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"What the?" Ruth closed her eyes and leant her head against the cool wall, listening to the voices coming from the room next door. She knew Erin had run after Hayley but apart from that she was at a loss as to what was going on. The safe house had been under 24 hour surveilence but it seemed someone had been able to frighten the teenager enough to run away.

"Oh Hayley." She pushed herself away from the wall. The voices in the next room began to get louder and she could see that there was no way this was going to be the straightforward interview Ros had labelled it as.


"What do you mean? You don't know where they are?" Harry barked into the phone. Adam cringed slightly.

"Beth and Dimitri had a contact they were going to see so Zaf and I took the Canary Wharf recci. Ros and Lucas? I have no idea. Neither are answering the phone. I don't like it Harry. It's not like them to drop out of circulation. Not these days."

"Get back here." Harry ended the call and replaced the phone on his desk. He was furious. Lucas and Ros had both disappeared at various occasions over the years but never without warning. He glanced through the blinds to see Calum and Tariq debating something while Malcolm ignored them and stared at th computer screen in front of him looking more and more worried. He sighed heavily before walking over to his desk and turning the computer on. Wherever Ros and Lucas were, whatever was happening with Erin and Ruth there was still an active threat and still potentially four bombs about to blow London and the other British capital cities to deal with. Grabbing the phone he hit the speed dial. Seconds later a distinctive welsh accent answered.

"Dewi." Harry smiled slightly. "Any news?"

"Well, good morning to you too, Harry."

"It isn't morning." Harry snapped. The jovial welshman ran the Cardiff office of MI5 and was the least likely spook Harry had ever seen. He had to remind himself that was why Dewi was still one of the best spooks he had ever met.

"Ever observant, Harry. Listen, we're on things here. Cardiff Bay or the Millenium Centre. I have officers and Bomb Squad ready to go. You don't have to check on us."

"No arrests?"

"Now listen, yer." Dewi started. "'ow long 'as it been since you worked with me? Ten years? Fifteen? Arrests come later. We stop the damn thing exploding first."

"The Henry Parks school of anti terrorism." Harry smiled slightly.

"Never did me any harm."

"No." Harry agreed. "Never saw you leave the UK either. You would have wanted the arrests first if you had been out in the field like us."

"I know what happened to you and those girls. Julie and Carly?"

"Juliet and Connie. Just stop the bomb. Any arrests I want to know. I've got the Irish office on line 2. Keep me in the loop. None of this English verses Welsh bollocks. It's not the rugby now."

"Nah, true enough. You remember who got the Grand Slam though." Dewi hung up before Harry could argue.


Erin sprinted down the street after the sixteen year old girl. She hadn't run so fast since she had left school.

"Hayley!" She grabbed the young girl's collar while Hayley swore profusely.

"What? Get off me."

"Hayley." Erin repeated as she tried to catch her breath. "You and I need to have a little chat."

"Says who?"

"Me." Erin glared at her. "And my boss. Actually Sayeed is concerned about you too."

"Yeah, right."

"Hold on. I thought it was all hearts and flowers and Romeo and Juliet for you pair."

"I've seen him once since all this happened." Hayley spat.

"Such is life." Erin glared, her hand firmly around the teenager's wrist. "Keep walking."

"Where are we going?"

"Back to the safe house. My colleague is there."

"I know."

"Then why run?"

"Because that chain smoking idiot you sent after me got heavy."

"Hold on, when I said colleague I meant Ruth. Our analyst." Erin felt the panic begin to rise in her stomach. "You've met her? 5ft 3 brown hair, pregnant." Erin marched her young charge away from the road side. "Who did you think I mean?"

"Old bloke. Fat, older than you. Said his name was Harry."

"That is not his real name. Whoever he is." Erin thought she was going to be sick. She dug in her pocket and speed dialled Beth. "It's me." She snapped when Beth answered. "I need back up. I think Ruth is in trouble."


"You ok?" Lucas croaked as the smoke cleared. He knew Ros was there with him, but he had no idea where.

"I am." She coughed. "Always ok." Lucas smiled. Even now she would never admit to being hurt or scared. He rolled on to his side to face her, the room now more visible that the smoke had cleared slightly.

"Good." Lucas watched as Ros pulled herself into a sitting position. "You get the feeling we found the bomb factory?"

Ros nodded as she got to her feet. The debris and smoke cleared. Lucas wiped his eyes. His back ached and his ears rung. He knew memories of the hotel explosion almost four years earlier would be at the forefront of her mind. He could remember every detail of the fateful day Ros had been trapped under masionary while those responsible for Nightingale were arrested or escaped. He took a deep breath, desperate to give Ros some idea that the situation was getting to him too. He knew she would not let the mask slip while she was in work, it was later that he would see the real Ros. The one the rest of the world didn't get to see. She gripped her arm before walking gingerly towards the hole in the wall where the explosion had originated.



"We've definately found the bomb factory." Ros nodded to the hole, the remnants of the detonator had splattered across the inside of the wall, plastic and wires singed and burned. Lucas nodded before turning full circle.


"What now?"

"Move." He half yelled as he half dragged her from the building. The little red lights counted down the seconds. Lucas hit the tarmac with a thud as Ros landed alongside him. Smoke and debris blew out into the street. Car alarms screamed in protest as windows rattled and cracked all around them. Ros' head hit the ground with a sickening thud. Lucas stared for a split second as her eyes remained open but lifeless next to him.



Ruth steadied herself. The strong smell of smoke hit her nostrils as she turned away from the wall. She had no idea where Erin was, or why she hadn't got back to the safe house. She narrowed her eyes as the pieces began to fall back into place. The car they had expected to see outside hadn't been in its allocated place. The way the door had been almost ajar, Hayley running away as if her life depended on it. Ruth silently cursed herself for allowing Erin to drag her into a convrsation when she should have been on the ball. One hand on her baby bump and the other in her pocket she quietly speed dialled the Grid, hoping Malcolm or Tariq were near their computers as she edged nearer the door. She closed her eyes and waited, aware the man in front of her knew exactly who she was.


"Hello." Ruth glared.

"Seems to me we have a problem." He raised his gun.


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