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Chapter 17

Gibbs had now been back to work for three months, the children were disappointed that they weren't spending as much time with their father but they completely understood and it also meant that they would get to see the rest of their dysfunctional family a lot more, hanging out with them at NCIS was something they loved.

Jenny was constantly worried about her husband. Every phone call, every nock on the door, every time Cynthia opened her mouth, Jenny was afraid it would be telling her the news that Jethro or a member of his team had been terribly injured.

She sat in her hot and stuffy office on the Friday afternoon. All she wanted to do was go home and enjoy the weekend with her children and husband but she still had hours more to spend in the oven that was her office. Heat rises.

Groaning in frustration she dropped her head sown on the desk and closed her eyes taking a deep breath. All of a sudden she felt dizzy and her stomach began to churn and she felt like she was going to be sick. She took two more deep breaths to make the feeling go away but alas it just made her feel worse.

Moments later she found herself with her head over the toilet, a view she seemed to be seeing more of recently. At first she'd put it down to food poising of something, it had been her turn to cook and it was a skill even after being a mother and wife for more than seven years she still hadn't mastered. But now she couldn't help but think of something else. Something that brought a big smile to her lips.

"Jen" she heard her husband's voice call shortly followed by the sound of the door shutting.

Quickly she got to her feet and walked over to her sink and opened the cupboard above it and took out the mouthwash she always kept encase of emergency and took a swig before spitting it out.

She turned on her heels and smoothed down her shirt that had been crinkled when she's bent down.

"Jen you ok?" Gibbs's voice sounded again but this time he was standing outside the door after hearing the tap running.

"Yeah I'm fine" she said with a smile as she opened the door coming face to face with him.

Gibbs eyes her suspiciously, looking her up and down "Really you're looking a little green" he said running a hand up her arm.

Jenny couldn't help but let out a little laugh "You sure know how to make a girl feel pretty" she said moving out of his embrace "You rooting to be sleeping on the couch tonight" she teased as she walked to her desk.

"I'm just worried about you, I want you to see Ducky" he said following her and catching her by her waist and pulling her back close to his chest and moved his mouth to her ear "I'm saying this as your husband, a man that loves you and only wants you safe" he mumbled before kissing her forehead.

He felt rather than heard his wife laughing at his statement before she slowly turned in his embrace and touched his cheek lightly with her hand "You know that line doesn't work on me nearly as much as it works on you" she grinned watching as he supressed a smirk "But I will go see Ducky" she said before turning away towards the door but she was restricted to move much further as Gibbs arms were still around her waist.

Jenny turned back to face him "In order for me to see Ducky you have to let me go" she stated.

"But I didn't get what I came for" Gibbs said in an almost whine.

Jenny sighed as she raised an eyebrow "And wha…" she began to ask what it was he wanted when all of a sudden his lips were on hers in a sweet loving kiss. "Mmm is that all you wanted" she asked as they pulled away, her cheeks flushed with the heat and having her hunky ex-marine husband so close.

"That and to spend time with you" he said before finally unwrapping her from his arms "You want me to come with you to see Duck?" he asked.

Jenny gave him a comforting smile "No it's fine, besides you have paper work that I want on my desk by the next hour so I can get it done before the end of the weekend" she said before walking out of her office and turning to Cynthia "I'm going to see doctor Mallard" she said and the faithful assistant nodded.

Gibbs walked her to the elevator before watching her step in and sending her a smile before watching the door closed.

Ten minutes later after a little dizzy spell as she stepped out of the elevator she finally walked into autopsy.

Ducky looked up from his table and smiled at her before turning to his assistant "Mr Palmer" he said making the younger man look at him then look at the director.

"I'm going for coffee" he said getting the message and then nodding at Jenny as he passed her before leaving the two old friends alone.

"Everything alright Jennifer?" he asked knowing she was here as a friend and not a boss, before getting up and walking towards her.

The redhead took a breath before speaking "I think I'm pregnant Ducky" she said with a smile.

"Oh my" he said his eyes gleaming with excitement "have you told Jethro?"

Jenny shook her head "No but I think he had his suspicions, I wanted to make sure it was certain before telling him" she explained.

"Is it a surprise or?" he asked as he began to get the needle ready to take blood test.

"Well Jethro and I have been trying since he was all healed" she said as she slid onto one of the autopsy table, happy to feel something cool to cool her down.

"Let's see if you are in fact pregnant" he said with a smile as he approached her and Jenny cringed not liking the next part.

Five minutes later Jenny was rolling back down her sleeve as Ducky walked away holding her blood sample "I'll get Abby to test this right away and I'll bring the results up to you" he said as he began to write on it.

"Don't tell her it's mine?" she asked just like she had when she was pregnant with Callie. "Thank you Ducky"

"Of course my dear" he said with a smile before watching her leave.

Gibbs looked up to the catwalk when he heard the familiar clip clopping of heels on the floor. His eyes met hers in a curious gaze and she gave him an assuring smile in return.

An hour later and Jenny was sitting at her desk finishing the case files she had left and that included the MCRT which had been delivered by Tim while she had been having her blood test in autopsy.

"Tony needs to go on a hand writing course" she mumbled to herself as she tried to decipher what the words said on the paper and even with her glasses perched on the end of her nose she couldn't tell what it said.

"Director, doctor Mallard is here to see you" Cynthia's voice came from the intercom.

Jenny couldn't help the butterflies that started to flutter in her stomach "Send him in" she said getting up from her chair. Ducky walked in and closed the door behind him "Well?" she asked eagerly.

Ducky broke into a grin "Your blood test came back, your pregnant" he said with a grin.

"Oh Ducky" she said with a grin before hugging him. He had been more of a father to her than her own.

"Congratulations" he said with teary eyes.

"Thank you" she said not able to help the grin on her face. The older man hadn't seen her this happy in years.

After a moment Ducky decided it was time for him to leave her to take it all in "I better get going", Jenny nodded before watching him leave.

As he walked across the catwalk Gibbs stopped him "Hey Duck, is Jen ok?" he asked, the older man could see the overwhelming love and concern in his friends eyes.

"That is for Jennifer to tell you" he said with a smile before patting him on the shoulder and continuing on his journey.

With that Gibbs rushed to his wife's office, ignoring Cynthia and just barging in like he always did but hadn't done in a while.

"Jethro" Jenny said turning, surprised at his abrupt entrance.

"Saw Ducky just left, everything ok?" he asked moving closer to her.

Jenny smiled at him "Jethro, were you serious about another baby?" she asked

He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer "Of course Jen, but if you've changed your mind…" Gibbs pressing his forehead against hers.

"It's a little bit late for that" she said breaking out in laughter as realisation dawned on his face.

"You serious?" he asked pulling back and looking her up and down. Jenny nodded with watery eyes "I love you Jen so much" he said lifting her up and spinning her around a little.

"Love you too" she mumbled against his lips before kissing him.

"Any idea how far along you are?" he asked as his hands travelled to her stomach and caressed it lovingly.

"About seven weeks" she said with another smile. She couldn't believe she was going to be a mother again.

"Wait till Owen and Cal find out, they're going to be so excited, Dad too" he said excitedly. His eyes lit up just like that had the past two times she had told him before.

As Jethro mentioned Jack, Jenny couldn't help but think of her own father. "I should tell him" she said after a moment.

"Jen, it's up to you I said my piece months ago" Gibbs responded knowing not to get involved, it was up to Jenny and she could figure out what she wanted.

The redhead thought for a moment "I'm going to go talk to him" she said moving from her husband's embrace.

"Now?" he asked watching as Jenny shut down her computer.

"Yeah before I change my mind" she said looking up at him with a smile.

"Do you want me to come with you?" he asked, knowing she might need support if she was going back to the house.

"I'll be fine, I'll meet you at home" she said getting up from her chair and then kissing him quickly before heading for the door.

"Kay love you, drive safe" he called to her as she walked away. She turned and blew him a kiss before continuing her journey.

Half an hour later and Jenny was standing outside the George Town property she's grown up in. slowly she lifted her hand and knocked on the door.

She heard a muffled "Hold on I'm coming" from the other side of the door before it opened revealing her father "Jennifer" he said in a surprised tone.

"Can I come in?" she asked not making eye contact with him.

"Of course" Jasper said moving to the side and letting her walk in. He followed her as she walked over to the banister and danced her fingers across the wood before turning to face him.

"I've always been a fan of that door" she said looking at the oak wood, remembering admiring the door when she was a little girl as she waited for her father to return home like he always promised, she's sit on the stairs, her fingers running across the banister like she'd done only moments ago.

"Something wrong?" The older Shepard asked worried for the children and his son in law.

"No I came to talk to you" she said looking around the room once again.

"Oh" Jasper said to himself "Would you like some coffee?" he asked casually.

"No thank you" His daughter said shaking her head.

"Something must be really wrong" he said with a smile, remembering how she loved her coffee, even as a teenager.

Jenny took a breath before telling him "I'm seven weeks pregnant" she said with a grin on her face.

Jasper looked at her shocked, he was going to be a grandfather again. "Wow, congratulations" he said with a chuckle.

"Thank you" she said with a smile suddenly interested in her shoes.

"Is that what you came to talk about?" he asked.

Jenny suddenly made eye contact with him, green meeting green, "I came because I wanted to say that I am sorry, for yelling at you" she took a breath "I know I shouldn't have blamed you it wasn't…isn't your fault any of it, it's the frogs" she stated.

"I understand" Jasper said with a nod.

"I want you to be back into my life, my family's life, for Owen, Callie and little no name, you and Jack are the only grandparents they have and I don't want to keep you from them" she stated. "But" she said making him look at her "I can never forgive you for faking your death, for making me blame myself for years, for leaving me alone, I'm sorry but I just can't" she said shaking her head.

"I understand Jennifer, I really do, I would feel the exact same if I was in your position" he said wanting to hug her, wanting to hold her like when she was a child and upset, to take the pain away, but he didn't have that power anymore, Jethro did.

"Ok, well I'd better go, got to children to talk to" she said with a smile before moving to the door "Come for lunch on Sunday" she called over her shoulder.

"Would love to" he said with a smile "I love you Jennifer" Jasper stated making her freeze.

"Bye Jasper" was all Jenny said before walking out and heading home to her real, true family.

The end…

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