So this is my new CSI: NY story. Hope you like it. Thanks for giving it a go.

Summary: The team all receive the same message from Mac. It's an address to a crime scene. They show up, ready for work, little do they know that this is just the start of a deadly game where all their lives are in danger. After an explosion one of the team is missing. In order to get them back they have to clear the name of an accused criminal who is desperate not to go back to prison. However, they then push the finish line further away and the team is forced to continue to play their game. Can the team do their job in time to save one of their own, or will they have to find a way to cheat the man who calls himself the Gamekeeper.

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Chapter 1

"The case of five missing school girls was last night solved when DNA evidence linked known serial rapist and killer Gerard Cullen. Police are now desperately trying to find him. The public have been asked to ring the police hotline if they see him but not to approach him as he is classed as likely armed and highly dangerous."

Jo grabbed the remote and flicked off the TV. She didn't have to hear what the News reporter had to say. She was sick of hearing about the case, and in particular about Ged Cullen, she was part of the team who was working it. It was getting late and it was her first early night home in weeks. She was just considering going to bed when her phone began buzzing.

She sighed and picked it up. It was a message from Mac, forwarded to the whole team. She read it and made a mental note of the address he had sent over. At the end of the message said: Crime scene. Ged's struck again, Mac.

Quickly realising she wasn't getting an early night she pushed herself up off her couch.


40 minutes later.

Jo pulled up at the crime scene at the same time as Danny and Lindsay and Adam, who climbed out of his car still looking half asleep.

"Is anyone else fed up of this case." he said to no one in particular.

"Very!" Lindsay said, not even trying to hide the fact that she was cranky from lack of sleep.

"Where's Mac?" Flack asked from where he stood near Hawkes.

"I presume inside." Jo said.

As if on cue their phones all beeped again. Another message from Mac, "The scene is inside the warehouse." It stated.

"Let's go meet the boss." Jo said, thinking it must be one hell of a crime scene if the entire team was needed.

Jo, Hawkes, Adam, Flack, Danny and Lindsay all made their way into the ole warehouse. The place looked ready to fall apart so they all took careful steps.

Once inside they found themselves standing in a large room, the roof of which was half on the floor beneath them. As they looked up they could see the starry sky.

"I don't see Mac anywhere." Adam said.

"MAC!" Flack called out.

They were all as puzzled as each other when they got no reply.

"What's going on?" Lindsay asked.

The words had barely escaped her lips when an explosion rang out. It was so loud and so powerful they were all thrown in different directions across the room. The heat and roar of the flames grew around them as they all lay there.


It was a moment before they were able to push themselves up, all of them trying to search through the flames to find each other. Danny was right by Lindsay, as they had been stood by each other when the explosion had occurred. He helped her to her feet and held her up as they made their way out of the warehouse.

Adam helped Hawkes, who was lying nearest to him, to his feet and out of the door. Hawkes was limping badly, a shard of wood protruded from his lower leg.

Flack remained inside. He'd seen the others leave but had yet to see Jo. "Jo!" he called into the flames, trying not to breathe in any of the smoke. "Jo!" he called again before another smaller explosion almost knocked him off his feet again.

He searched again but he couldn't see her anywhere. He didn't want to leave the building without her but the flames where creeping nearer and nearer to the door. He wondered if maybe she had already gotten out and he just hadn't seen her. She had been last in so was stood nearest to the door when the first explosion had happened.

He ran over to the door, ignoring the burning pain in his shoulder. The cold air hit the back of his throat as he ran out of the building. Danny and Adam ran over to him and helped him stay on his feet as he choked on the smoke that had seeped into his lungs.

"Where's Jo." he asked between choking.

"She's not out here." Danny said.

"I have to go back in." Flack said, turning back to the building.

"No you don't. Stay here, we'll go!" Danny shouted.

He and Adam ran over to the door but before they could get to it another explosion had them flying backwards in the air before they landed on the hard floor.


Mac was lying on the couch with the TV was playing to itself in the background. He wasn't in a deep sleep but deep enough that his phone rang a few times before he finally heard it. He reached onto the coffee table and grabbed it. "Mac Taylor." he said.

"Mac, its Flack. Look, something's happened. I think we've been set up." Mac could hear the panic and pain in his voice.

He sat up on his couch, now suddenly full awake. He grabbed the remote control and turned the TV off. "Where are you? What's happened?" he asked a little confused.

"We're at the docks. There was an explosion." Flack told him.

Mac wasted no time in pulling his shoes on. He got up and walked over to where his jacket was hanging and asked, "Is anyone hurt?"

"Everyone's a little bit banged up…"

"I'll be there in 5 minutes." Mac said. He was about to hang up but as Flack began to speak again he continued to listen.

"Mac…" Flack began, "Jo's missing. I tried but, I couldn't find her in there."

Mac stood, frozen on the spot. Flack's next words were like a kick in the gut.

"Mac, I think she's gone…" Flack said as he looked into the roaring flames that stretched up into the black New York night sky.


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