A/N: Here is the first of the Brother of the Blade stories. Stories about warriors who served in the Brotherhood of Heroes throughout generations. From swords to high caliber sniper rifles these men have sought to preserve justice as long as they have breath in their body. Please tell me what you think of these. Also keep in mind that these will only appear when I am suffering from block on all my other stories.

Brother of the Blade: Link 238-245

This is the first of the men that shall be talked about. He is the first of any note after the founding of the Brotherhood of Heroes a hundred years before he was born. He is also one of the few to be confirmed as an actual Hero of Hyrule and to have wielded the mythical Master Sword.

Link was born to one of the King of Hyrule's mistresses. He was born in the year 217 during a time of peace. Most of the population of Hyrule was tolerant towards the King despite his promiscuity, and welcomed all his children. Link is known to have had twelve half siblings. Link was the oldest of all the children, however due to her being born in wedlock to the King and Queen, Princess Zelda of Hyrule was the next in line to the throne.

Link Served with the Knights of Hyrule up until one of his superiors told him to lead a raid against a non-Hylian settlement and leave no survivors. Being a man of great moral character Link took the information of this to his father. Upon receipt of this knowledge the King ostracized the Knights and ordered them disbanded and their leaders to be surrendered for trial.

Upon his twenty-eighth year of life Link was invited to join the Brotherhood of Heroes, a group established by the last Hero of Hyrule. This group was just coming to be known as a power of justice in Hyrule at the time, and therefore was not very large. Accepting the invitation as to be able to hunt down the Knights who had refused to surrender and had set themselves up as a power against the Kingdom of Hyrule due to their views of the non-Hylian races.

It is upon his second year in the Brotherhood that while chasing down rumors of a Knight having tried to recruit members from a Hylian village that Link stumbled upon the Master Sword. At first he was unsure of it, however upon reaching out and touching it he withdrew and took up the mantle of the Hero.

Over the next few years Link was known as the Hero of the People and the Head of the Brotherhood of Heroes. He served with distinction, slaying several demons that tried to conquer Hyrule, and defeating several hundred Knights in single combat. In the year 245 Link returned the Master Sword to its resting place and stepped down as the Head of the Brotherhood of Heroes.

Link married a woman by the name of Malor in 246. He was blessed with three beautiful daughters and died in the year 260 at the age of fifty due to a fall from the roof of his house while repairing a hole in the roof. Popular belief is that he had a heart attack. He was buried with the honors befitting only the finest of Heroes, military or true.

He is counted as probably the finest commander that ever lead the Brotherhood. While he was known to have a last name, at the time of this writing it has faded into memory. Were it not for him the Brotherhood of Heroes would have died out. He was awarded the honor of Brother of the Blade posthumously for his valor and honor in combat.

A/N: Starting off with a biography. Think of this. He is the first to have any significance. His story is not widely known so there are no examples of his bravery that can be confirmed. I am not being lazy, I am trying to write it realistically.