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Fatal Flames: Chapter Seven

"Don't worry, miss. You can see them as soon as they wake up." Phineas heard coming from outside the door, as he slowly began to awaken.

"I could check on them now if you'd like." "Yes, please..."

It was a familiar female voice and a deep voice he hadn't heard before. He assumed it was probably the doctor and surely enough, it was. The man opened up the door and walked inside, causing the girl in Phineas' arms to stir and slowly open her eyes as well. The doctor raised his eyebrow at the sight, wondering how they managed to get in the same bed.

The couple blushed and slowly pulled out of each other's embrace. Phineas slowly got out of the hospital bad, hesitantly, sitting back down in the chair he was sitting in earlier that day.

The doctor just smiled and said, "Oh good, you're awake. I have a visitor for you!"

He walked back outside and said, "Come on in."

After that, the doctor opened the door for none other than Linda Flynn-Fletcher, Phineas' mother.

"I'll leave you alone." The doctor said before closing the door and waiting outside.

Phineas looked up at her and said, "M-mom...?"

Linda ran towards her son and wrapped her arms around him tightly, squeezing him and holding him so close. "Oh my goodness! Phineas, are you okay? I was so, so worried!"

Phineas coughed a little and hugged his mother back, weakly. "I-I... I'm f-f-fine..."

"You're fine?" She loosened him a little, waiting for his response.

The triangle-headed boy nodded and gave her a little smile.

She slowly let go of him and said, "Well, if you're fine then..."

Suddenly, an angered look appeared across her face and the words that came out of her mouth were not pleasant ones.

"Phineas Flynn, would you mind telling me what in the world happened to our house?!"

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