Author's Note: For now I'm going to focus on my Danny Phantom Fanfiction, instead of the Supernatural one since I haven't watched any Supernatural recently, so I'm out of it. So yeah... DANNY PHANTOM 3



Danny Fenton walked down his street from Fenton Works heading towards his best friend's house, Tucker Foley. Danny was walking smugly down his street, focusing on remembering his schedule, he always had trouble remembering it due to the fact he fights ghosts every day. Any ghost really that he catches with his ghost sense, from the most annoying the Box Ghost to some of the hardest he has fought like the Fright Knight. But who he had dealt with the night before was another halfa, Vlad Masters but Danny prefers to refer to him with is villainous namesake, Vlad Plasmious.


Danny went to Vlad's mansion in Wisconsin, to consult him about Skulker, to whom Danny thought he sent after him due to Skulker odd behaviour. In his alter ego Danny Phantom, he went intangible and went to where he thought he would most likely find Vlad at 9 in the morning, in bed snuggly up with his Maddie Fenton doll, which Danny always thought of as physically and mentally disturbing.

Danny landed at the foot of Vlad's ginormous, king sized bed and went tangible. He walked quietly over to the side of which Vlad was facing, asleep. Danny locked eyes to Vlad's shut ones and glared down at his vulnerable state. He crouched down to be face to face with his enemy. Many thoughts flew through his head, he could shoot an ectoplasmic ray at him now, while he was un defended or yell at him to wake up and speak to him about his issue. Danny would have preferred to have gone with his first option, but chose else wise, he did not want to be like Vlad, a lonely, shallow, and seriously crazed up Fruit Loop.

"PLASMIOUS!" Danny hollered to his face.

Vlad shot up and tumbled out of his bed gripping his Maddie doll. The man was panting insanely. "Daniel, has it ever occurred to you that flying into a man's bedroom is very rude and disruptive? But I will not take it personally since you were probably raised like an animal because of your disgrace of a father." Vlad said calmly towards Danny. Vlad was wearing a fine silk robe, probably very expensive.

"Shut up about my father and his…. Er…. Childish behaviours!" Danny screamed. He was getting really irritated with Vlad.

Vlad went wide eyed, "Very well, Daniel."

"Don't call me that Plasminous. Why'd you send Skulker after me!"

"Just something to amuse my cravings, Daniel."

"Stop it with the name! Do it again and I swear I will blow your head off, Plasmious." Danny fought back.

With that said Danny flew up a couple feet and went intangible, heading back to Amity Park.

~End of flashback~

He was slowly approaching his friend's house bringing back his train of thoughts. Danny sighed as he walked up the stairs and knocked. Few seconds later Tucker opened the door with a large grin on his face.

"Dude, why are you so happy? It's only school…." Danny said trying to keep in a laugh.

"Danny, I'm not happy about…. School. I'm happy about this new software for my PDA coming out at noon." Tucker said with his smile filling up half his face's area.

"You said that about the last software update, Tuck." Danny said barely through his laughter.

The two boys headed down the street, off to the more expensive houses in Amity Park, since their other best friend Sam Manson lived there. As they left the more run down, middle class homes, the advanced to the high class houses. It was a fairly long walk considering the distant between each house since the lot sizes had increased.

Eventually, the two reached Sam's house. Sam was patiently waiting at the foot of her door for her two friends to pick her up. "What took you two so long!" Sam exclaimed.

"Tuck kept talking about some fancy, new software update for his PDA." Danny grinned stupidly.

"It isn't just any kind-" Tucker started.

"-Of fancy, new software it's version 5.12!" Danny teased, flailing his arms for emphasis. "Tucker, I think I know already, and I don't think Sam needs to know."

Sam laughed softly, which made Danny blush.

The three friends headed off on that awkward note.


Danny, Tucker, and Sam were minutes away from Casper High school where they all went to school. They were all talking happily, laughing at when Tucker made a techno-geek comment, or when Danny messed up his pronunciation. Sam was like the only sane one, and she was the Goth of the group.

Sam interrupted the happy moment. "Hey, Danny, Tucker…. Look."

Sam was pointing at a large, slick, black limousine parked right in front of Casper High. Those three were not the only ones looking; basically everybody who went to Casper was looking. There was a girl; she was talking to who seemed to be her brother, 16ish? We walked a bit closer to see if we could see what was happening better. The girl appeared to be wearing attire which I thought was Goth, Sam corrected me though, and she said it was more punk. The girl wore a black leather vest over a dark purple shirt which extended past her hands so you couldn't see them. She wore baggy calf length pants, with dangling chains. She was also wearing black leather boots which only went to her ankles, with a red tie around her neck. Her jet black hair was at her lower back; her bangs were shifted to the right of her face covering her eye. We caught the last bit of their conversation.

"-Dakota, I will. I'm not stupid." The girl battled back.

"You promise?" Dakota said.

"Yes, okay enough, bye." The girl said throwing her arms down and charging off towards the front entrance. She did not seem to notice the entire school watching her.

The brother, Dakota sighed and stepped into the limousine.

Danny, Tucker, and Sam ran up to the crowd of people which had started forming. "Who was that?" Danny said half stupidly.

"That was Cecelia Next, the daughter of Jonathan and Sophia Next. Sophia and Jonathan are only the biggest actors right now, Fen-TERD." Dash Baxter the quarterback of the Casper's football team said proudly.

"'Kay that's all I needed to know, Dash." Danny said almost turning intangible from embarrassment.

The crowd of students started to head into the school for their first classes started in 10 minutes or so.

"So, this is going to be interesting." Tucker said with a straight face.

"No, shiz Sherlock." Sam said solemnly.

"Hopefully, she won't be like everyone else, or get draw into that crowd."

"Ditto." Tucker and Sam both said agreeing with Danny.

They headed into Casper, along with everyone else. As they passed the office they saw Cecelia waiting patiently to probably get the schedule. Yet she couldn't be patient with her brother... Heh... Danny laughed to himself.

"What's so funny Danny?" Sam questioned Danny's random giggle fit.

"Oh nothing, just a tad funny thought came to mind."


Danny, Tucker, and Sam headed off to class.


This school seems a bit off, not the factor of the pride group, or the awkward amount of geeks, or the neutral group. I just feel like something is off about this school, this town. What is it about Amity Park that makes me feel cautious? My parents make me move to a town we know nothing about. Fun.

"Here you go Miss Next, everything I can provide you with, your schedule, map, and transfer papers. I hope you enjoy Casper."

"Thank you." I spoke softly.

I stared at the map trying to figure out where my first class would be located. Oh my god. Where is room 102? I ran my finger over the map.

"Hey! You need help there?"

I turned and was face to face with a girl I saw earlier with long dark hair and a pink shirt.

"Ahahah yeah I do, really do." I tried to sound not stupid.

"Okay cool. I can help you there!"


"BTW my name is Paulina, and I think we could be really good friends!"

"Um... Okay?"

After that Paulina dragged my butt to class, math, which she turned out to have too. She hurried off to her seat as I gave the teacher my transfer sheets.

"Who's the newbie, Lancer!" Some kid yelled.

"I will get to that, do not worry, please introduce yourself."

My head was spinning. "Oh... Um... My name is Cecelia Next... Um... I prefer to be called CeCe... You probably already know my parents... Er... My older brother is sixteen... He's an inventor which I am totally for... My parents are against it... Sorry I'm blabbing... I'll go sit do- where would I sit down?"

"You may go take the open desk right beside Mr. Fenton right there." Lancer said pointing to the vacant desk to the left of the boy. Lancer handed me a math textbook and said my other teachers will provide me with the supplies I will need for future classes.

I walked awkwardly over to my desk. I heard murmurs from around the classroom saying things like, 'Why does he get to sit next to her?' or 'His nerdiness will rub off on her!' What goes through these people's minds...

I sat down in the old desk, it was one of those desks which have the actual 'desk' part connected to the chair, and it also had one of those things you stick your stuff on, under the chair. I was listening to Lancer when my focus was broken.

"Hey, I'm Danny."

I turned to see the boy to my left. He had jet black hair like mine; he wore a red and white tee-shirt and jeans.

"Hi, Danny, I'm CeCe." I smiled, he seemed nice enough. Danny smiled back at me.

"Mr. Fenton, Ms. Next, may I ask what you two are doing?" Lancer asked raising his voice, the entire class stared.

"Heh... We were..." Danny stuttered.

"We were quickly discussing the fact weather or not the equation you wrote on the board was correct or not... It isn't correct." I said almost automatically after Danny's misfortune.

"I believe your statement is wrong, Ms. Next."

"I'll come up and prove you wrong, Mr. Lancer."

The entire class 'Ooed'.

"Very well."


"Wow CeCe, you proved Lancer wrong, got him to apologize too. Beast!" Tucker basically screamed. I had gotten to know Tucker and Sam during class as well as Danny.

"Thanks, Tucker." I smiled.

"I think I'm going to like you 'round CeCe." Sam said rubbing her chin and smiling mysteriously.

"Thanks! I think..."

"I'm kidding, you're pretty darn awesome, CeCe." Sam said letting loose a small laugh.

"Go figure."

We walked down the hall to Social Studies. I think my experience here in Amity won't be so bad.