A/N. Just something that popped into my head while reading reviews. Just a little fem!Luffy one-shot, enjoy!

Summary: three reasons why you should not let Luffy operate any sort of maritime vehicle what so ever. But then again, you only need one.

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Maritime vehicles and straw hat wearing pirates just don't mix.

Reason 1: Luffy can't even stay aboard her own ship for more than an hour, and that's if you're lucky.

"HEY USOPP! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!" was the overexcited call that came from one hyperactive captain as she stood balancing on the guard rail of the Thousand Sunny. This immediately caused several to panic as Luffy balancing so close to the sea never boded well for anybody.

"YOU IDIOT! GET DOWN FROM THERE!" came Nami's angry voice as she stood teeth bared like a hungry shark and fist swinging about like a cranky old man who didn't want you on his lawn.

"Whoopsy-daisy!" was all that was said as Luffy jumped in shock and surprise before taking an unnecessary tumble into the hateful ocean.

"GAH! LUFFY FELL OVERBOARD!" Immediately one perverted chef came jumping over the railing to fish their beloved captain out. After being scolded for about fifteen minutes Luffy soundly apologized and promised not to fall overboard again. 30 minutes later, you could find Usopp fishing Luffy out via a fishing pole.

Reason 2: Law's submarine, enough said…

Law stood in shock as a seemingly innocent visit from another captain (lord only knows how she managed to find them let alone get on board.) turned into a spiraling nightmare that was quickly escalating out of control.

One minute his rival for the spot of king, Monkey D. Luffy, was admiring all the "pretty buttons" as she had termed it, the next, the sub was spinning and bouncing out of control as she continued to rapidly press random buttons in the control room submerging and resurfacing the submarine and terrorizing anybody unfortunate enough to be above them when they were under water. She had already capsized fifteen some ship and she was already well on her way to working on the sixteenth-CRUNCH-…never mind…

"Straw Hat-chan…"

"Yes?" Luffy replied innocently as she continued to press at random buttons, not all in proper working condition anymore.

"Would. You. Please. STO-" -SWSH- "AGH!" "Never mind…" Law sighed as he began tracking down the now wayward captain, they'd fish her out of the ocean, or wherever she had landed herself and not only resalvage the escape pod but also return her to her crew.

Reason 3: I don't know what else to tell you other than the fact that Luffy steering her own ship was a bad idea, letting her steer a marine ship was an even worser idea. Especially near Mariejois.

All Akainu and Sengoku could do was twitch in irritation as one Monkey D. Luffy managed to escape her execution in the most unconventional of ways.

She had busted out of her cell, commandeered the steering wheel, and then proceeded to steer the ship half blindly with no knowledge of how to do so properly in the first place. She managed to run the ship aground, and it was by far not in the way any normal and sane human would have thought possible.

Currently the ship was upside down. At the very top of the Red Line, right dead center of Mariejois. Literally inside the city. She even managed to indirectly set fire to several nearby buildings.

Yes, the child was a walking natural disaster in and of itself and by definition alone… Her father would be so proud.

So yes, it was not a bright or safe thing to do, that is, to let Luffy operate any kind of Maritime vehicle…


Not a bright idea at all.

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