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Dear Journal,

It has been five years today that Dad adopted me, and Dumbledore was killed. It feels right to write today.

In the past five years, Dad has allowed Mudbloods to stay in our society, given they are not allowed to go to the Muggle world. There have also been extra classes put in at Hogwarts for the Half- Blood and Muggleborn children that were raised in the Muggle world. The kids are given the choice to leave their families to come to the school. Their immediate families are put under spells so they cannot reveal anything about the Wizarding World. Dad finally agreed to all of this after a lot of pushing from me and Sirius.

Sirius. My godfather, he is something else. He is now an active Death Eater, and a proper "Black" and he and the Malfoys are extremely close now. I am so happy to have my godfather back in my life. He and his cousin Bellatrix are close now and both help me train and continue to learn.

They have become my family and I love them so much. Another unexpected addition to my family is Severus Snape. He is my other godfather, and he has taught me so much about potions that I am now his teaching assistant at the newly reformed Hogwarts. Dad let me go back once it was set up properly.

I know everything is not perfect in the Wizarding World, but it is perfect in my World.

I have a father who loves me, and Aunt figure in Bellatrix. I have two wonderful godparents. I have the best friend I could have never been able to ask for in Draco, and my life has been splendid these past 5 years. I have to go now, Dad is calling me for the anniversary dinner.


Harry James Potter-Riddle


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