He was going to die for her and he didn't care, he was going to die to save his leader John Conner and for that he would do again and again. For some that he couldnt possibly pin point, He was willing to die for a man that he had only know for a year or so, john was his leader and he loved him as such, and he loved his leader's mother.

I can feel my heart beat slowing down now, I can also hear sarah screaming. she is fighting, ok she got him... teach your son how to fight like you did tonight Sarah. Soon she will find someone else to love her like I have loved her in our short existance together and then John will be born. And he will grow up into the fearless leader that I know. One That i would Die for...

( The "Future")

"Sir, are we going to blow this place or what"

John just stood there, knowing that he sent his own father to his death.. "What are the life readings on the other side.."

" Sir we need to get out of here, skynet might..."

" Just tell Me...LIFE READINGS"

"He still has a pulse sir..."

"Charge it up..."

"What... Sir..."

"Charge it UP, I'm going back for him damn it, he's already died for me once..."

"I dont understand Sir... "

"no time for questions... Tell Kate, If I don't make it back, That I love her... I've got to bring him back..."

"Reese, Reese!"

How is he here, Why did he come for me, he's risking his life... but why

"Kyle take this it will help you move... Lets go..."

"What are you doing here Conner, I'm not leaving here without her..."

"She has to stay here, I'm not born yet..."

"But she needs medical attention..."

" they are on their way, on your feet... NOW!"

"I love her..."

"I know..."

"John I know that you have your reasons, but I need you tell me why you came back for me?"

"You are too important to lose"

"You think I would try and sabotage your life sir..."

"Please dont call me sir, Reese... believe me that's not it at all... Now lets get you fixed up so I can send you back to my mother..."

"John?" he had know Idea what was coming but..."I'm confused..."

"They might try to... Send more back at a later date..." he was stalling

"you want me to go back to your mother and protect her, you and your father... I almost failled my mission just now.."

"Something like that... just know this, you and I we're like family, I trust you with my entire life... before we went on this mission, Kate told me something... "

"What, Im going to have a Son..."

"Thats great... Id better get back... how do I handle your mom being in love me and all that..." he started striping naked and john turned around and began repositioning the portle...

"I wouldn't worry about that..." he pushed the butted, "dad..."

"what was that?"

It was to late, almost instantly Kyle transported back to 1984.."

Wait what did he say...did he say dont worry about it dad, what the hell did mean by that...I've got to find Sarah...and some clothes...

"Sir do you need some help... KYLE?"

"Sarah... SARAH!"

"How, I thought you were dead..." she clutched her stomach, he noticed...

"pregnant? When are we..."

" Its November, five months since..."

"You met his father already?"

"I guess you could say that... look at this..." she showed him a blury black and gray picture.

"What is this..."

"Our Son's first picture..."

"Our Son, what? I dont..."

"It was was always you Reese..."

He feel to his knees and started to cry at her feet... "now I know why I would die for you...My son..."

"are you happy..."

"of course... by the way in 38 years, John's wife Kate, tells him they are having a son..." He places a hand on her stomach and smiled... I got to stare my son in the face and while my son whos older than me, tells me about my future grandson... how awesome is that!