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Chapter 1 Life without you

Bella's POV

My name is Isabella Swan. I am not human, at least not anymore. For 90 years I have lived in the shadows with a kid. My kid to be exact. She isn't a human either.

We are both vampires the only difference is she is only half of a vampire. Renesmee is the best child that anyone can ever dream of. Her father, whose name even I can't even speak, had left before she was even born. I can remember it like it was just yesterday…

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"We are leaving." My only love said.

"Ok well I'll have to come up with an excuse to tell Char— wait when you say we…" I trailed off afraid of what was coming next.

"I mean my family and myself."

"Ok I'll come with you"

"Bella I don't want you to come with me. So I guess this is goodbye then." He started to walk away and I knew I only had one shot at saying this.

"Edward wait there is something I need to tell—"

"Goodbye Bella."

Time begins to pass and a few more comments are shared between the two of us and the next thing you know he is gone.

I should have told him. I have no idea why I didn't. Who knows maybe if I told him I was having his kid he would've stayed. Maybe he would have been the gentleman he was raised to be back in the 19th century.

But guess what? Life doesn't go your way most of the time. So instead of me telling him, I laid on the ground balled up then cried my eyes out. I remember waking up in a weird room that I wasn't familiar with.

I looked down at myself and saw that somehow throughout my sleep I had gotten larger. It now looked like I was around 2 months pregnant. I'll admit I was scared for two reasons: one, my baby was growing really quick and I didn't know what to do, and two, I have no idea where I am or who brought me here.

Less than a minute later my questions were answered. 4 girls walked out and I knew they were vampires from their gold eyes. They told me their names were Carly, Devan, Abi, and Rachel.

They helped me throughout my entire pregnancy. Also after I had Renesmee, they helped me through my newborn years. This being after they turned me into a vampire. I learned the Cullen way of life as far as hunting goes. To be honest I've never killed a human.

The four girls and I became the bestest of friends and always stuck together. It was the closest thing Renesmee could call family.

Back to the reality though. Within my 90 years as a vampire, I have been all around the world. My travels have brought me back to Forks, Washington. This being my home town, or the place I met the person who I considered the only one to be able to have me fall in love with them.

"Mom can we go hunting now?" My daughter Renesmee said.

"We will go now. I have a perfect place for us to go." We took off running into one of my favorite places. This place being the meadow. The only place I go to where I can think of him clearly.

In less than 10 minutes we had arrived. We started to hunt whatever we could find. We were almost done so we sat in the meadow. While sitting there I heard a branch snap. I shot up and that's when I saw…

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