This is the undead writer speaking. I am new to this site and this is my first ever fanfiction that I ever have written. If you already read the title, you will understand that this story is a crossover of digimon season 1-5. I am not the best writer and I dont usually write stories that much so my spelling may not be the best. I appreciate Reviws but dont critizize to much.

Without any more interuptions, lets begin

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Our human world is not the only world in this universe. There is also the digital world. In this world, digital monsters rule.

The digital world came to be when a group of college students called the monster makers created small digital creatures which would later be called Digimon. But the project was canceled when the university shut down the project. But from what they created, the digital world came to be and the creatures evolved into more advanced versions of themselfs.

For a while the digital world was peaceful but soon a war erupted between the human and beast digimon. The war threatened to destroy the digital world. But when all seemed lost, an angel digimon came down from the sky and stopped the fighting peacefully. Because of this, Lucemon became the first ruler of the digital world. But he soon got corrupted by the power he now possessed and ruled the digital world with an iron fist. 10 digimon who all represented the different element (fire, light, ice, wind, thunder, earth, wood, water, steel, and darkness) rebelled against Lucemon because of this. Together the warriors defeated Lucemon and imprisoned him in the middle of the digital world. But the battle had cost the warriors their life's so they became spirits. The warriors became known as "the 10 legendary warriors".

3 new rulers were appointed to the digital world: Seraphimon, Ophanimon, and Cherubimon. For a time, the digital world was peaceful once again but that peace was short lived. Cherubimon (because of jealousy and thinking that the other 2 celestial digimon did not care for the beast digimon) was corrupted by Lucemon who was still trapped in the middle of the digital world but still could affect cherubimons thoughts. Cherubimon attacked the 2 other celestial digimon with an army of beast digimon at his side. He mortally wounded Seraphimon but he was spared when Ophanimon gave herself up so that Seraphimon would not get killed. Ophanimon was captured and taken to the rose morning star (Cherubimons castle) while Seraphimon was put in a coma in his own castle guarded by his close friend Sorcerermon.

After the battle with Lucemon, all of the celestial digimon had received some of the spirits of the warriors. Cherubimon used the spirits he had to create Grumblemon (earth), Ranamon (water), Armormon (wood), and Mercurymon (steel). But Ophanimon had hidden hers and Seraphimons spirits around the digital world together with the beast spirit of water. All the spirits had 2 parts: human and beast spirits.

Cherubimon used his corrupted warriors to collect the digital world's data. He was going to use it to become stronger. Soon the digital world looked like a cheese with holes in it. Ophanimon knowing that the digital world was doomed if nothing was done used the little power she had left to contact the human world. She thought that someone in this world could save what was left of the digital world.

She was right. Several kids answered the call but only 6 of them showed themselves to be worthy. These 6 found all of the human and beast spirits of fire, light, ice, wind, thunder, and darkness. They used them to become the warriors to save the digital world. They defeated the corrupted warriors and even Cherubimon. Together they even defeated Lucemon who was resurrected using the power Cherubimon had collected and also because of the help of 2 of the royal knights who were protectors of the digital world. They became the first digidestined. Their names were Takuya Kanabra, Koji Minamoto, J.P Shibayama, Zoe Orimoto, Tommy Himi, and Koichi Kimura. Even though they won, they were forced to return to the human world and losing their spirits so the spirits together could rebuild the digital world.

The spirits used all of their power to rebuild the digital world resulting in the spirits destruction. Four new rulers were appointed to the newly restored world to protect it from evil. These were the digimon sovereigns Ebonwumon, Zhuqiaomon, Azulongomon, and Baihumon. These four ruled the digital world for a while.

But the digimon Apocalymon who was trapped in a dark dimension where all the bad data from the digital world goes was not happy. He was angry. He was suffering while the digital world was not. So he created the four dark masters and sent them to the digital world and used them to defeat and imprison the digimon sovereigns. The four dark master then used their powers to create several evil digimon which started terrorize the digital world. Etemon used the dark network to control the continent of Server while Devimon used the dark gears to control File Island. Myotismon used his power to find a way into the human world to conquer it.

Some human like programs used their powers to create the digivices and crests using a fragment from the original digidestineds d-tectors. The plan was to send these devices to file island where it was prophesized that humans once again would enter the digital world. Digieggs would also be sent. The humans would use the digivices to digivolve their digimon and defeat the evil. But the dark masters learned of the plan and attacked them. Due to a program named Genai, the digivices were sent to the human world while the digieggs were sent to file island. Although one was lost and landed somewhere in the continent of Server. Genai also looked back in time and chose the children who was fit to become digidestined. He chose several children who had been present in a battle between a Greymon and a Parrotmon.

Due to the digital world and human world have different time spans, the 7 new digidestined landed in the digital world only 1 year after the original digidestined in human time but several thousand years in the digital world. The digidestined used their powers to defeat all of the evil in the digital world, the dark masters, and apocalymon himself. The 8th member joined them when they had to return to the human world to save it from Mayotismon before going back to face the dark masters.

As Apocalymon was defeated, the portal between the worlds began to close so after a sad goodbye to their digimon partners, the digidestined had to return to the human world. But the sovereigns were still not free of their prison so Genai summoned the digidestined once again so that they could use their crests to open the sovereign's prison. Giving up their crests made their digimon partners unable to digivolve to ultimate and mega anymore but it also fixed the time difference in the digital world making the human and digital world go on the same time spam. The digidestined then had to return to the human world again.

Some years later, both the digital and human worlds were in trouble once again. Myotismon had survived and came up with a plan to take over both worlds. He infected a man called Okiwawa and used him to create Arukenimon and Mumymon and also made ken Ichijouji the digimon emperor. At that exact time, Zhuqiaomon blamed the human world for the digital world's trouble. He sent the devas and several other digimon to cause havoc in the human world and also to retrieve Calumon who had the power to make digimon digivove. At the same time, a program named the d-reaper began emerging and the sovereigns needed Calumons power to stop the d-reaper. The problem of the d-reaper was so big that the sovereigns used all of their power to keep the d-reaper back making them powerless to stop Myotismons plans.

But 2 new teams of digidestined emerged. The sovereigns chose the first group but the other group meet their digimon and received digivices from different methods. There were now digidestined around the world because more and more children meet digimon every day.

These new teams stooped Mayotismon and the d-reaper separately. The sovereigns made sure that each group did not know of the other as they feared that they might fight each other instead of their enemies.

But what no one else knew was that there was a second digital world. This digital world was ruled by a program called king Drasil and his royal knights. When humans started entering this digital world, the balance of the digital gate between the human world and that digital world started falling apart making king Drasil enraged. A group called DATS who had digimon partners stooped every digimon who entered the human world and sent them back to Drasils digital world. Another human Kurata who was responsible for the rift in the barrier wanted all digimon destroyed. But due to DATS, both worlds were saved and King Drasil calmed down. The DATS digimon left for the digital world to rebuild it together with the DATS member Marcus Daimon.

Now one year has passed since the defeat of Kurata, Myotismon, and the d-reaper. The warrior digidestined don't know about the recent digimon attacks. The digidestined and Tamers have all been reunited with their digimon partners. Drasils digital world has been rebuilt and Marcus and the rest of the DATS digimon have returned to the human world.

Everyone thinks that it is over. They are wrong

Something is coming. Only united, the warriors, digidestined, tamers, and DATS can stop this

That was the prologue done. I tried to make all the seassons conected to each other in a belivable way.

The real story and action will start in the next chapter.

The undead Writer is signing of for now.