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Chapter 16

Jo could only hang on and watch as Ged scrambled to his feet and took off running. She clung on as hard as she could but she could feel her fingers slipping off the rail, she knew any second now she was going to fall to her death.

Her fingers were just about to slip right off when two strong hands reached into the hole and grabbed her. She was sure it was Ged, come back to finish her off but to her relief she looked up into the eyes of Mac. He hooked his arms under hers and pulled her up.

"Hold on, Jo!" he told her as he continued to pull her up. Jo helped him out as much as she could and soon Mac had pulled her up out of the hole and into his arms. He held her close for a moment and she allowed him to do so, unaware of how badly she was shaking.

"You're hurt." he said, unable not to notice the blood.

"It's nothing." she said, unwilling to let go of him yet, she stayed with her face buried against his neck.

"Which way did Ged go?" he asked her.

This snapped her out of her shocked state and she grabbed the rail and carefully pushed herself up, Mac did the same, the both of them careful not to stand on any parts of the wood that was badly fire damaged.

"He went that way." Jo told Mac.

"Jo stay here, I'll go after him."

"No, Mac, I wanna catch this prick!"

"You should never have come here alone in the first place." Mac snapped at her.

"How did you know I had?"

"I knew you were hiding something. I followed you. Good job I did. I've called for backup, they're on their way."

"No, Mac he has a woman here somewhere, I had to come alone or he would kill her. I can't have another woman's death on my hands."

Mac wasn't going to argue with her. He stepped passed her and took hold of her hand. They walked cautiously across the walkway and then on more solid ground broke out into a run after Ged. His footprints in the dust were a clear giveaway as to where he had gone….the roof.


Jo and Mac ran out onto the roof. The night air was colder than Jo remembered. "Where'd he go?" Jo asked.

The second the words escaped her lips a shot rang out, the bullet skimmed past them and buried itself into the wall behind them. Mac grabbed Jo and pushed her down to safety, using his own body as a shield for hers as more shots rang out and more bullets bounced off the walls around them. They stopped suddenly but neither one of them made a move.

Mac studied Jo, "Are you okay?" he whispered to her.

She just nodded and checked he was okay. He had a small graze on his cheek from where a bullet had sent a small chunk of the wall hurtling into his face. It was nothing but a small cut that he hadn't even felt happen.

Mac looked around and could just about make out Ged running across the roof. He took out his gun and fired. They both heard Ged yelp in pain, he'd been hit. They both got up, and staying behind whatever cover they could, moved over to where Ged had been hit. He had got up and moved but not far. He was dragging his leg behind him like a piece of led. Upon knowing he was being followed he turned and fired the gun again.

Once more Mac found himself pushing Jo down behind cover as another downpour of bullets rang out over them. Jo landed hard behind a small wall and Mac behind another, just a few feet away from her. It was clear that Ged had come prepared with plenty of bullets. Mac was a little limited and Jo had lost her gun so they had to be more careful with their aim than Ged was being.

They both got up and moved into a crouch. They could clearly see one another but neither could make a move.

"Come on Mac, this doesn't have to end like this….I mean this isn't how I wanted this to end!" Ged called out, the pain he was in evident in his voice.

"And just how did you want this to end?" Mac asked.

"Oh…you know, along the lines of me fucking Jo again whilst you watched with a couple of bullets buried in your body. I'd finish you off with a bullet in the head once I was done with the stunning Alabama!"

Mac felt his anger boiling away in him. He wanted nothing more than to put another bullet in Ged's other leg.

"Did she tell you about the other times I fucked her, Mac? Did she tell you that secretly she loved it! It's a shame you're not a real man like me, you could give her that same pleasure. I know you want to!"

"I'm not a monster like you you-son-of-a-bitch!" Mac spat back at him, wishing he could look him in the eyes as he spoke, but it wasn't safe to move yet.

"Tell him, Alabama! Tell him what it's like to have a real man inside of you!" Ged yelled.

Mac glanced over at Jo and he could see the tears in her eyes, the disgust on her face. He wanted this to be over, he hated Ged for hurting her this way. "Shut up and drop the gun, Ged! Lie face-down on the floor and put your hands behind your head."

"Make me, better yet, let Jo do it!" Ged replied.

Jo could take no more, she stood up and shouted, "You fucking prick, you want me here I am!"

Ged lunged at her and Mac jumped to his feet and fired. The bullet slammed into Ged's chest before he could fire at Jo. They both watched as he fell to the floor, but he wasn't done. He aimed the gun at Jo again and squeezed the trigger. Mac beat him to it and another bullet slammed into his chest.

Jo ran over to Ged and kicked the gun away from him. She knew Mac had done what was needed but she wanted to see Ged rotting in prison, as did Mac. Jo placed her hands over the first bullet wound on Ged's chest and pressed down in an attempt to stop the bleeding. "You're not gonna die here you prick. You're gonna rot in jail…"

"Don't think so, Alabama…" he muttered as his mouth filled with his blood.

Jo looked up at Mac who was calling for backup to hurry up and to send an ambulance.

"Too bad you shot me….you'll never know where the woman is…by the time you find her, she'll be dead." he said as he struggled for breath.

"No!" Jo roared angrily at him and grabbed his shirt in her fists, "Where is she?" she yelled.

"Like I said, she floating about here somewhere…." He said before his eyes rolled back into his head.

"Son-of-bitch!" Jo cried as she got to her feet. "Mac, she's gonna die."

"No she won't we'll find her."

"How, Mac? He never told us where she is…."

"He said she's floating about here somewhere."

"Mac, that's it! She's on a boat!" Jo realised.

They both ran to the edge of the roof and looked down at the boats in the yard. They were looking for one that might catch their eye. They watched as the back-up cars suddenly pulled up below them and offices and the rest of the team poured out.

"We're looking for a female vic, she could still be alive. We think she's in a boat but she might not be. Spread out and keep your eyes open!" Mac yelled down to them.

Everyone did as he said and taking her hand Mac led Jo back down from the roof so they too could join in the search.


Back down on the ground Jo and Mac ran into Danny and Lindsay, who both noticed they were injured. "You two okay?" Danny asked.

"We're fine!" Jo said, "We need to find this woman, keep looking!" she said before she took off running, dragging Mac behind her.

They had been searching for about ten minutes when Jo noticed a small boat sitting in a quiet area all on its own. Mac was about to run past but she stopped him by grabbing hold of his arm. "Look,"

Mac looked at the boat she was pointing to and read the name, "The Sweat Alabama…"

"Mac, that's where she is!" Jo said knowingly.

"Over here!" Mac yelled to the others and then ran after Jo who was already climbing on board the boat. The woman was in fact there, lay on the deck, her body naked, beaten and bloodied. Jo checked for a pulse. "She's alive!" she cried.

"Get a medic over here!" Mac yelled to the others.

Jo wasted no time in pulling off her coat and draping it over the woman. Mac quickly pulled his own coat off and put it over the woman for extra warmth.

"You're gonna be okay sweetheart, My names Jo, I'm a Detective." Jo said as she gently laid her hand on top of the woman's head. "That's prick can't hurt you anymore."

Mac could only watch Jo and think the same thing. He released a breath he hadn't realised he had been holding the whole time since Ged had been alive and gunning for Jo. He decided there and then he had to tell her how he truly felt.


One week later.

Jo had just sat down on the couch when there was a knock on the door. Despite only being wrapped in a towel and dressed in a bath robe she walked over to the door and answered, after all she knew who it would be.

She opened the door with a smile already on her face. Mac stood there holding a bottle of wine and wearing a smile as big as hers. "Can I come in?" he asked.

"Certainly." Jo said as she stepped aside.

Mac noticed the candles that were spread around the room, all of them lit, creating a soft glow of light. He also noticed the soft music quietly playing in the background. "Home alone?" he asked.

"Yep," Jo replied.

"Expecting someone?" he asked as she took the bottle from him.

"A very handsome man, a Detective whom I adore!" she joked as she walked into the kitchen.

Mac just followed after her. "What's his name, I'm jealous." he joked. He knew it was him she was expecting.

Ever since the night at the boat yard he had confessed how he felt about her. He couldn't risk her never knowing, to his delight she had confessed to feeling the same about him. That had been the first night they had made love and he had never felt closer to anyone in his life. He loved to just be able to hold her in his arms and know she was safe there. Theirs was a relationship based on love and friendship.

"I think it sounds something like Jack, or Zack…."she said playfully.

"Could it be Mac?" he asked.

"I don't think I'd date someone called Mac." she joked as she turned to face him and leant against the cupboard behind her.

Mac walked up to her and said, "Maybe I could change your mind."

He reached up and gently brushed her cheek with his knuckles. He then moved to cup her face and moved in so his lips gently touched her. He kissed her softly but passionately enough to make her moan into his mouth. A moment later he pulled away and lovingly tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear.

"You just changed my mind." she said with a playful smile before she moved to kiss him back.

As the kiss deepened Mac wrapped his arms around Jo and pulled her into him. Jo reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, she tangled her hands into his hair and felt herself becoming completely lost in the kiss, the way she always did when they kissed.

She pulled away and asked, "Shall we drink this wine in bed?"

"Sounds good to me." Mac said.

Jo smiled and grabbed the bottle. Mac grabbed hold of the glasses and took hold of Jo's other hand. He let her lead him to her bedroom. They sat together in bed for a while, wrapped in one and others arms and drank the fine wine, then they made love and their relationship only grew stronger from there.

The End

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