Refreshed and relived Chapter 2 : Nice Hobbies.

"THREE!", Ace said, Super excited, shot his eyes open faster then lightning, he nearly exploded from joy when he say he was on a mountain,
and he looked down, and saw the humble village of Ponyville. Then, he looked at himself, he was a Grey Pegasus with a black and red mane and tail, his cutie mark being a Cog, he loved to work with Technology, he spread his wings and dove off the cliff, but when he flapped his wings, it didnt help at all, it wasnt as easy as it was in the show, good thing he landed in the lake at the base of the mountain, 'That was stupid...' Ace thought to himself. But then he swam to the surface and was greeted by green eyes, he almost screamed from being snuck up on, but he then realized who it was, the yellow pegasus herself, Fluttershy,"O-oh, Hello there" Said the shy mare, unaware of why the grey pegasus dove from a cliff without flying, "Hi!" he said almost yelling, which made fluttershy Eep, "Sorry about that." Fluttershy calmed down and replied with "I-its ok, you look new here" said the mare now curious, "well, i can say im not from around these parts." "So where are you from?" "Geo-, I mean uh, I cant remember" said the grey pegasus lying, how would his favorite mare react when he said he came from a diffrent planet? "Oh, you poor thing, come with me, i chould introduce you to my friends, there very kind." Ace blinked at the sudden offer, but then replied, "That would be nice, Thank you" "Oh its no problem at all." The walk to ponyville was exicting for Ace, he could finally meet the Mane 6, as they were walking, he sudden hit something, he fell back and saw that fluttershy had stopped because of a few squirrels passing through the road. "Are you ok mr..." Ace helped her and said, "Ace, Ace Cheare" Fluttershy blinked "My, thats a new name." "Like i said, im not from around here." they then walked through ponyville, ace looked around excited. 'This place is alot better than the show made it look like' Ace thought, They then stopped at a Huge tree, but, it was a house, No, a Treehouse, Fluttershy knocked on the door with her Hoove. "Just a minute!" replied a Female voice. "Oh hello there fluttershy, Whos this?" said a purple unicorn, her cutie mark being a sparkle. "Im ace!" He said excited, but calming down now. "Oh, hello ace, Im twilight sparkle, So, Fluttershy, what brings you here?" Fluttershy snapped back from a day dream looking at twilight. "I came to shwo you Ace, hes not from around here." "Oh, where are you from ace?" Ace just replied "I cant remember" twilight blinked "How did you get here then" " I cant remember." replied ace. 'Well, he's not telling me something...' Twilight thought to herself, then she noticed his cutie mark and said "Whats that cutie mark mean?" Ace looked at his flank and said, "Thats a cog, i love working with technology and things of that nature." "thats cool." said a voice from the stairs, they all looked and saw a purple dragon with some green scales. "oh ace, let me introduce you, this is spike, my #1 assitant." "nice to meet you spike!" Spike looked and ace with a smile and said "Nice to meet you to ace!" Fluttershy butted in and said "I want to introduce him to the others." "Well, i saw Rainbow dash flying outside just a moment ago" Said spike. Ace was excited, now he could meet Rainbow Dash. "Ok, lets go see if she's still there." Said twilight. As they opened the door, a rainbow flash flew through the door, Slamming into Fluttershy, Knocking her out. "FLUTTERSHY!" yelled Ace. the cyan mare got up and rubbed her head and said : "sorry about that fluttershy... Fluttershy? Aw man shes out cold." said the cyan pegasus said, looking sad. "Its ok" ace said.

So, heres chapter two, I release chapters randomly, so yeah Also, next chapter we will be going First person with Ace POV!

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