daughter of Lucas and Peyton - Life can be hard for a girl who was born to two Tree Hill "legacy" parents. Sawyer has no idea what makes her tick or even who she really is. She can't really draw like her mom and she definitely doesn't write like her dad so who is she? She has yet to find out but the Baker boys are willing to help out! She has been dating Jude Baker for almost a year - just as she was expected to. But she is intrigued by his twin Davis even if she will never admit it.

Sofie Montoya - Sofie, a senior at Tree Hill High, rules the school - is Queen Bee - and don't you forget it! She is fiercely bitchy and high and mighty and is often fighting with her boyfriend "Jon" more than she is getting along with him. She demands "Jon" be the best basketball star or she will get a new boyfriend and she demands that "her" cheer squad be in tip-top shape too. She is an unrepentant witch and yet everyone wants to be her - or so they say. Her secret - or not-so-secret? She's been a bulimic since she was in the sixth grade. She blames that on her "pageant mom" Ursula.