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Once they returned from their honeymoon, Anzu and Seto had given an interview explaining exactly what had happened to bring them together, although they glossed over Seto's original plot to get one over on 'The King of Games' and his initial reaction to Anzu's pregnancy. Some questions that were deemed as being too personal were also abruptly ignored. The interview was partially to sate public demand, but also to counter some of the claims made by Anzu's mother as she had sold her 'true' story to some rag for a large amount of money almost as soon as she had been thrown out of the wedding.

Antoine had been aghast at some of the claims Mizuki had made and had immediately sued the woman for slander and libel, something that Seto and Anzu had also done as soon as the news had reached them. It would end up costing Mizuki more than the sum she had been paid for her story in the first place.

Mizuki's assistant, Shana, had left in disgust once she learned the whole truth behind Mizuki's life, so the woman had found herself friendless and alone. In the end she had sold her holiday home, taken what money she had left (which was not an inconsiderable amount), changed her look, moved to a different city and had gone back to using her maiden name in order to start anew. However, Kaiba had not been thrown off and he made a point of keeping tabs on her in case she got any funny ideas in the future.

The truth of Anzu's parentage had also been disclosed, ending the speculation that had sprung up after Mizuki's claims at the wedding. The DNA test had quickly come back with the confirmation that Anzu was indeed Antoine's daughter. They had been given the news by Dr. Kenn once Anzu and Seto had returned home and both father and daughter had been very emotional, which was to be expected.

However, it actually took Jonouchi to point out that Anzu's name was actually made up from her parent's names, those being ANoine and MiZUki. That had raised a groan from Seto who knew he should have noticed something like that before 'the Mutt' did and he got rather cross when Jonouchi laughed about actually getting something before the great Seto Kaiba.

After the interview, the press had pretty much left them alone, apart from taking the occasional photo of them together. Of course most of the papers concentrated on Anzu's expanding stomach, something that she took with ill grace, but she knew such things could not realistically be avoided.

Yugi and Jonouchi's relationship had also moved on and they were currently quite happy together. Jonouchi still occasionally worried about being Yugi's second choice and that he was therefore second best, but Yugi always did his best to reassure him – at least until the next time that Jonouchi started worrying again. Yugi couldn't be too upset about this as he knew that in a way it was his own fault. But as time went on, Jou began to settle more and understand that Yugi really did care for him, which made Yugi relax too.

Honda had eventually forgiven them all for keeping such a large secret from him, but their friendship did remain slightly strained and he became partially estranged from the group. But then seeing as he tended to hang around with Otogi, a known business rival to Seto Kaiba, things would likely have become strained whether he had been kept in the loop or not. Anzu lamented the change in the group's dynamic and she couldn't help but feel partially at fault, but she also knew that this was all part of growing up and although they may not be as close as they once had been, they would always be friends.

However, she did have to laugh when Otogi and Honda argued over Shizuka. What she knew – as did Seto and Yugi – was that Shizuka had become quite taken with the younger Kaiba who also seemed to be quite taken with Shizuka in return. Seto had often complained - whilst Jonouchi wasn't around - that if he ended up being related to the Mutt he would have to disown Mokuba but they all knew that would be a long way off and a lot could happen in the meantime. But despite that, no one wanted to be the one to tell Jonouchi as they all knew that he could be too over-protective of his sister.

As for the other players through this story? Madame Kazuki had been absolutely aghast when she realised that she had treated Antoine Pierre's daughter so shabbily and a few days after the interview was broadcast, Antoine had received a letter containing a grovelling apology from the woman. However, neither Anzu or Antoine were the kind to hold a grudge so, given that Kaiba Corporation spies had reported that the atmosphere had improved considerably at the studio after the fateful visit by Seto and Antoine, they had accepted her apology and Antoine had hesitantly begun to visit Madame Kazuki's studio once again. Anzu had accompanied him on occasion, but she was not surprised in the slightest as she was now treated much differently by the other girls. However, she knew that they only saw her as a way to curry favour with Antoine, especially as they had been forbidden from approaching him directly, so she took whatever they said with a massive dose of salt.

Maya had almost gone into meltdown as she watched the Kaiba's wedding. However she knew, thanks to many sessions of counselling and due to the extremely disappointed reaction from her parents, that she had no choice but to let it go. It had been made clear to her that she had been lucky to get off with being expelled from Domino High and given a sentence of several hours of community service, especially as she knew that Seto Kaiba could have made things so much worse for her. Once she'd learned that they had already been married at that time and that Anzu was pregnant with his child, she wondered that he hadn't gone further, but she dare not take that as any kind of encouraging sign as she knew that it was likely to have been Anzu that had talked him into being lenient.

Makoto had been quite bitter after what had occurred at the arcade. However, when her father had laughed aloud about Anzu being pregnant, shouting that Kaiba wouldn't know what had hit him and he would soon find out what it was like to have spoiled kids, Makoto had been surprised as she found herself defending both Kaiba and Anzu. Deep down she knew that she could be happy for Anzu and she silently hoped that everything worked out for them.

All in all, things ended quietly and that was for the best.

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As the months passed by and the birth drew ever closer, Anzu did slow down with her dancing lessons somewhat, mainly to keep Seto happy as he had never really been happy about her continuing with them in the first place. The sessions she shared with Antoine were mostly spent doing several gentle exercises designed to keep her in shape, then talking about their lives and getting to know each other properly outside of the role of teacher and student. Antoine often lamented not being there for his daughter through her difficult childhood, but he was looking forward to making up for that by being there for his grandchild.

As time wore on, Anzu began to become more fractious, feeling like she couldn't go anywhere or do anything, a hard thing for the normally free spirited girl. The tension as they waited for the moment that the baby would arrive was hard on all of them. It became quite telling, Mokuba escaping to stay with Yugi and Jonouchi quite often and Seto heading out to work more than he seemed to need to, something that made Anzu even more fractious as she found herself spending a lot of time alone during the day.

This was to come to a head one fateful morning just as Seto was heading out t Kaiba Corporation.

"Seto, could you stay at home today please," Anzu asked. She felt that she needed him close today and this was the first time that she had felt the need to ask.

"I'm sorry," Seto said with only a hint of apology. "I have several important meetings scheduled today that I just cannot miss." He picked up his briefcase and made to leave.

Anzu sagged. "Fine, go to your precious company," she spat, turning to walk back up the stairs. "I'll just sit here all alone. Again."

"Don't be like that Anzu," Seto said. "I need to do these things so that I can spend more time with you once the baby comes."

"But I need you now," she said, not turning back to look at him. She didn't want him to see her cry. "I just... wanted you to myself for a little longer."

Seto hesitated. Maybe he had made a mistake by scheduling so much work, but he really did need to get these meetings out of the way. "I really am sorry," he said, although he didn't approach her. "I'll make sure that I stay home tomorrow."

"No," she said petulantly. "I need you at home now."

"Anzu you are being completely unreasonable," Seto said with stern exasperation. "You know that..." he ducked as an ornament sailed past his head and smashed upon the floor. "What the..."

"Go on! Get out!" she screamed. "I don't need you!" She moved up the stairs as fast as she was able and stormed into their bedroom, slamming the door closed behind her.

Seto stood stunned as she disappeared out of sight. She was obviously very upset. Her hormones, coupled with the tension of waiting for the birth, probably weren't helping either. Well, he had no choice but to head into Kaiba Corporation anyway. Perhaps she would have calmed down by the time he got back and he did mean what he said about taking the next day off too. In fact once the day's meetings were done with, he would be free for quite a while, so he chose what he considered to be the lesser of two evils and went out to work.

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Anzu lay on the bed, listening as the front door closed and she heard Seto's car being driven away, then she broke down and cried. Maybe she was being selfish and unreasonable, but she really did feel that she needed Seto to be at home with her today and he had not listened to her.

She lay there for a few minutes longer then forced herself to get up, wincing as her back began aching again. It had been paining her in a low, achy way for several days now, which was getting quite irritating. She moved to the bathroom, feeling that taking a shower may help.

She was right and the shower did help a bit, but as she finished dressing and went to leave the bathroom she let out a gasp and leaned against the wall as pain gripped her - hard. No wonder she had wanted Seto to stay with her today, she was quite clearly going into labour!

She waited for the contraction to pass, then moved to sit on the bed as she waited for the next to begin to see just how far along she was. She gasped again - and not just from the pain - as she noted that they were already at less than five minute intervals. It was time to go! As soon as she was able, she got up and waddled down the stairs to obtain some help.

She was met by Isono, who calmly grabbed her bags and helped her to the car. Then she was speeding towards the hospital where her midwife – personally selected by herself, Seto and Dr. Kenn – would meet her.

But what about Seto? When would he come? She could only hope that he would make it before the baby was born.

xo xo xo xo xo xo xo

Seto groaned as he got out of his first and potentially shortest meeting of the day. He had to wonder why the hell he was doing this. He also wondered how Anzu was. She had been rather upset that morning so he decided that he had better head back to his office and call her.

"Mr. Kaiba," his secretary called him as he was about to enter his sanctuary, "There is an urgent call for you on line one."

He groaned aloud as he heard that. So much for calling Anzu. "Thank you, Rei," he said. Then he crossed to his desk and picked up the phone. "Kaiba," he barked, not bothering to hide his irritation as he answered the call. He listened for a moment, then paled slightly and dropped the phone back into the cradle before bolting from the office. "Cancel the rest of my meetings," he barked at his secretary urgently.

"But Mr. Kaiba..." she began, only for him to cut her off.

"I don't care," he growled. "Cancel them. I'm going to the hospital as my wife is about to give birth." He turned to leave.

"Oh, congratulations sir," Rei said. "And drive carefully."

Seto nodded, then he was finally able to leave. As it happened, he didn't have to drive because Isono was already waiting at the front of the building with the limousine. It was probably just as well, he mused. It wouldn't do Anzu any good if he couldn't get there in one piece!

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Anzu was cursing and pacing the room as she waited for Seto to arrive. Things were moving along fairly quickly and she hoped that he would actually make it before it was too late. She had never known Seto to be late for anything, so if he didn't make it for this, it would be one hell of a first!

Fortunately, Seto arrived just a few minutes later. He stopped dead as the door closed behind him, taking in the scene of Anzu leaning against the bed and groaning as the midwife rubbed at her back. He well and truly had a deer in the headlights look on his face.

"Shouldn't she be on the bed?" he asked dumbly by way of announcing his arrival, causing the midwife to roll her eyes at him. It would seem that even the great Seto Kaiba was prone to having his brains turn to mush when his wife was in the process of delivering his child.

"With all due respect, Mr. Kaiba," she said in a tone that let him know exactly what she thought of that question, "we went through all this during the ante-natal classes on the run up to today and you should recall that it is far better for both mother and baby if she is able to move around during her labour."

"Of course," he said, shaking the mush out of his head. He needed to focus. He put down his ever present briefcase and took off his jacket before crossing over to where Anzu was straightening up as she recovered from the contraction. "Anzu, I'm sorry for this morning..." he began.

"No, it's not your fault," she said as she stretched slightly and rubbed at her back. "I was being totally unreasonable and you know it."

"I think that in the circumstances, your demands were quite reasonable," Seto said with a smile, "and I should have listened to you instead of brushing you off."

"I'm glad you're here," she said as she leaned against him, happy that he was here to give her support. "I was beginning to think that you wouldn't get the messa... Ooh!" she groaned and leaned over the bed again as the next contraction hit, this time Seto moving into place to rub at her back as she moved her hips uncomfortably.

"There wasn't much time between those contractions, was there?" He asked.

"No, it really shouldn't take much longer until she'll be ready to push," the midwife informed him with a smile. "She's doing really well."

"But I thought that first births took a long time," Seto said, shocked.

"They usually do," the midwife shrugged, "but apparently she has had severe backache for several days and sometimes early labour can present like that."

"Oh God, can't it be over already?" Anzu moaned as the contraction ended. She made to get up again, but the midwife stopped her.

"Just stay there, love," she said as she bent to examine Anzu as Seto looked on with a semi-stunned look. "It really won't be very long now. You are already fully dilated." She looked up at Seto who was looking even more utterly shell shocked at how fast things were moving. "Looks like you got here just in time."

"Oh thank God," Anzu said, moving away from the bed and to a place where there was a mat on the floor, Seto supporting her and wondering what she was doing. She sank down then, pulling Seto with her and arranging herself so that she was on her knees and had her head on his shoulder as he supported her.

"Will this be OK?" he asked.

"Everything is going really well and so whatever she wants, within reason, is fine," the midwife informed him in a businesslike manner. "But you won't be able to see your baby being born from there."

"That's fine," Seto said, paling slightly. "I'm happy to stay right where I am if that's what Anzu wants." He hadn't really wanted to witness the actual birth as the recollection of the videos they had watched during the ante-natal classes had made him feel quite sick. This was a good compromise.

"Good," Anzu said almost dreamily. "I'm happy with you being here." She stiffened then as another contraction hit her, but this was different from the ones before. "Ooh... I want to push," she moaned.

"Wait for the next one," the midwife said. "Just pant through this one."

Anzu did as she was told and the midwife examined her again once the contraction was done, as awkward as it was with the position she was in. "The baby has already started to descend," she said. "You can start pushing on the next contraction."

Which Anzu gladly did, grunting and swearing as she struggled to bring forth their child. Seto supported her all the way, whispering encouraging words and urging her on as best as he could. Soon the midwife was calling for her to 'pant for the head', and then with one last push, there was a loud cry as the baby took it's first breath, loudly protesting being forced into the world.

"Congratulations," the midwife said as the assistant midwife cut the cord, "It's a boy!" Seto almost fainted, but forced himself to stay lucid as he helped Anzu to turn over so as she could meet their baby. He knew that to collapse right now would only hurt Anzu as she was relying on him for support.

Once the afterbirth was delivered and the clean up done, Anzu had been moved to the bed where she now sat nursing their newborn son as Seto looked on with terrified wonder. The baby finished suckling and Anzu held him out for his father to take. "Go on," she encouraged as he hesitated.

Seto finally reached out to take the child, looking down in wonder as he cradled the tiny creature that he had helped to create. "Welcome to the world, Seth," he said, then he looked up at Anzu, "if that is still OK with you?"

"You know it is," she said. "Seth is a fine name for our boy."

Seto moved to sit on the bed next to his wife, still holding his sleeping son, which was how the small group that had come to see them found them when they were finally allowed in a few minutes later.

As Seto took in all the congratulations from Mokuba, Yugi, Jonouchi and Antoine, he realised that he had come a very long way in less than a year. He now had friends, a wife and he was even a father, but he decided that if he had his time over, he wouldn't change a thing.

No matter what the future would hold and even if this wasn't how he had originally envisaged the direction his life would take, in this moment he felt that he had truly won the game.


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