Curled up in bed naked was exactly where Tim wanted to be today. With his arms wrapped around Max, his face buried in her blonde hair, breathing in the scent of her shampoo with a smile on his face. It was the perfect start to a perfect weekend. He would have been perfectly happy to keep that moment going forever, to never leave that hazy Saturday sunrise. When he felt her stirring, though, he pulled back just slightly so that she had enough room to roll over and face him, a small but sleepy smile on her face.


"Morning," he muttered under his breath, burying his face into her neck. "You smell nice."

"I smell like sex and morning breath," she grumbled, pushing him away with a laugh. "I need a shower and some toothpaste. At least half of this is your fault."

He smirked, shrugging as he readjusted himself on his pillow so he could stare at her more fully. "I'll gladly take the blame." Reaching out to tuck some of her hair out of her face and behind her ear, he tried to not get lost staring at her. She seemed to be glowing, almost heavenly. He wondered how he'd managed to get so lucky in all this. The world was so often confusing, especially a world revolving around love. He'd have to thank Tony someday for making this possible. For giving him a girl that he had truly come to care for, who was matched to him in so many ways.

It was then that he noticed it wasn't just her who seemed to be glowing. The lights were getting brighter and things were feeling hazy. The reality he was in seemed to be shaking and he felt light headed and dizzy. There was a pain in his side, sharp and stabbing, and when he went to clutch it, there was blood on the sheets.

"Tim...?" He voice was rather lighthearted for someone who was sitting there, watching him suffer. What was going on? It took a moment before she seemed to notice, to panic, and to cry out for him. "Tim! Tim, wake up! Tim! Tim!"

As his eyes shot open, it was then McGee realized it wasn't Max's voice he was hearing in a panic cry anymore. It was Tony's, holding his hand, propping him on his lap, trying to keep him close and conscious. He wasn't at home in a bright lit room on a Saturday. He was lying in the glaring sun, in some parking lot, and everything was bright and confusing and loud. He looked down to his side, noticing the blood from his dream coating his side, spilling onto the pavement, Tony's hand clamped tightly over it.

"I don't... I don't understand..." he managed to give out in a weak and tired response. "Max... - Where's Max?"

"Gamer girl is on her way to the hospital, alright?" Tony's voice was strained, all normal jokes aside despite his casual speech. He was scared. Tim could tell. "We gave her a call. Just - just hang on for me, McGee. Stay awake. Please stay awake for me."

He let his head fall back, trying to keep himself breathing, his eyes shut as he kept his mind focused on one thing. Max. Max was at the hospital. Max was waiting for him. He couldn't die. He couldn't hurt her like that. He'd finally found something and he couldn't let some bullet from a criminals gun rip it away in an instant. There were so many things in the world he didn't understand, so many mysteries he hadn't solved, but he knew she wasn't one of them.

She was worth living for.