Rose was sat with her mum, cup of tea in hand, talking about her latest adventures with The Doctor. She was in the middle of describing how they had rescued an entire planet from being sucked into a black hole with little more than a sink plunger and The Doctor's wibbly wobbly timey wimey detector when Jackie interrupted her.

"So, has he made any advances?" she inquired, with a look of genuine interest and innocence.

Rose nearly choked, "What?" she spluttered

"Oh, you know what I mean, I've seen the way you both look at each other, its plainly obvious, don't tell me that you haven't thought about it. I just wondered whether you'd… you know…" Jackie trailed off, and gingerly sipped her tea, feeling more than slightly awkward.

"God no mum, we're just friends, not together together."

Rose knew exactly what her mother was implying, and though she made it obvious she understood she pretended that she hadn't given it a second thought as she went on to describe the diamond city on applappachia The Doctor had taken her to see, all the while not being able to get her mother's comment out of her thoughts. Truth was, she had thought about it, a lot more than she cared to admit, the last few weeks had been hell for her, with the longer than necessary hugs and the frequent kisses to her forehead, not to mention the fact that his hand was constantly in hers, Rose was just glad that The Doctor was out of earshot for that particular conversation between herself and her mum.

About an hour later Rose had a rucksack on her back that was full of clean clothes and other necessities, after spending a great deal of time trying to explain to her mother that she neither wanted or, for that matter, needed the very short skirt, very high heels and very small packet of condoms she had tried to stuff into her bag.

She walked down the steps of the flat and out into the courtyard of the Powell Estate with her mother to the TARDIS that was waiting for her on the corner of the pavement.

"Be careful sweetheart" said her mother as she gave Rose a massive squeeze

"See ya" called Rose as she walked away from her mum and towards the grinning doctor waiting for her by the door of the TARDIS, and she slipped her hand into his as they slipped inside, leaving Jackie standing in the cold of suburban London, watching her only daughter disappear from the face of the earth.