Chapter 2

"We just need to sneak in a house." Darren concluded getting tired of waiting in a dark alley for four hours.

The sky started to drizzle rain.

"Great." Darren said sarcastically.

"Just a little longer." Mr. Crepsley answered.

They waited.

Thirty minutes later, an intoxicated man staggered down the alley where the two vampires awaited.

"About time," Mr. Crepsley smiled. "I'm starving." Mr. Crepsley breathed into the man's face which knocked him unconscious. He used his finger nail to make an incision. He started to drink, but paused. "What's wrong?" He asked Darren who was staring into the distance.

"Wha?" Darren responded.

"Is something the matter?"

"It feels as if someone's watching us."

"Of course not. Just drink, you need your strength."

Darren nodded, made an incision on the man's ankle, and sucked the blood of the intoxicated man.

Darren staggered into his tent and fell into his hammock.


Evra struck a match, which light the room. "What are you doing?"

"The man I drank from was intoxicated." Darren hiccupped. "So his blood had a little in it too."

"Are you going to be okay?"

"Yeah, just a little tipsy and I'll most likely wake up with a hangover."

"Ouch," Evra sympathesized. It had been almost nine years since they last saw Allen. Unlike Darren, Evra aged significantly and had a girlfriend. He also drank at times and knew what a hangover's affects were. "Do you need some aspirin, or something?"

"No. I'm fine… for now."

"Alright." Evra extinguished the light and all was dark.



Darren opened his eyes with a splitting head ache.


"What the ****?" Darren moaned and flipped over in his hammock.

"What's happening?" Evra asked sleepily.

"BEANSPROUT!" Someone opened the tent flap and light streamed in.

Darren sat up and looked at the intruder. He had difficulty telling if it was a guy or girl. He/she had long black hair in a pony tail with a weird red and black uniform, and he/she carried a sword. The person examined the both of them and searched the tent.

"Who the **** are you?" Evra questioned as he jumped out of his hammock with only a gray wifebeater and boxers on.

"I'm looking for someone." The person answered, who sounded like a man.

"Well he's obviously not here so, OUT!"

"Kanda." A guy with brown hair and weird glasses ran it. "He's not here Kanda."

The black haired man scowled and left the tent.

The other guy shook his head. "Sorry about that. Please pardon our intrusion."

"What the **** was that guy's problem anyway?"

"We're looking for someone."


The man pulled out a photo of a teenager in a red and black uniform, like the other man was wearing. The boy in the photo had white hair and a strange pentagon scar that cascaded down the left side of his face. "His name's Allen Walker."

"Allen Walker?" Evra asked as he plucked the picture out of the man's hands. "Darren you don't think that this is…?" Evra handed Darren the picture.

Darren examined the picture. "I think it is him." He confirmed.

"Do you know him?"

"Yes, when he was a kid." Darren handed the picture back to the stanger.

"My name is Johnny. And if you have any information on his whereabouts I would greatly appreciate it."

The two freaks shook their heads.

"Sorry." Evra shrugged.

"It's alright." Johnny pocketed the photo. "Have a nice day."

"Allen's missing?"

"Apparently." Darren sighed shifting back into a comfortable position in his hammock.

"Who where those people?"

"I don't know."


Darren yawned as he walked down the sidewalk. He was bored and decided to see the city. As he continued to walk, a group of kids ran past him. He looked to his right to see a ring of people who were watching something with amazement. What's with all the commotion? He pushed past a few people to see what was going on.

A white-faced clown was balancing on five balls, hula-hooping, and juggling daggers.

Darren smiled and watched the clown's amazing coordination.

The clown threw the daggers in the air, jumped off the balls that he was balancing on, and caught the knives as they fell back down. He bowed announcing his performance as complete and set out a top hat to collect any generous donations.

Darren walked up to the clown. "Allen?"

The clown responded and turned. "Darren?"

Darren smiled at the clown who was now as tall as he was.

"What are you doing here?" They asked each other.

"The cirque is performing tonight, and you?"

"I'm…" He paused.

"Two people were looking for you today at the cirque."


"Yeah, a guy with weird glasses named Johnny and a black haired man named… Kanda?" Darren said unsure.

Allen nodded.

"Is there something you want to tell me?"


Darren took Allen back to the cirque. Once there Allen told both Evra and Darren his past, From Mana turning into an Akuma to him becoming an exorcist and from his mission on the ark to him leaving the order.

"Why don't you stay here at the cirque?" Evra suggested.

"I could."

"Come on." Evra urged. "Let's go tell Mr. Tall that you can perform tonight."


"A circus?" Kanda asked as they entered the hotel room that he and Johnny shared. "Sounds dumb."

"Come on." Johnny pleaded. "We invaded their camp this morning the least we can do is pay tribute by attending a showing."

Kanda huffed.

"It will be relaxing, and you won't have to work."

"Fine," Kanda grumbled.


Truska helped find Allen a new performing outfit; his old one was too small. His new outfit was almost exactly like his old one except it was a baby blue colored shirt with only one sleeve that exposed his left arm; his pants and shoes were light purple and black. Truska ruffled his white hair and said something that sounded like a compliment.

"Thank you."

Darren and Evra walked into the dressing room as Allen started to apply face paint.

"Break a leg." Evra said as he looked for his outfit.


"This is awesome!" Johnny said as he took his seat next to a sulking Kanda.

Kanda huffed to Johnny statement.

The spotlight shifted to the stage on a European white-faced clown and the show began.



Allen ran into the dressing room and locked the door.


Why is he here?

"Allen can you come out?" Johnny asked.

"So you can take me back? I think not."

Kanda unsheathed Mugen. "Alright, we'll do this the hard way." He sliced the door to the dressing room in half.

I'm going to die.

"What are you doing?" A voice asked from behind Kanda.

Kanda turned to find Mr. Tall towering above him.

"What's this about?" Mr. Tall asked.

Johnny calmly tried to explain the situation, but Mr. Tall waved the explanation off. "I know what's happening. Allen…"

"Yes sir?"

"You need to go with them."


"You need to go with them. It was fate that brought you together tonight."

"Yeah right," Kanda grumbled.

"Please Allen," Johnny begged. "We know you're not bad. Let us come with you."

Allen looked unsure.

"Please Allen."

Allen sighed, "Alright."


Kanda and Johnny stayed at the cirque that night with Allen and that morning they left after saying goodbye to Darren and Evra.