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1. The New Teenage Teacher

''Damn how did I end up like this,'' a teenage boy sighed, letting his head drop. The teen had blond hair, was wearing orange tinted glasses and had three strange whisker marks on each cheek. Right now he was wearing an orange burnt blouse; the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, and black slacks. Why was the boy sighing? Well that was because currently he was in a train full of girls, who were gossiping about the hot blonde and a certain redheaded kid. Why, you may ask. Well because currently he was heading towards Mahora Academy.


''Huh... What did you say?'' the blond haired teen, who was standing in front of a man, asked shocked.

''I said, '' a black haired man wearing glasses, who sat behind a desk, began. ''I want you to become a teacher at Mahora Academy, Naruto.''

''What!'' the blond haired teen, who was now identified as Naruto, hysterically screamed.

''Maa Maa calm down Naruto_'' the black haired man began but was cut off by Naruto.

''NO, No way in hell I'm going to become a teacher, Eishun!'' Naruto shouted while crossing his arms into an 'x' and you could hear a buzzer sound in the background.

''Aw come on, it can't be that bad besides you'll see Takamichi again,'' the now known Eishun said, trying to convince the blonde to go.

''Like I want to see that ramen-stealing bastard and of course it'll be bad, I mean I'm not even qualified to be a teacher and above all I'M JUST FOURTEEN YEARS OLD!'' Naruto said, raising his voice while saying the last part.

Eishun let his head drop and sighed sadly. '' I understand, I mean if you don't want to go, you don't have to go,''

''Thank you_'' Naruto began but was interrupted by Eishun.

'' I mean it's not like you owe me anything.''

''Oh no, don't you dare quilt tripping me on doing this Eishun,'' Naruto said but was ignored by Eishun.

''I mean I only took care of you when you arrived here. *Sigh* I guess it's too much for you to fulfill this one wish for me,'' After saying that, Eishun slumped in his chair and sighed sadly, again, while taking a glance at Naruto, who seemed to have a inner battle. 'Great, just one more move and he'll give in,' Eishun thought. ''My poor, poor little Konoka-chan,'' He whispered, loud enough for Naruto to hear. '' I guess daddy couldn't get you extra protection_''

'' I'll do it,'' Naruto interrupted him with a twitching eye. Ugh he really didn't feel like hearing Eishun's bitching all the time.

'' Huh,'' Eishun said as he sat up.

'' I said, I'll do it, '' Naruto sighed and rubbed his temples, he could feel a headache coming. '' So when am I leaving?''

''Great, '' Eishun responded with a big smile. "You'll leave in two days.''

''Guess I'll pack my bags, anything else you need?'' Naruto asked.

''Can you give this letter to Father?'' Eishun asked while handing Naruto a letter.

''Sure,'' Naruto said. ''Anything else you need?'' Seeing Eishun shake his head he continued. "I'll take my leave then,'' and walked away.

'' You think I should have told him he was going to an all girls school?'' Eishun asked himself when Naruto was out of view. '' Nah,'' and continued doing his paperwork.

End of Flashback

'Stupid Eishun,' Naruto thought and looked around. 'By the way, where are the boys?' He was broken out of his thoughts when somebody suddenly sneezed.


'' Kyaaaaa!''

He felt a wind and looked around only to be met by an eyeful of panties and immediately closed his eyes while trying to suppress the blush that made its way on his face.

After hearing an announcement, stating the train was approaching Mahora Academy, he opened his eyes and prepared to exit the train. But after the doors opened things became hectic as every person in there began running at top speed to the school building using things like roller-skates and skateboards.

'' To All Students: This is the Guidance Committee. This week is Zero Late attendances week. And it's only ten minutes until the bell! Let's hurry it up! Any Students late this week will be issued a Yellow Card! Please try to arrive with plenty time to spare.''

Getting over his shock Naruto also started to run towards to school building.

30 minutes later

'WHERE THE HELL AM I,' a frustrated Naruto mentally screamed as he was walking in the school building when he suddenly bumped into someone and felt something soft. Looking up, he saw that he had walked into woman. Naruto noticed she had green hair, brown eyes and was wearing glasses when he suddenly realized that his head was currently resting on her *ahem* quite large bosom. He quickly jumped backed.

''I'm sorry, I'm so sorry it was an accident1'' Naruto shouted hurriedly and bowed quickly in hope that she wouldn't beat him up.

''It's alright,'' the woman began and smiled. ''But what are you doing here boy, are you lost?''

One of Naruto's eyes twitched at the boy comment. He was a teenager damn it.

''Yeah, I have an appointment with the headmaster,'' Naruto began as he scratched the back of his head. ''But as you see I'm kind off lost,'' Naruto said and laughed sheepishly.

''Well if you need to go the headmaster, why don't you take you there,'' the woman said with an amused smile while she started to walk.

''Sure,'' Naruto chirped while he was following her. ''Thanks Miss …?''

''Shizuna,'' the now identified Shizuna said. ''Minamoto Shizuna''

''Well nice to meet you Minamoto-san,'' Naruto said with a big smile while holding out his hand which she shook ''I'm Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto.''

''Nice to meet you too, Naruto-san. By the way you can call me Shizuna and we're here.'' She said and knocked on the door, which was met by a 'come in'. Opening the door, she stepped inside while dragging Naruto with her and said, '' Konoe-sama, Uzumaki Naruto is here for you.''

''Thank you Shizuna-kun, can you get Takamichi for me?,'' asked an old man, who had an oddly shaped bald head, giant bushy eyebrows and long pierced earlobes to Shizuna, who nodded.

''Thanks for your help again, Shizuna-san,'' Naruto said to Shizuna, who just said 'You're welcome' and left.

''Hohoho! It's nice to see you again, Naruto-kun,'' Konoe began. ''I almost thought you wouldn't come.''

''Yeah, yeah nice to see you too old man, '' Naruto said with a grin. '' Sorry I'm late, I was kind off lost.'' He sheepishly explained

''Why didn't you just use that shunshin technique of your?'' Konoe asked amused.




Naruto could swear he heard a certain bird scream 'baka'.

''You forgot, didn't you?'' Konoe asked and laughed heartily when he saw Naruto drop his head in embarrassment.

''Anyway,'' Konoe started seriously. ''If things get too hard for you, you will have to return home.''

''Don't worry Old man. Nothing is too hard for Uzumaki Naruto! Muahahahah!'' Naruto said, giving the old man the thumbs up, while laughing boisterous in the end.

''Hohoho, that's nice to hear Naruto-kun.''

''By the way, what am I supposed to do?'' The blonde asked, gaining a sweat drop of the old man.

''Ehhhh you don't know?'' the old man asked with a sweat drop, which grew when he saw the blond laugh sheepishly. He shook his head. The blonde sure was interesting.

''Hohoho, you're going to teach Japanese to a few classes.'' The old man said while handing him a schedule.

''Japanese huh... that'll be easy.'' Naruto said, pumping his fist in the air. '' So when do I have to begin?''

'' Tomorrow,'' Konoe said when they suddenly heard a knock and Konoe said 'Come in'.

''You called me, Konoe-sama?'' A tall man in a suit asked. The man had grey/white hair, beard and was wearing glasses.

''Ah yes Takamichi-kun, I want you to take Naruto to class 2-A to meet his roommates,'' Konoe said, gesturing to the blonde.

Takamichi, who just now saw the blonde, smiled. ''Nice to see you again, Naruto-kun,'' he said but was met with a glare. ''I guess you're still mad about that ramen accident,'' he stated with a sweat drop while walking out of the Headmaster's room.

''Bye old man,'' Naruto said to the old man who just waved and followed Takamichi.

''Hohoho! I feel like I forgot something,'' the Headmaster said to himself but just shrugged his shoulders and continued doing his paperwork

Right now we see Takamichi and our blonde hero, who kept glaring at Takamichi, walk together as Takamichi sighed. He tried to talk with the blond but just received the silent treatment in return. ''I guess I'll have to treat you on some ramen later,'' he said, letting his head drop while mentally he was crying at the idea of what'll happen to his wallet.

''Yay!'' Naruto, who had stars in his eyes, cheered. ''Nice to see you too, 'Michi,'' he chirped with a big smile. They kept walking until his face suddenly crunched into thought.

''Ne ne 'Michi, I have a question,'' he started and continued when he saw the older man nod his head. ''Why are there so many girls here, I mean I have yet to see any boys.''

''Nobody told you that this was an all girls school?'' Takamichi asked/stated with a sweat drop.

Naruto, who had stopped dead in his track, started to sweat bullets.

''All girls school as in a school full of girls?'' he asked anxiously while looking at older man who nodded.



''WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH'' Naruto screamed and ran away. Leaving one shocked and startled Takamichi behind who soon chased after him.

15 Minutes later

''Let me go 'Michi-teme!'' a bounded and struggling Naruto, who was dragged by Takamichi, screamed.

''Hahaha,'' Takamichi laughed. ''I never knew you were afraid of women.''

''I'm not afraid of women!'' The blond shouted. ''I just fear them, especially the ones with blood fetish,'' he quietly added and shuddered thinking about a certain purple haired kunoichi.

Takamichi just laughed and stopped walking

''We're here,'' Takamichi laughed and untied Naruto, who knows what the girls would think if they saw him walk in with a bounded blonde. They had quite an imagination. ''Now don't you dare run away.''

''Like I can run away while you're here," the blond muttered and then took a glance at the door and gulped.

'It's alright Naruto, you can do this you're awesome. Hell yeah I am awesome, nothing can beat me MUAHAHAHA!' the blond thought with newfound confident, as he saw Takamichi approach the door, only for that confidence to deflate when thought, 'But what if they're like Anko?' the blond thought with fear as he looked around, hoping to find a escape route.

Naruto imagination

Naruto was gagged and bonded to a chair and was sitting in front of a class full of Ankos who were looking at Naruto with scary faces.

''Naruto-sensei let's play,'one Anko said while walking closer to Naruto, who was sweating bullets.

Then out of no where Naruto's cheek got cut and someone licked the blood and said, ''did you really think you could escape me, Foxy-chan.'' And then laughed sadistically while Naruto cried anime tears

End Naruto imagination

Takamichi, who looked over his shoulders at Naruto, had to sweat drop. Whoever made Naruto fear women did a good job.

Somewhere in Konoha a certain snake summoning kunoichi sneezed while eating dango and cursed whoever made her sneeze.

Naruto a shinobi should always keep his head cool, even if he lands in the most difficult situation. Freaking out would only make things worse.

'Hai sensei' Naruto thought as he remembered his late sensei's words and tried to relax.

Takamichi opened the door and walked to a little brat while Naruto followed him. Naruto looked at the class for a second and breathed out in relieve. There were no Ankos so he was save, for now.

''Takamichi, how can I help you and who's your friend?'' The little brat asked while the class just looked and wondered the same

''Negi this is Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto,'' Takamichi said while gesturing at the blonde. ''He's going to be your class's Japanese teacher and you're new roommate along with Konoka and Asuna-kun.''



"" An orange haired girl screamed. ''First we have a little brat as Homeroom teacher and now another brat who's going to be our Japanese teacher!''

Naruto got a tick mark at the 'brat' comment and shouted at the orange haired girl, ''Oi Who're you calling brat, stupid girl!'' and then pouted while thinking 'I'm not a little brat.'


'What the...' was the only thing Naruto could think before he was surrounded by girls.




Naruto tried not to freak out as the girls hugged, snuggled and cuddled him. Some even pinched his butt. He looked at Takamichi who was laughing and glared at him.

''Now now girls give Naruto-sensei some space,'' Takamichi said. He really didn't want to anger the blonde otherwise his poor wallet would pay. Most of the girls returned to their seat while one redhead stayed behind.

''Naruto-sensei, I'm Asakura Kazumi, 2-A's reporter, can I ask you a few questions?'' Asakura asked.

'Why can't I just pull a Kakashi,' the blond mentally whined knowing it would save a lot of troubles but said, ''Sure, go ahead.''

''First question: How old are you?'' Asakura asked as a lot of girls looked at him as if expecting something.

The blonde gulped and said, ''I'm fourteen years old.''

As soon as he said that a lot of the girls squealed.

''Second question: Where are you from.''

''I'm from Kyoto,'' Naruto smiled before he looked at a black haired girl, who seemed to be glaring daggers at him when she heard Kyoto. Why was she glaring at him? He had no idea. Maybe it was that time of the month.

''Last question,'' Asakura began, making a lot of girls pay attention. ''Do you have a girlfriend.''

'SAY YES' ''Uh… n-no,'' Naruto stuttered and Asakura, who was smiling, walked back to her seat after thanking the blonde while a lot of girls smiled to themselves. Shit, this was not good, now they knew he was single and could harass him. As he let his head drop, Naruto felt someone glare at him and looked up to see a bells wearing girl glare at him. He raised his eyebrow and asked, ''what's your problem?''

''I REFUSE to live with somebody like you,'' the girl screamed and glared at Naruto while the others sighed, knowing this would happen.

''Tch like I want to live with somebody like you,'' the annoyed blond said and then pointed accusingly at her, ''who knows what you'll do to me while I sleep, you pervert.''

''WHAT! Who's a pervert you stupid blond brat,'' she shouted while Naruto just looked bored.

'Now's a great moment to pull a Kakashi' ''Hmmm You said something?'' Naruto asked trying to sound bored but smirked mentally when he saw the girl fume.

Takamichi, who looked from the sidelines, decided to interfere before a fight broke out and put a hand on the blonde's shoulder and said, ''Well thanks for your time Negi-sensei but I think it's better if Naruto and I leave.'' And with that he and Naruto left the classroom.

After he left the classroom with Takamichi, Naruto decided it was a good time for some work out and left to train in the forest. After that he got bored and decided to search Takamichi. Right now he was walking towards 2-A's classroom where Takamichi probably would be.

''I love you… I love you sensei.''

'WTF isn't that the voice of that stupid girl' Naruto thought and walked faster to see what was happening. When he arrived at the scene he was met with the sight of the stupid girl leaning into that Negi-kid for a kiss.

''I didn't know you were a shota-con, stupid woman'' Naruto said loudly making the stupid girl and Negi jump apart. ''Well don't mind me you can continue with whatever you were doing. Just wait a few years till you begin with the adult things,' Naruto said with a bored tone and started to walk away or at least tried to walk away but couldn't because the stupid girl started to strangle him while the kid started to freak out.

''Who's a shota-con you stupid blonde!'' the stupid girl screamed while strangling and shaking him. Damn, she sure had a strong grip.

''Well you did try to kiss him,'' The blonde stated in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone which only made the girl angrier.

''I was practicing on confessing to Takahata-sensei,'' she screamed and stopped shaking him.

''You do know that Takamichi isn't a kid,'' the blonde deadpanned, ticking the girl further off.

''Of course I do! Who do you think I am? A stupid girl?'' the girl screamed as she started to shake and strangle him again

The blonde was attempted to nod his head but didn't want the face the girl's wrath. ''Hmmm I see you're one of those kind of girls,'' he choked out in a bored tone.

''What's that supposed to mean!'' She screamed as she started to shake him harder.

''Asuna-san you should let go of Naruto-san,'' the kid said while waving his arms but was ignored by the orange haired girl as she continued strangling the blond but stopped when a flesh of light appeared. Looking up they saw Asakura and a few other girls.

''Asuna! Stop harassing Naruto-sensei!'' a blond girl shouted as she saw Asuna strangle her soon-to-be Japanese teacher. Asuna just glared at the girl and dropped Naruto who had swirls in his eyes.

''Geez woman, you didn't have to shake me that hard,'' the blonde said while standing up and shooting an annoyed glare at Asuna which she returned.

''Then don't act like an idiot besides I have name you know, us it,'' she growled annoyed. She had a name so he could at least use it damn it. Besides she started to get annoyed by being called 'woman' or 'stupid girl'. Ugh this idiotic blonde really annoyed her. Why were blondes so annoying?

''Sure woman,'' the blonde dismissed the orange haired girl, who tried to attack him again but was held back by the brat. He was about to leave when he felt someone pull on his clothes. Looking behind he saw two ten year old looking girls. Both had orange/pink hair and looked identical to each other except for the fact that one had long pigtails while the other had buns on her head

''Ne ne Naruto-sensei where were you? We wanted to invite you to Negi-sensei's 'welcome party' but we couldn't find you,'' the one with pigtails pouted.

''But since you're here now, join us,'' she grinned as she dragged Naruto to 2-A's classroom while the others followed.

After the party the students made their way towards their dorms. Naruto, Negi, Asuna and Konoka were walking together towards the train.

''So, do you have a place to stay?'' Asuna asked Naruto and Negi after she was finished in lecturing Negi.

''Umm… no…'' Negi said while Naruto shook his head.

''You can stay with us,'' Asuna said while Naruto and Negi looked at her in surprise. ''Well I may have said a little too much back then,'' she said while twirling her hair between her fingers and winked at Negi. ''But if you work hard, you'll be a good teacher one day too.'' Then she looked at Naruto, ''and I guess we can let you stay too, Blondie.'' As annoying as the blonde was, she just couldn't leave him outside in the cold.

Naruto just looked at her with wide eyes and took a few steps back and pointed at her accusingly, ''Oi, who're you and what did you do to the stupid girl?''

''What's that supposed to mean!'' she screamed with a few tick marks and lunged at him while he dodged her. Yep that was the stupid girl.

''So I can stay with you guys?'' Asuna, who seemed to be muttering about stupid annoying blondes, just nodded her head. '' Should I be afraid of losing my innocence?'' he asked her while looking suspiciously at her.


One second he was looking suspiciously at her and another second he was lying on the ground with a bump on his head while Konoka poked his sides to check whether he was alive. Groaning, Naruto stood up and looked at Asuna.

''Thanks, I guess,'' Naruto smiled warmly at her while the wind blew in is hair making him look cool in Asuna's eyes. But like always the blonde had to ruin the moment and pointing comically at her and pouted, ''But you didn't have to hit me.''

''Whatever lets go,'' Asuna said as she and the others started to walk.



''You did it again!''

Naruto just smiled. Maybe things weren't going to be that bad, besides the girls weren't that bad. Although, on second thought, he had to watch out for that green haired, glasses wearing girl. That girl just gave him bad vibes, and the way she looked at him. It was like he was a piece of meat and she was a lion, a hungry one at that. He shuddered, one thing was sure the girl was dangerous. He shook his head and shouted, ''Oi, Wait for me!'' And ran after the othersto catch them up.

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