AN: If 1993 was Hogwarts' 1000 year anniversary. In honor of my first fic being published a year ago yesterday. Also because Lexi asked me to write Hogwarts anniversaryfic.

a stranger anniversary

The stillness of the castle at night has never been so tense. It's not completely quiet, of course; the steady footsteps of patrolling teachers and the whisperings of paintings punctuate the heavy, expectant silence.

Torches in the brackets provide the only light.

"I suppose," McGonagall murmurs, "we won't be holding that millennial anniversary celebration."

Filius chuckles slightly.

"As much as I wish we could, Minerva, it would be unwise to do so. A murderer in the castleā€¦"

She nods and turns the corner, eyes tracing the doorways, and she thinks that Hogwarts has never had an anniversary quite like this.