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(Present time: Beelzemon)

Beelzemon felt as if someone was watching them as he drove Behemoth throughout the digital desert. But every time he looked back, he saw nothing except the occasional large rocks around the place. The feeling did not go away however and Beelzemon expected the enemy to sneak upon them at any time. Although, it could just be him being paranoid. They had after all traveled for a couple of days now without finding a way to enter the human world.

Ogremon felt like this as well. But he was distracted by something else by his even greener than possible face expression.

Beelzemon noticed and halted Behemoth at once before throwing Ogremon of. "No you don't. No throwing up on my ride thank you very much"

"Hey that's not fair you overgrown imp. I was just….." Ogremon argued back but after only a couple of words spoken, Ogremon felt something moving in his stomach. The champion at once ran behind a huge cliff to empty it.

"Why do this happen to everyone who rides Behemoth besides me?" Beelzemon sighted as he though back to the time when he had offered a tour on Behemoth to Ai and Mako. The results had been the same back then as well.

Once again his senses tingled a warning in his head and Beelzemon looked around for possible enemies. There were no living creatures in sight however although Beelzemon could have sworn that one of the closest mountains had not been there before. A surprised yelp from Ogremon however distracted his attention.

"Eh….Beelzemon you should have a look at what I have found. It's really urgent. This fellow looks like a horde of Mammothmon ran over him.

Beelzemon at once appeared at Ogremon side trying desperately to ignore the bad smell. That was easy since Ogremon's little discovery was just as important as he had mentioned. Because in front of them lay a human of all things bloody and obviously in a lot of pain and by the looks of it, he had been there for a couple of days.

"He may look older but I can still recognize him. I remember when this one was just a little brat all those years ago." Ogremon said actually showing sympathy on his face for once.

Beelzemon at once jerked his head around to look at Ogremon

"You know this kid?" Beelzemon asked startled.

"Of course I do. In the old days, I tried to kill this kid several times but that was ages ago. I haven't seen them in years even though I have heard of the feats they have accomplished since then." Ogremon replied as he went to check on the injured kid. The damage was looking really severe. It was a miracle he even was alive at all.

"Not that I know who this kid is but he definitely need some medical attention and fast" Beelzemon said as he picked up the unconscious boy and slung him over his shoulders. He knew not however what to do. Finding medical care out in the middle out of nowhere would be hard and it didn't make things better for him that this was one of the sectors in the digital world where Beelzemon had not been before.

Then to his surprise, Ogremon came up with an actual pretty smart idea. Beelzemon had to admit that.

"We don't need to look for help around here when we could just use the TV here to travel to the human world and get help there" Ogremon suggested as he pointed to a TV screen present right in front of them which Beelzemon had not noticed before now.

"Huh. How will a TV transport us to the real world? That sounds so absurd and that's saying something considering all those cheesy space shows I have watched with Ao and Mako" Beelzemon raised an eyebrow pointing out the how crazy what Ogremon statement had sounded.

"I am not messing with you. The digidestined always use these TVs to travel to the digital world. I know that this sector which is ruled Azulongmon is full of them. Zhuqiaomon's sector is completely empty of them however." Ogremon argued trying to convince a skeptic Beelzemon. After a while however of constant nagging from Ogremon's side, Beelzemon finally gave in.

"Alright, alright I believe you. Just stop screaming in my ears already" Beelzemon sighed not noticing the victorious smile on Ogremon's face. "So how do we activate it smarty-pants?"

"Uh….That I actually don't know"

At once Ogremon's smile disappeared and Beelzemon face palmed. "Great, just great." He sighted heavily.

Suddenly the ground started shake vigorously around them. Beelzemon at once picked up his Berenjenas while Ogremon fists began glowing with dark energy. Both were readying themselves for an attack but none came. The ground started to shake vigorously again and again and again. But nothing could be seen approaching them. As Beelzemon thought about, it did not sound like a couple of earthquakes. It sounded more like…..footsteps. Really large footsteps.

Then just a sudden as they had started, the quakes died down until the dessert around them went silent again. It was too silent and that was always a bad sign

"I don't like this. Something doesn't feel right" Beelzemon grimaced tightening his grip on his weapons.

"For once I agree with you. Something stinks and it is not me fo…..." Ogremon replied but Beelzemon didn't manage to hear the end of the sentence as Ogremon suddenly let out frightened yelp.

Beelzemon at once turned only to see Ogremon looking up into the sky with a horrified expression. Beelzemon followed his eyes upward and at first he did not see the incoming threat. He only saw a huge mountain even though he could have sworn it hadn't been there before. Why Ogremon seemed shocked all the way to his inner core puzzled the former demon lord. The mountain wasn't that scary looking…...Wait a second. The bottom of the mountains looked surprisingly enough like 2 humongous legs and…..was that an eye staring down at them from the mountain peak.

Suddenly the mountain moved on its own accord and that was when finally Beelzemon came to frightening conclusion in his mind. That was no mountain and whatever it was, it was definitely hostile.

"OGREMON! We have to get out of here now!"

Ogremon heard him and as they both began to sprint away as fast as they could towards Behemoth with the wounded TK but the large mountain like creature had heard them as well. Before any of the two digimon could react, they found themselves in the shadow of an incoming humongous foot ready to stomp them into bits.

(Present time: Demi-Veemon)



All 3 of the partner digimon just stood there in shock looking at the spot where their human partners should have been. There were no trace left of them after they had been enveloped by that black thunder bolt.

"Hey Davis what is that noise. Don't tell me you fall asleep again?" Jun's voice called out from inside the apartment. The bunnies quickly picked up Demi-Veemon and levitated down to the streets right before Jun came storming out finding only a spot of heated metal outside the door.

"What happened? Where did Davis go?" Demi-Veemon asked but the two bunnies just shacked their heads. They did not know but they all 3 did know who the culprit was.

Demi-Veemon looked up into the sky with hatred in his small cuddly eyes up into the sky directed towards the huge black as night cloud hovering above the city. If the in training digimon had not been so angry at the moment, he would have heard a low laughter echoing throughout the city. But maybe that was just the wind playing some tricks.

Both Terriermon and Lopmon followed Demi-Veemon example. Lopmon maybe was doing it a bit too well. Anger was literally radiating of him. Terriermon noticed and at once understood what was happening. "Uh Oh Lopmon is angry"

Terriermon grabbed Demi-Veemon and dragged him as far away as he could until there was a fair distance between them and Lopmon.

"Uh what's happening to Lopmon" Demi-Veemon asked cautiously. Lopmon was literally glowing with power at the moment and it kind of reminded him of what happened to Patamon and Gatomon.

"Loppy is evolving." Terriermon answered shortly. "And when he gets angry and evolves to him, I feel sorry for the enemy"

"I think I get to where you're going at" Demi-Veemon gulped. A certain incident in America was coming to mind.


Lopmon warp digivolve to Cherubimon

For the moment, all movement stopped around them. People were crowding by windows or getting out of their cars to see the huge creature hovering above them. At sight, Jun's mind shut down and she fell unconscious onto the floor. Cherubimon, the humongous beast-like angel digimon, was that much of a sight to behold.

Its face however was telling a different story. It was filled with rage and discontent. If it hadn't been for him being in his angelic form, Demi-Veemon could have sworn he was looking on the corrupt Cherubimon he had battled as Magnamon long ago. The warriors would have made a similar assessment if they had been at the scene as well.

All that rage was radiating in waves and directed towards the dark sky.

"GIVE HIM BACK!" Cherubimon roared viciously. The authority and mercilessness in his voice definitely made the people around him to lock their windows and doors getting the feeling that something big was about to happen.

No response came but the wind made it sound like the black sky was laughing at them again. This sent Cherubimon over the edge as he pushed himself of the ground and shoot himself up into the air with a spear made completely lighting appearing in his hand

"DON'T IGNORE ME! GIVE HIM BACK OR ELSE! LIGHTNING SPEAR!" With great precision and power, Cherubimon threw the spear right into the sky and it impacted with the cloud in a blinding explosion of light. Cherubimon didn't stop there however.

"THOUSAND SPEARS" Before the explosion could subside, an army of similar lighting spears appeared all around Cherubimon. They were smaller in size but were equally as deadly in precision. With a tip of the finger, they all flew towards their target and obliterated it.

Still, Cherubimon didn't seem ready to stop just yet. Raising his giant hands into the air, a large thundercloud started to materialize above him.


With a roar, Cherubimon released a storm of the strongest lightning bolts he could create from the thundercloud. The thunder bombarded the sky and for a moment everyone on the ground watching the event had to close their eyes. That's how bright the impact was.

"Ouch, that's got to hurt" Demi-Veemon gulped at seeing such raw power. Terriermon definitely agreed with that statement.

For a moment as the explosion subsided, the clear blue sky could be seen through pockets in the dark sky. The light radiated down upon them and for a moment it seemed as if Cherubimon had partially succeeded. Then the darkness crept up and replaced the small ray of light with complete darkness again. Whatever damage Cherubimon had caused had already healed itself. The great angel snarled at this and was preparing yet another barrage of lightning attacks.

"Don't exhaust yourself Cherubimon. Continuing with these non-efficient attacks will only tire you out"

Just as he was about to fire, he felt a hand on his shoulder. At touch, he knew who it was and turned around to see a familiar face. The people below just looked with wonder on the new arrival while Demiveemon just wondered why she was there.

Cherubimon's face changed slowly from a face full of rage to a small smile. "It has been a long time Ophanimon" Cherubimon bowed.

"There is no need for that old friend." Ophanimon smiled back. Behind her was Seraphimon who was always giving Cherubimon a friendly smile from under his mask.

For the first time in years, the 3 celestial digimon, who once had been the first rulers over the digital world in its old days, were reunited and ready to fight for freedom and justice once again.

(Past time: Davis)

Davis really wanted to fall unconscious on the spot. He really wanted to and find out that this was all been a bad dream and that he just hadn't been sent back in time to when the first real digimon entered the human world with only a confused Willis and the grumpiest person he knew (Koji) without Veemon.

But he knew it wasn't a dream. He had just seen a much younger Kari and was right now watching a younger Tai run past them on the other side of the road. The slap in the face and lecture he got from Koji confirmed as much.

"Come back to the real world now you idiot. We really need to come up with some kind of plan" Koji shouted literally in Davis face. While Koji was probably his least favorite member of the warriors because of being such antisocial and rude at times, Davis had for once to agree with him. They were stuck in the past and every future action of theirs could create some kind of time paradox changing their own timeline in the process and maybe erasing themselves from history altogether. Davis had already seen too many movies with such themes to know that a happy ending would be too much to ask for.

Koji was probably reacting the best considering their situation of what Davis could see. Still the small glimpses of panic in his eyes as well as him being way to jumpy than his usual self made it plain obvious that Koji was just as equally worried as Davis about their situation. Willis on the other hand was openly expressing his fear and panic evident on his face. He after all had never been in a real fight before and seen the horrors conflicts regarding the digital world could create. The incident with Wendigmon and the brief time he along with the rest of the international digidestined took part in the final assault on Malomyotismon was of course exceptions to that.

"So what do you suggest we do then Koji" Davis retorted back with in a challenging tone. Takuya might accept Koji as a friend but Davis would not. He might have heard of how Matt used to be in the past but Koji seemed much more extreme in that regard. That was probably why Davis did not like him very much (and maybe also because Koji constantly obliterated him in training seasons and insulted him all the time while doing so as well as becoming a little too friendly with Kari in Davis eyes) "Do we just sit here and wait for rescue. Is that your plan fearless leader?"

Koji looked like he was going to slug Davis in the face but he stopped himself and regained his self-control. Still, he sent a mean glare in the direction of Davis. Davis sent his own version back at him. The tension between the two was high and surprisingly it was the most panicky of the trio which came up with a logical suggestion.

"We should probably try to get someplace secluded and secured at first before coming up with a plan of action. It would not be wise to stay here if in any case anyone saw us falling out of the sky and comes here to investigate. I don't think any of us want to be locked up in an insane asylum for claiming being from the future." Willis suggested hastily as he looked in the direction behind them. Davis and Koji turned around and saw a small group of people heading towards them in the distance. How they had not noticed the giant dinosaur running around town was a complete mystery.

"Later" Davis and Koji addressed each other at the same time. Their argument wasn't finished yet but it could wait for later as they had more important matters to deal with.

At once, the trio left the scene as quickly as their legs could carry them and soon enough they found themselves several streets away from where they had landed. They however had just gotten themselves of the pot and into the fire as none of them had noticed a giant digi-egg appearing and hatching in the sky during their little escape. None of the 3 had noticed as well that they had just entered the epicenter of the event to come.

Willis gasped. "Uh-oh. We definitely should not have come this way"

Koji readied his D-Tector for a fight and gritted his teeth "Not that I want to change history but why do I get a bad feeling like we will have a role to play in this fight"

Davis being the only one who understood the meaning of the event looked his eyes was going to leave his sockets. "This is…..This is… To think that I would get the chance to witness this"

Right in front of them was long road. On the right hand side was a large overgrown parrot with claws as sharp as steel. On the other side emerging out from below a ruined bridge was the largest and most vicious Greymon Davis had ever seen.

Both fighters eyed each other for a while just before the two threw themselves at each other.

Greymon VS Parrotmon, the first ever digimon fight outside of the digital world, had finally begun.

"Nova Flame"

With a roar, the Greymon faced the Parrotmon and released a stream of blue flames from his mouth. Before Parrotmon manage to comprehend of what was happening, the blue flames of death were upon him. Parrotmon however posed great reflexes and managed to stumble aside just in time to avoid becoming a roast bird. The flames did swallow one of his large wings though and Parrotmon looked in horror as his left wings was ripped of him and completely ripped apart by the flames.

Not letting his opponent get any chance for a counterattack, Greymon charged towards his hurt opponent like a bull. For a second Parrotmon lost his breath as the huge form of Greymon impacted into him and Greymon seemed to have the upper hand at the moment.

But this was the last moment of victory for Greymon in this battle as Parrotmon finally went on the offensive. Raising claws, Parrotmon descended upon Greymon who caught them with own hands. Small feat of strength then commenced as the two fighters tried pushing each other aside. It was in this regard that the fact that Parrotmon was an ultimate level digimon while Greymon was just a champion was clearly shown. Without much effort, Parrotmon slowly pushed Greymon backwards and finally got Greymon to let go of him. Parrotmon then quickly grabbed Greymon by the throat and threw him to the ground.

As Greymon struggled to get up on his feet, Parrotmon went on the offensive again. Greymon just barely managed to grab the ultimate just in time to stop the parrot from slicing him in half. Irritated with the slow progress of the fight, Parrotmon practically threw Greymon to the other side of the street. Before Greymon could get however, Parrotmon generated a powerful bolt of electricity from its forehead and launched it at Greymon

"Sonic Destroyer"

The impact of the attack was the final straw. Greymon was launched through the air landing right where the young Tai and Kari were watching the fight. Greymon had been knocked out. Parrotmon was the winner of round one.

"Let's go" Koji said looking away from the fight.

"Whys that. You are not my boss." Davis replied with suspicion. He wanted to stay and watch the fight. If they remained on the sidelines, they would not be affecting history that much.

"Just follow my command for once please. While this fight is interesting to watch, it is not our duty to be here. Even if we are here on the sidelines, I have a strong feeling that we should leave right now or something bad will happen." Koji answered.

"Huh" Davis addresses Koji's statement with confusion. "What is getting you to that conclusion?"

"I don't know why but I suddenly felt a slow but rising dark presence in the area. Not neutral like Koichi but pure evil and destructive" Koji whispered only so high that Davis and Willis could hear him.

Suddenly the bridge they were standing on began to shake furiously. Davis grabbed on to the railing as hard as he could to stop himself from falling off the edge. When his eyes located the source of the mini earthquake, he gulped because Greymon was up and at it again and he looked pissed off. Really pissed off.

"Uh where is that friend of yours Davis? I swore I just saw him besides a second a go" Koji called out. Davis turned around and saw that Koji was right. Willis was not besides him anymore. They looked to the right, to the left, and up into the air but Willis was nowhere in sight. They finally caught a glimpse of him when they looked down but they didn't like what they saw. During the shaking, Willis had fallen over the edge of the bridge. He didn't look that very hurt but he was right in the middle of the battlefield now. Right between the furious Greymon and the soon to be fried Parrotmon.

"Nova Flame"

The flames of utter destruction released out of the furious Greymon's mouth flew at Parrotmon like as if it was a huge thunderstorm with its only function to destroy everything in his path. Unfortunately that included Willis.

It was at this time when Davis stubbornness and recklessness got himself to do something very stupid which in the near future he would probably regret doing but as is with any gogglehead, when a friend was in trouble, they would throw themselves into danger without question to save them. Davis was no exception to the rule.

He jumped of the side of the bridge.

He could hear Koji calling out for him in the background as well as cursing his stupidity and comparing him to Takuya but Davis didn't really care about that. The only thing that he cared about was the huge flames of destruction about to cover both him and Willis.

He reached Willis just in time before the flames reached him. They were not as lucky about exiting the blast radius though. The flames ate them whole.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Davis screamed in pain a he felt the enormous heat waddle over his skin. He lost touch in all his nerves. His eyes went completely black and his eardrums felt like they were going to explode.

Then as suddenly as it had started, it ended. The pain disappeared just as quickly as well.

Was he dead? Was that why the pain had stopped. Was Willis dead as well? He couldn't even see or feel him in his current status. Neither did he know of what had happened to Koji. Hade he jumped in after them? Hope not as much as he didn't like him, Davis didn't want him killed.

It was then he heard it. The footsteps. The quiet, but elegant footsteps.

Was that Willis or Koji or maybe it was the younger versions of Tai and Kari? That would be a little awkward and definitely create thousands of time paradoxes in the timeline.

The footsteps could be heard much clearly now meaning that they were very close to his current location. Now he knew it wasn't Koji or Willis. It sounded a bit light compared to his and two other boys footsteps and for some reason, Davis was getting a really bad feeling about this. He felt it. He now sensed it. The dark presence which Koji had told him about before.

When the footsteps stopped right in front of him, Davis knew that he was in serious trouble now. An arm grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up from the ground. Davis finally regained is movement as he struggled for air. Whoever who was choking him chuckled and hardened his grip.

"Struggle all you want human. Your meaningless attempts amuse me. Maybe when I am done with you, I will give you to my bats to play with." The owner of the hand chuckled. Davis body went limp at once the second he heard that voice. He recognized it and the thought alone turned his blood to ice.

Maybe it was due to desperation and the fear growing inside of Davis or maybe it was Arbormon awakening his inner warrior inside of him but either way Davis felt as if his hand moved on its own and fisted his assailant right in the face. He heard the gasp of surprise and fury as his assailant let go of his grip and allowed Davis to fall to the floor and gasp for air.

"You have guts human but this was your last mistake. I will send you to the deepest dungeons of this castle and having you undergo and painful but slow death." The assailant snarled at him. His eyes hadn't recovered yet but the movement in his body and eardrums had recovered allowing Davis to roll out of the way as he heard the ground besides being crushed by a powerful strike.


Davis spirit evolve to Arbormon

Spirit evolving quickly into Arbormon, Davis quickly went on the offensive. His eyes still didn't respond but that made no difference. He had to admit now that his training with Koji had paid off as he actually had taken Koji's advice about trying to use all his senses in order to find his opponent. Still he wished he could see his opponents face expression at the moment.

"Roundhouse punt"

Extending his right leg at high speed, Arbormon could feel himself grinning in satisfaction as he felt his foot impact with the assailant and hearing its grunt of pain. As he went in for another attack however, the assailant stopped his attack by grabbing his leg in midair. "Uh-oh" Arbormon gulped.

"A human turning into a digimon…..very interesting. I will enjoy torturing you for the answer for how this is possible. Maybe it could help me in the search for the holy crest. But for now…." The assailant exclaimed victoriously.

"Crimson Lightning"

Arbormon could sense the attack coming but didn't manage to dodge it as he felt something powerful impact hard into him. It then slammed into him again and again and again. It felt as if he was being whipped into submission.

"Blockade Seed"

Doing the best he could, Arbormon Fired a seed-like bomb from its mouth in the direction he though his assailant was located. He could hear the explosion and the whipping ended but if that had been the end, it would have been too easy.

"Looking for me"

Arbormon looked up into the air and finally it seemed his eyes was starting to work again because he could now see his assailant levitating above him in all his glory with the large red and black cape surrounding him and the boots with the face of a human skull to his pale skin and sharp vampire like teeth. The eyes were the worse as it looked down on Arbormon with bloodlust evident.

Arbormon had been correct before when he had guessed who it had been and now knowing that he had been right didn't make things any better.

"Grisly Wing"

(Past time: Koji)

Koji groaned loudly as his senses began to settle to the environment around him. Having jumped after Davis had been the worst idea ever and that was saying something having been influenced by Takuya for several years. Still, even though he thought of Davis as much more immature version of Takuya evident by the boys dislike for him, Koji knew he meant well and had therefore jumped after him.

He had been smart however and unlike Davis had spirit evolved while falling saving him from most of the destructive flames leaving him with only a few scratches. The intensity of the flames had caused to de-spirit evolve back to his usual self.

"Never again" Koji grumbled as he wobbly got up on his legs and looked around "but knowing myself and the influence from Takuya, I won't be able to keep that promise

Willis was lying beside him. Koji at once checked his pulse and sighted in relief knowing he was alive. His scorned skin told otherwise but alive he was still.

He seemed to be in a huge cave of some sort. There was also a huge gate which didn't really fit with the rest of the cave. There were also several statues of Devidramon's placed around the room.

Koji legs suddenly gave of and he would have fallen to the ground if it hadn't been for him grabbing the nearest wall. Or what he though was a wall as it felt more organic.

Koji removed his hands at once realizing he had just grabbed one of the Greymon's humongous scales. The huge dinosaur was lying on the ground dizzily trying to get up. Koji turned his head and saw Parrotmon doing the same thing at the other end of the cave.

While Koji didn't really knew the story with this Greymon to Davis gang of the present, Koji knew the dinosaur was in pain and Koji would never leave anyone in pain as long as he could do something about it.

"Easy there big guy. Don't exhaust yourself." Koji addressed the huge dinosaur. Greymon finally looked down and saw him for the first time. He looked down at Koji with interest.

"Crimson Lightning"

The sound of an attack being launched got both Koji and Greymon to turn their heads. What they saw was Davis (as Arbormon) being brutally beaten by….. a Myotismon.

While Koji hadn't seen a Myotismon before, he had heard about them and their brutality and dark magic. This was definitely the dark presence he had felt before. Arbormon was fighting back but barely holding the dark vampire back.

"Rookie. Let me show you how a true warrior fights" Koji called out as he took out his D-Tector out of his pocket and activated it


Koji spirit evolve to Lobomon

Greymon just watched the evolution with interest. It didn't freak out or anything. If anything, its respect for the kid had increased.

"Sonic Destroyer"

Lobomon rolled out of the way of the bolt of thunder and turned around to see Parrotmon charging at him screeching a battle cry. The ultimate however didn't manage to reach the warrior of light as it was stopped in its track as Greymon threw himself in front of Parrotmon and tore his only remaining wing of with his large teeth. Parrotmon screeched in pain as it threw itself upon Greymon pining it to the ground.

Lobomon was about to jump in but Greymon was nodding his head towards where Arbormon was being chased by a large swarm of bats with Myotismon not long behind. Some kind of invisible agreement went between the two as Lobomon nodded his head in return. This wasn't his fight. It was Greymon's fight. His fight was with Myotismon.

"Lobo Kendo"

Turning his back towards Greymon and Parrotmon, Lobomon turned around and threw himself between Arbormon and Myotismon. Startled by the new arrival, Myotismon stopped in his track giving Lobomon a chance to slice Myotismon with his light swords. Myotismon let out a blood chilling howl as he retreated back a bit gaining some distance between him and the warriors.

"This pain…This sensation…..You must be a digimon of light correct" Myotismon howled in pain Lobomon's way.

"Yes I am" Lobomon replied shortly as he looked to Arbormon's injuries.

"Then I must destroy you. You here can only mean that you are here to stop me from finding the holy crest which I must obliterate-Blood Punch." Myotismon lashed out as he threw himself upon Lobomon who evaded at the last second.

"Oh so this is before he obtains Karis crest" Arbormon said coming to a realization.

"What do you mean?" Lobomon asked as he continued to avoid Myotismon's attacks. It was evident Arbormon (Davis) had meet this digimon before.

"I only know that Myotismon was one of most dangerous threats Tai and the other digidestined faced back in the day. He invaded the human world in order to kill Kari and he used the crest of light to find her." Arbormon continued. At the mention of crest of light, Myotismon stopped attacking and eyed Arbormon with suspicion.

"Crest of light? So you know where that accursed thing is. Tell me so I can destroy it." Myotismon demanded.

"Not that I know what is going on but whatever you're planning, it's not going to happen. Lobo Laser" Lobomon growled as he released a large beam of light towards Myotismon.

"Grisly Wing"

Myotismon quickly summoned an army of bats in front of him to absorb the attack while he flew out the way. "What you speak of interests me. You speak as if this has already happened and of the legend of the digidestined as if they were true. Tell me more of this and I shall give you a quick death." Myotismon addressed the 2 warriors in front of him levitating above the ground.

"Never you sparkly pathetic vampire. Go back to your book and be with your useless girlfriend that is almost as useless as you are." Arbormon retorted. Suddenly the whole room went quiet as Myotismon gave him a confused look while Lobomon expression changed to something between disbelief and amazement.

"Did you just reference..."

"I couldn't help myself okay. I have died to tell that insult to someone ever since I watched those movies." Arbormon interrupted looking rather sheepishly.

"I don't know what is scarier: you reminding me so much of Takuya that could I puke or that you actually watched those horrendous movies." Lobomon felt himself shudder at the mere thought.

"Your words confuse me but I very much convinced that I want to know where you come from" Myotismon coughed a little uncomfortably earning him the 2 warrior's attention. The vampire definitely had enough of talk of sparkly vampires. Such nonsense. Such things couldn't exist…or could they?

"Crimson Lightning"

With a swift movement of his arms, the red blood red whips appeared in Myotismon's hands and flew into both warriors with such force which both were flown across the room.

"Yep we are definitely in the time period where vampires were still cool" Arbormon said dizzily as he got up on his feet.

"Well let's make him uncool again and get out of this timeline. I already have headache." Lobomon groaned in response.


Lobomon slide evolve to Kendogaruromon

Arbormon slide evolve to Petaldramon

At the sight of light wolf and the giant plant of 4 legs appearing right in front of him, Myotismon just smiled as the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon went on behind him.

"Interesting. Very interesting indeed."

(Present time: Ophanimon)

"Ready Ophanimon?" Cherubimon asked with a tone of shame. Having just remembered some of the horrible things he had done. Ophanimon in response gave him a kind smile lifting Cherubimon's spirits

"Thank you for the concern. I will get Willis and the others back. Don't worry." Ophanimon said with a kind tone. All around them on the ground stood all the current warriors digidestined (new and old) pointing their D-Tectors in the air as the spirits of the legendary warriors exited the devices and flew into the air towards the black cloud covering the sky. They had all answered the call to arms when they got Ophanimon's message. Tai and Agumon along with the three partner-less digimon were also present looking up at the sky with a mixture awe and fear.

As the spirits seemingly forced themselves through the cloud, it slowly opened up. A large part of the cloud was shaft aside and a small ray of light began to slip through the huge black sky above them. It was just big enough for someone small to get through.

Time to execute the plan and if Ophanimon had known who she was going to meet soon enough as she entered the light, she would have giggled in excitement of getting revenge on the one digimon she hated above all others.

Ophanimon left her fellow celestial angels side and threw herself up into the air right towards the small light source which was already closing itself at an alarming rate. The spirits were desperately trying to keep it open but they were slowly losing strength.

It wasn't for nothing however as Ophanimon passed through them and into the light before completely vanishing from view. The spirit soon followed their former ruler's footsteps and went in after her. They would lead Ophanimon to their lost comrades and take them back to where they belonged.

(Present Time: unknown)

One of the warrior spirits however stopped themselves in their tracks just before entering the light. The warrior of darkness had sensed something. Lowemon was looking around sniffing for something. He could feel it. The huge levels of darkness that surrounded the cloud were astounding. It shouldn't have been possible for them to having entered the cloud. The power levels of darkness were even to powerful for a celestial angel and a group of warrior spirits to breach through. It was if the cloud had allowed them to enter it, as if it had wanted them to.

Lowemon's duty and mission however replaced his feelings of mistrust and suspicion for the moment as he flew after his warrior comrades into the light just before it closed itself making the sky completely filled with darkness again. If he had just been a little more aware of his surroundings, he would have noticed what looked like a smokey face take form in the cloud watching him entering the small ray of light with interest before looking down to observe the remaining humans and digimon down on the ground.

It wasn't just Tai, the powerless warrior digidestined, and the celestial angels that were being watched. All along the clouds radius smokey faces began appearing out of nowhere. The Hypnos towers, Sarah Daimon's house, Odaiba High, Guilmons Hut, and The Old Shibuya Station were all observed from above.

No one noticed the faces in the sky though as it was effectively camouflaged to the darkness of the sky but if one had seen them, they would have seen a vicious smile forming before disappearing along with the rest of the faces as well as seeing something falling out of the sky towards the ground.

One unlucky individual did see one of these falling objects create a crater just in front of him sending him flying backwards covered in dust. Before he managed to get up on his feet however, he caught the sight of something horrifying getting up out of the crater.

It was definitely a creature of darkness and evil. The creature was covered in flames from the impact with the ground but it did not seem to mind. It instead embraced the flames before shrugging them of him like as if they were insignificant flies. It was then the fallen man noticed that the creature was not covered in flesh but gritty looking metal. The eyes were the worst however. It was as if a ferocious but intelligent animal was meeting his gaze thinking for the best way to kill him.

That was the last thing the man saw before metal creature trampled his metal foot on his head squishing it to pieces killing him directly. Blood splattered over the street but the creature did not seem to mind.

It did however take notice to the crowd of people all around him which looked at him with fear. They wanted to run but their fear was paralyzing their ability to think and take action.

The creature gave his back to his first victim approached the mass of people and as it did, it picked something out from behind the cape it was wearing that had somehow survived being burned into nothing.

All throughout the street, anguished screams could be heard before silence took over. All throughout the city things fell to the ground. One collided on top of the roof of one of the damaged Hypnos towers, another smashed directly into garden of Sarah Daimon's house, a third teared right through the Odaiba high computer lab which the newer generation digdestined used so many times to travel to the digital world, one crashed through a row of trees into the park where Guilmon's hut was located, and a last hit right in the middle of the abandoned Shibuya station breaking the floor and almost falling into the chamber which used to be where the Trailmons were stationed.

In the digital world, the fake Lucemon was observing the whole thing through one of Lilithmon's magic mirrors. "Very fascinating. Let's see how you will handle this, heroes of the human and digital worlds."

It seems things are both heating up both in the present and in the past. Watch the next episode of Digimon: Digital Monsters to find out what happens next

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A couple of notes surrounding this chapter

- With all the time traveling going on, I wanted to have one of the villains from Adventure to make an appearance. Etemon was pretty fun for me to write but he already got his chance to shine and Devimon only appeared a couple of chapters ago in TKs little dream sequence. While most of the dark masters were pretty cool villains, they had rather boring personalities (excluding Pupetmon who was a very interesting villain). In the end, I went with Myotismon mainly for him being one of the biggest threats during the adventure era for both generations of digidestined. Also with Myotismon involved, I couldn't resist referencing..."Twilight" (shudders just thinking of those horrible movies)

Also did anyone figure out who that figure at the end was? I am not going to spoil it but I can already tell you that next chapter is going to be very fun for me to write due for a couple of reasons.

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