Brother of the Blade: Link 320-360

Again the last name of this man has been forgotten. Also most of the personal details, however there is a journal entry that has been translated into the modern dialect of Hylian.

"I have joined these men to serve in a way that I could not have as a regular foot soldier. The Brotherhood of Heroes has taken the place that had been held by the Knights of Hyrule before their fall from grace. I am amazed at the similarities, and also the differences. While the Knights only accepted the nobility in their ranks, the Brotherhood accepts all. There are scribes as well as warriors; we are all treated as equals in the barracks, and only virtue in the field gains one the privileges of command over his fellow Brothers. Not only are there Hylians serving, but also Humans, Gorons, and Zoras. I joined in my twentieth year of life, making me the youngest, but I will not fall as long as I can fight."

From this passage we can gather that he was born in the year 300. He was not known to have carried the mantle of Hero, nor did achieve a high rank in the Brotherhood. We know that he did have some ties to the former Link that we have written about by being the great-grandson of one of the King's bastard children.

All the accomplishments for him that we can gather is the rescue of the Princess Zelda of the time from the hands of a demon known only as the Dark One. He is credited with the deaths of over a thousand Knights in his forty years of service.

During his service to the Brotherhood he married and had three children, only one of which we can confirmed lived past infancy eventually becoming a scribe in the year 351 at the age of twenty-five. This places the child's birth around the year 326.

Link was killed in the year 360 from an arrow fired by a Knight archer during a skirmish. He was posthumously awarded the Brother of the Blade for his service to the Brotherhood of Heroes, and the service to the Royal Family in the rescue of Princess Zelda.

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