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He can't see a damn thing with his eyes screwed shut as tightly as they are, but he asked for this. He's the one that pulled her into the bathroom when no one was looking. He's the one that locked the door and pressed her up against the wall, just narrowly avoiding the towel rod. He's the one who kissed her like a mad man, rubbed against her in the most delicious ways, and drove her to this.

But, then again, she's the one that pushed him away, slinked down to her knees, and unsheathed him in the middle of the tiled room, so she's not blameless. Not at all. He moans softly as he fights to open his eyes, and he gasps at what he sees.

She looks up at him, her brown eyes glinting in the dim washroom light, and her lips wrapped tightly over his hard, thick length. She blinks once, then moans lowly around him, feeling the twitch he gives her in response. She slides her mouth up, swirls her tongue around his tip, and whispers, "Shh, they'll hear you."

He seals his lips together and presses both of his hands to her head. He brushes her hair back, holding her gaze, unable to blink or look away. "Shit," he hisses, and for the first time he thinks maybe it was a bad idea to rip her away from the party going on just beyond the bathroom door.

Her eyes are fixed, locked on his, as she takes him into her hot mouth again, down her throat. Her right hand is cupped under him, massaging his balls as she sucks him. Her left hand is gripping his thigh, the nails digging into the wrinkling material of his pants. She loves watching him, the way his eyes darken and widen and the purse of his lips. She loves the noiseless breaths he gives her, the way his jaw drops and his head falls back. She loves to watch it all, but most of all she loves watching him watch her.

He stiffens slightly, his dick twitches in her mouth, and he balls his hands into fists in her hair. "Liv," he whispers, his hips bucking fast twice before pulling away. "Baby, stop."

She chuckles, the vibrations certainly killing him softly, and she watches him reach for the towel on the rack to his left. She smirks, taking him deeper down her throat, as she sees him shove the terrycloth into his mouth and roll his eyes backward.

He curses loudly, but it's muffled by the towel and he's thankful for it. His hand returns to the back of her head and he moans, feeling her tongue run up and down the sensitive underside of his throbbing shaft, bringing him closer to the edge.

She flicks her tongue over the small slit at the very tip of his head, fast and determined, the way he does to her clit when it's him between her legs. She hears him growl, and the volume and ferocity shocks her. She's grateful he was wise enough to grab that towel.

He thrusts, unable to help himself, as his voice makes uncontrollable noises into the fluffy, white cotton. He runs one hand down her cheek, then splays his palm out and keeps it there as her head bobs up and down on him. He looks down, staring into her eyes, and he shouts every version of her name he knows into the towel.

She knows he's close. She knows the signs well by now, and she moans around him as she goes in for the kill. Gently, she lets her teeth graze his skin as she moves along, and her hand tugs and rolls his balls. She's rewarded with a loud, almost painful sounding grunt.

He's unable to close his eyes, and instead he keeps them glued to her. He screams her name into his make-shift gag, and he can't keep his hips from moving, thrusting as he cums. He watches, unblinking, as she keeps her mouth around him, enveloping him, and he can feel the suction as she swallows. He can't get a grip on his body, his muscles tense and flex and he starts to shake as his hands tighten their grip on her head, holding her in place as he lets a long, shuddering moan loose into the towel.

Her own eyes widen as she watches him cum; she's shocked at how hard and intense it is this time. When she's sure he's spent, empty, she moves one last time, taking him all in and sucking hard along his length. She pops off of him, licks her lips, and sits back on her heels. The smile on her face is a blend of pride and satisfaction. She loves making him feel as good as he does right now, and she's damn proud of herself for having the power to render him speechless and immobile.

He stares in shock down at her, still, catching his breath and leaning back against the wall for support. He spits out the towel that has saved the houseful of people from hearing him cum, and he lets out a nervous, post-coital laugh. "Holy shit," he chuckles, reaching one hand out to her.

She smirks, winks, and takes his hand, letting him pull her up. She kisses his lips softly, knowing how turned on he gets by knowing where her mouth has just been, then runs her tongue along his lips. She pulls his pants back around his waist, and she deepens the kiss when he opens his mouth, zipping up his fly at the same time.

His arms are around her now, holding her tight as he kisses her back fully, in awe of her. "Wasn't expecting that," he whispers, backing up. "I just wanted to get you alone, tell you how excited I was about the…"

She presses a finger to his lips. "I know you are," she assures him. She looks into his eyes again, she can always tell what he's feeling when she's looking into his eyes, and she says, "I love you, El."

He kisses her, uncaring that there's still a little bit of his taste in her mouth, and he turns the lock on the door. "We should get back out there," he says, kissing her neck now. "Tell them."

She nods as he opens the door and takes his hand, following him back into the hall and toward the party room. She lets her eyes wander around the room, landing on each recognizable face, and then she panics. "What is she doing here?"

"She was invited, I guess," he answers, shrugging. "A lot of the cops I've worked with over the years got to know her, ya know? Ignore her, honey. It's Valentine's Day, it's…special for us tonight."

She sighs. "I can't ignore her, El, she's gonna flip when we tell people about the…"

"Elliot!" the woman Olivia had noticed shouts. "Olivia! You two look…you look great." She points to Elliot's shirt. "You're untucked, there."

Elliot shoves his shirttails into his pants and clears his throat. "Thanks, Kathy."

Kathy smiles, looks cautiously at her ex-husband and his new wife, trying to discern something. She turns fully toward Olivia, and nods at her. "I just wanted to say hi, so…" she takes a breath. "Have a good time, okay?"

Olivia, a bit surprised, smiles. "We will, thanks. You, too."

"Thanks. Happy Valentine's Day," Kathy offers with a genuine niceness. Nodding, the blonde walks away, heading back to the crowd of people with whom she'd been chatting.

"That was weird," Elliot says, shaking his head. He squeezes Olivia's hand and pulls her along, trying to find their friends. With a chuckle, he spots them, and he slaps one of them on the shoulder.

Fin turns, one eyebrow raised, then relaxes when he realizes it's Elliot. "Hey, man!" he laughs. "How the hell have you been?"

"Never better, Fin," Elliot says, smiling. He then nods at Munch, then the two women with them. "Mel, Lena," he nods, "How are you both?"

Melinda smiles. "Can't complain," she says. "I haven't seen you since the wedding. You taking care of Benson?"

"Stabler," Olivia corrects with a smile, resting her head on Elliot's shoulder.

He laughs and kisses her forehead, then answers, "Of course I am. We, uh…we only came to tell you guys…"

"You're coming back to the unit?" Munch questions hopefully, his champagne glass held tightly.

Lena looks at him. "John, I think you'd know that already."

Munch sighs. "True. Wait…Olivia you're not…leaving, are you?"

Olivia's head pops up, her face falls. "Well, actually, I…"

"Excuse me?" an irritated voice from behind the group breaks in.

Olivia's eyes close and she inhales deeply as she turns to look at Captain Cragen, whose arms are folded. "Cap, I…"

"You're leaving? Because of him?" Cragen asks, tilting his head. "What did he say to you to make you want to leave?"

"You're blaming me for this?" Elliot snaps. "I've been trying to convince her to stay, Don!"

Olivia holds her hands up between them, her eyes flicker with sadness as she remembers the bond the two men used to share, and how it's all just fallen apart. "He didn't say anything to me. I'm not leaving because of him, I'm leaving because…"

"Do you want a raise?" Cragen asks. "A promotion? A new partner? No partner? Just tell me what you want, Olivia, you don't have to…"

"Damn it, Don!" Elliot fumes, his nostrils flaring. "She's pregnant!"

Silence falls over the room, someone in the back drops a spoon and the clang is almost deafening. Tension rises as Elliot and Cragen stare at each other, eyes unblinking and lips pressed into scowls.

Across the room, Kathy smiles, the jealousy and bitterness long gone now. She tilts her head and tries to imagine a baby with blue eyes and dark brown, unruly hair. She laughs to herself as everyone keeps their eyes on the scene.

Fin is the first to speak. "Wow," he manages. He looks at Melinda, then back at the three still quiet people in front of him. "Congrats, guys. I know…well, you've always wanted kids, Baby-Girl. And you've always wanted them with him."

Olivia nods, smiling at Fin. "Yeah," she whispers, her eyes welling up. "I have."

Cragen finally moves, his hands unclenching and his arms dropping. "Wow, I…I didn't…"

"You didn't know," Elliot interrupts. "You just assumed it was me pushing her to leave because you think I'm selfish and vindictive." He blinks and sighs. "I love her, Don. I just want her happy."

Cragen runs a hand down his face. "I…I know that, Elliot." He looks at Olivia and a small smile spreads. "Are you? Happy, I mean."

"Very," she says with a nod. She reaches for Elliot's hand and looks up at him. "I really am, very happy, Cap. But I want this…more than anything…and our doctor says that the stress and physical demands of my job could cause a lot of damage. At my age, this isn't easy."

Cragen bites his lip and does the only thing he can do. He pulls Olivia into a hug and whispers, "Whatever you need, I'm here, okay? And when you have this baby, your desk will be waiting for you." He lets her go and looks at Elliot. "Yours is still there, too, ya know."

"I can't, Don. I'm happy where I am now," he says, "But thanks. I mean that."

Munch clears his throat, as the rest of the people in the room pick up where they'd left off. "You decide on any names?"

"Yeah," Elliot says with a smile, wrapping his arms around Olivia. "And no, not John."

"Oh," Munch says, sipping his champagne. "Poor kid."

The small group shares a laugh, and the tension seems to be replaced by lightheartedness. Elliot kisses Olivia sweetly, whispering, "Happy Valentine's Day, baby." His hands spread over her non-existent baby-bump and he nuzzles her nose.

She kisses him, lacing her fingers with his, and says, "Happy Valentine's Day."

Cragen looks at them, regret and admiration swirling in his eyes, and though he wishes things could be different for his sake, he know that for theirs, there's no other way he'd rather have it.

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