Chapter three

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"WHAT?" Mackenzie said loudly, a little too loudly for my taste.

"Ow!" My voice screeched as it went a little too high.

"Sorry but I am shocked that you don't have a name and I do it's just shocking for me, I'm sorry I was loud," Mack apologized.

"I'm sorry I screamed it just hurts my ears when people yell as of late," I say not even hearing my own words.

After about an hour of apologies I go to sleep with Mackenzie at my side staring at nothing in particular. I am dreaming a new dream tonight. Usually I just dream that night horror or nothing at all but tonight I dream of Sam, Alex and the soon to be known beloved boy at my side.

This is the most serene I've been in forever and abruptly it stops and my night mare begins and at the usual part I wake up to a concerned Mackenzie on the other side of the room.

Crap! I think I'm in love that cannot be possible I only love Sam and Alex a cannot be in love . . .

My thoughts trail off as Mackenzie touches my hand. I smile sheepishly at him and he smiles back with the most beautiful dimples and white teeth showing. This is so sappy in my mind but when he smiles all the tension in my body disappears.

He's so smoking and sexy he is just smexy . . .yah.

"Guess who they got out of the Lab?" He asks lightly but I see the mischief in his eyes.

"Who?" I ask in my suspicious tone.

"Some kids named Alex and Sam I think," he says smiling slightly.

"How old?" I ask trying, and failing, to seem nonchalant.

"They are the ones that were in the cages next to yours. Why? Sound familiar?"

" . . . . . ." I am speechless and then I am screaming their names and crying hard for my babies.

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