The Brother of the Blade

The blade has been the weapon that brings romance and terror to its own personification. It has no desires, yet it desires blood. It has no wants, except that, that its master has. Its steel is innocent, if its master is innocent.

Blood is all that can stain the metal. Blood it has spilled at the order of the hand that holds it. It alone cannot take up itself in arms against an army or its enemies.

Excerpt from the Charter of the Brotherhood of the Heroes

The following is an excerpt of a journal written by an unknown bladesman who lived three hundred years ago:

"I have fought for so many years at the side of the Knights. I have never had reason to find fault with these courageous men, however their methods of warfare may be questionable. The slaughter of women and children disturbs me, and makes me feel as if I should leave. But where could I go. I am but a simple foot soldier; all that I own is my sword and armor. I do know of a group of men who have the same goal as the Knights. I shall find them, and see if I can join them."

This man is among the greatest of the bladesmen to have come from the brotherhood. He inspired many a generation of swordsman who have opposed the corrupted Knights of Hyrule. He is not the only one. Here is a collection of stories that have survived. Even though some of these men don't carry a sword except in ceremony, they still uphold the thought of justice. Justice like what the Heroes who established the brotherhood fought for in the times of greatest Darkness. There is something funny about them though. All of them possess the same given name. Link.

A/N: While this sounds like the beginning of a series of oneshots, it actually isn't. Each story will be written independent of this. They will have a title format conforming to this: Brother of the Blade: Link (insert last name or date). I have no clue how many of these I shall write, however expect these during a hiatus I am taking from Return of Light to generate some Ideas.