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A/N: This was posted on my blog a few days ago, but a cute kouhai of mine requested that I uploaded it onto here. So being the awesome onee-sama that I am, I have decided to do this... a series of very short doujin-like stories. Enjoy. :D

"I'm home, Nanoha," Fate announced as she walked through the door of their joint living quarters. When Fate did not receive a response from her lover, she scanned the suite for her brunette girlfriend. "Nanoha?" she called out again. Silence ensued, but Fate decided to change out of her military clothing before continuing her search. She removed her jacket and loosened the buttons around her neck as she bounded up the stairs, eager to wear something less constricting.

When she reached the top, she found a white and blue uniformed lump on the bed. A small smile carved its way onto the enforcer's lips as she slowly walked towards it, placing her black uniform jacket on a chair as she passed by. She took a seat on the bed next to the sleeping brunette, watching the constant rise and fall of Nanoha's body as she slept.

Swiping away stray hair from Nanoha's face, Fate remembered something that was asked of her a long time ago.

"Ne, Fate-chan," Hayate spoke, capturing the attention of everyone in the room.

Fate, Nanoha, and the three female knights all looked up from their work to look at Hayate.

"I just remembered," the brunette said as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a picture. "Here."

"What is it?" Fate asked, confused.

"You didn't get to go to the Winter Ball this year because of a mission, right? I took a picture of Nanoha in her sexiful dress for you," the short-haired brunette replied with a wink.

A faint blush made it's way onto Fate's cheeks when she glanced at the picture, which featured Nanoha wearing a midnight blue halter-top dress. And Hayate was right to use the adjective 'sexiful' to describe Nanoha.

"Fate-chan, you're blushing," Nanoha pointed out, a small smile gracing her lips.

"Of course she is," Hayate said. "Seeing you in that dress. Probably the most beautiful she's seen you since you two have met."

"This picture is beautiful, but not Nanoha in her most beautiful state," the blonde blurted.

When she realized what she said, blood rushed to her face and she immediately looked down. Suddenly, her work was a hundred times more interesting than before.

"Oh-ho?" Hayate started, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Then what is Nanoha's most beautiful state, Fate-chan?"

Fate continued looking down, determined to not blurt out any more embarrassing statements.

"Perhaps, it is when Nanoha is in the throes of passion?" Hayate prodded.

"N-N-Nothing like that!" Fate exclaimed. "W-W-We didn't even-"

Nanoha's giggle interrupted Fate from stuttering any more words out. "You presume much of our relationship, Hayate-chan. Fate and I haven't committed ourselves to each other in that way yet."

Fate smiled at her girlfriend, thanking her for the rescue.

"But, I am curious as to when Fate-chan thinks I am most beautiful," Nanoha finished, giving her lover a gentle smile.

"Nanoha is most beautiful at the end of the day when she has changed out of her crisp military uniform and into civilian clothes; when her hair is let loose and she has no more make-up on; when she is relaxed and her defenses are down ever so slightly. Without barriers, without unconvincing smiles of reassurance, without pretenses of the tough exterior she shows to everyone else; when she let's herself be her age. That's the Nanoha that's most beautiful to me, and I see her every night."

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