Who would've thought that a single red rose would change everything?

Hiroki was about to take an early jog that morning, when he found a red rose on his door step. He was curious who would have sent it, since he had a reputation for being a grumpy neighbor most of them avoided him and others were cautiously respectful to him. None the less he picked the rose up and took it inside his apartment; bringing a smile to his face. He may be known as a grump but he wasn't cold-hearted He used a plain glass with water for a vase, and placed it next to his old reliable typewriter. He sat down and began writing as he got some inspiration seeing as he could take his jog any other time.

Hiroki Kamijou, age 28, assistant professor of the literature department of the Mitsuhashi University, and writer of mysteries and (ahem) romance books, which he writes under a pen name. Not as popular as his friend but has a good number of fans. He would sometimes get gifts or fan letters from his admirers, but not even his most overly crazed would know his address and his editor would normally bring it herself. He was quite curious who his secret admirer is.

By midmorning on a long lazy weekend, Hiroki looked up from his typewriter and noticed that the rose had started to bloom. Smiling lightly he sees as the rose start to unfurl its silken petals, but soon the smile fades as the rose reveals needles piercing the heart of the rose.

He abruptly get up "Is this some kind of a sick joke?" yelling to no one, he takes the rose to the kitchen placing it next to a large thick yellow envelope.

He started pacing back and forth trying to figure out who could have sent it, but the more he overthinks the more he scares himself.

Then a thought comes up, 'Whenever you are in need of my help, don't hesitate to call me, for I will be there'

"That's right" speaking to himself, he goes over to his typewriter and pulls out a small card.

Nowaki Kusama


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