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Warnings: Contains mentions verbal and minor physical abuse. Slight self-harm and depressing thoughts are present. If this disturbs you, please do not read.

Note: Bruce is shown as being abusive. If this bothers you, do not read.

Not Good Enough

You're not good enough.

That thought reverberated over and over in his mind. Dick clenched his fists, his nails leaving deep grooves in his palms. The fresh sting of pain cut through the emotional turmoil like a knife. It left an odd sense of numbness that was a welcome change from his previous state.

Dick opened his palms revealing thin, red crescents in his flesh. His nails had broken through his skin, the blood glistening under the bright lights of the bathroom. Mechanically, he turned the faucets and let the cool water wash away the blood. The pain faded, bringing back the storm of emotions.

You were never my son!

That memory shot through his mind as a bullet would shatter a window. He stiffened, recalling the harsh words his mentor had hissed at him in cold fury. Dick had felt angry and bitter, but most of all, a deep sense of hurt and betrayal. It was these feelings that plagued him now. He struggled to banish the thoughts away and feel nothing. Glancing in the mirror, his eyes traveled to the blossoming bruise on his lower left cheek.

Numb fingers ghosted over the blackening skin, as he recalled the black-gloved fist striking his face. It hurt so much, but he couldn't come to terms why. After all, Robin had been hurt much, much worse in the hands of villains. But this…there was nothing physical about this pain.

I never should have taken you in.

Bruce's words had pierced through his skin into his very soul itself. His terrible, furious voice had hurt Dick in a way that no physical injury could ever hope to. Regardless of the old saying, sticks and stones had nothing on words.

Worthless freak!

BAM! Dick slammed his first against the door unable to contain his anger. He bit his lip hard enough to draw blood. Then the first tears began to slip down his face as he choked back a heartbreaking cry.

You were never good enough!

Authors Note:

Thank you for reading. I wrote this story at the request of a friend who suffered from child abuse for many years. She asked me to help raise awareness of this pressing problem. Child and domestic abuse can occur behind closed doors anywhere. If you suspect abuse, please tell someone. You could save their life.

A small note on Bruce's portrayal: First, let me make it clear that I like Bruce. I didn't make him abusive because I think he is the type of person who would be, but I didn't really have another choice if I wanted to go with this storyline. Do not flame me because you think I'm bashing Bruce. I'm NOT.

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