New idea I had. While reading throughout the Leviathan series, I realized how alike Neal and Newark were alike. So what if they switched places? (With Alanna, Kel, Deny and Dr. Barlow, I feel their pain.)

The POVs will change. First Neal, then Newkirk, etc. etc. Takes place after Behemoth and around Squire. This will be told in around 500 word drabbles, and it will be updated whenever I can.

Disclaimer: I don't own Leviathan or Protector of the Small.

Neal woke up painfully. On. A. Ship.

That. Was. Flying.

Neal hated heights almost as much as he hated Peachblossom. At least Peachblossom didn't float thousands of feet in the air. He thought as he rolled to his left in the small cot, before falling off it, arms flailing, onto the cold metal floor.

Where was the nice floor of the Palace or at least his knight mistress's tent? It was better that this airship. And, by Mithros, how on Earth did he get here?

One minute he was riding Magewhisper, his nice, non-biting horse, and the next, he was sitting on a small cot when he should have been on a nice, fluffy bed. Or at least a nice sleeping place.

"Mr. Newkirk? What are you barking doing on the floor?" A voice said from above him, but it sounded almost feminine, like Kel's...

"Kel?" He asked, looking up from his spot. "Mithros' beard, why are we on a flying machine?" His arms flailed once more, to prove his point. "And who is Mr. Newkirk? Where's Raoul? Did I just hit my head badly or something, because-"

"Who's Kel, you daftie? Dr. Barlow wants you, anyway. I think Tazza wants a walk." Neal looked at the person strangely.

"Who are you, really? Are you a new page? I don't appreciate being on an airship, you know. I bet you this is all the Stump's work." He mused to himself and stood up.

"I'm Dylan Sharp." The "boy," (was he a boy?) said. "And you, are Mr. Newkirk. Don't make me get Dr. Barlow. You know she doesn't like to be kept waiting."

"I'm Neal of Queenscove, not 'Newkirk.' I don't know who you crazy kidnappers are, but.." Neal paused. "Pleasure to meet you, Dylan."

Dylan looked at him strangely. "Quite a fall you took from your bed. Maybe I should go get Dr. Busk.."

Neal shook his head. "Any injury I have I can heal myself. Look, just take me to your Dr. Barlow. I want to know what's going on."

Mr. Sharp shook his head, and mumbled something that sounded like, "Scrambled in the attic," but Neal wasn't sure what that even meant. For a scholar, this was awfully confusing.

"By the way, um, Mr. Sharp, is it?" The boy nodded. "Who's Tazza?"

Dylan grinned. Mr. Newkirk was known for not liking the beasties, and this boy seemed quite like Mr. Newkirk, if he wasn't. "You'll see."

Neal just groaned.

A/N: Silly Nealan, Tazza's probably better than Peachblossom anyway.