Toy Soldier

I'm supposed to be the soldier who never loses his composure. The one that you look up to, the one that makes you sober. Even though I've got the weight of the whole world up on my shoulders.

And I'm never supposed to show it. Never let it fall. Even if the whole thing makes my heart stall.

But my team ain't supposed to know this, not know of the dark side. The dark side of this war, the side that kills your pride. Holds it up tight, like the moon holds the tide. Even if I lose myself, knowing that I've died.

Now I'd never drag them into battle, not knowing if I could win. Putting them in harm's way would only be a sin. These guys are like my brothers, they always got my back, even if I don't think I can help in the attack.

I'm supposed to set an example, be the one you wanna be. You're supposed to grow up, and wanna be like me. But I don't know if this is right, if the apple's suppose to fall from the same tree. After all, is this even truly me? Do I wanna walk around and act like I am truly free? Do I want to lie, and pretend to be what they want me to be?

But I guess I gotta be the leader and do what I think is right. Because a war is going on, and I gotta go out and fight. Corneria is my home that I will protect her with all my might. There will not be a day where the future wouldn't look bright.