The formal party was everything that he had thought it would be when he had gotten dressed earlier. There was a band with a woman singer, waltzing couples on the in their formal wear on the dance floor. The lights in the room had been dimmed, aside from the glittering crystaline chandalier hanging overhead. Setting a slightly more romantic mood for the couples dancing.

And he could clearly see the Canadian ambassador, weaving his way through the people, mingling with various other politicians in the room and couldn't help but look around anxiously.

He was here on a request from the ambassador to take his sixteen year old daughter, Hanna around the city and make sure that she has fun. It wasn't exactly a bad job, after all he liked kids. But he wasn't totally sure what would please a young lady straddling the line between child and woman. He felt anxious and nervous about meeting the young lady and couldn't seem to stand still.

He kept shifting from foot to foot nervously and looking down at his semi formal wear and frowning.

He still couldn't believe that he'd grabbed the wrong belt and forgotten his formal gloves. What was he? A barbarian?

The door a few feet behind him opened and he turned to glance at the person coming in out of curiosity. Was this the young lady he was supposed to take around Chicago? He wondered as a woman wearing an ankle length black satin dress and dark brown hair carefully pulled back from her face and piled up on top of her head in loose ringlets and curls, walked in.

He gave her a polite smile as she looked at him and was somewhat put at ease when she smiled back. He turned back towards the dance floor and was more then a little bit startled to find the ambassador standing next to him. How did he- He wondered as he turned his head a little bit to look at the man.

He hadn't even sensed him coming up on him. I need to pay more attention to my blind spot. He thought as the ambassador smiled at him.

"You must be Benton Fraser, you're commanding officer said that you would be hard to miss- You're taller than I expected." The man said half jokingly as he held his hand out to him. Benton's sky blue eyes looked down at the man's hand as he hesitantly slipped his fingers around the man's hand and said a polite greeting. Then promptly tried to explain why he wasn't wearing his formal uniform.

The ambassador waved his explanation off. Telling him that his lack of formal wear was no problem before commenting on how Hanna will probably like him as he was anyways since she found formal affairs tedious and hardly ever bothered to attend them.

Benton was more than a little bit surprised by the man's words. He'd never imagined that an ambassador's daughter would dislike parties such as the current one. Especially since political figures usually attended such gatherings to keep relations between countries good. Avoiding it was just, just-

It was just down right scandalous is what it was.

The ambassador clapped his hands together, drawing Benton from his thoughts as he said cheerfully, "Okay constable. Just a few small tips on how to handle Hanna and I can tell you where to meet here. First off, Hanna isn't sixteen- She's twenty two. The photo that you were given so that you could see what she looked like was an old one. I'm afraid that she hasn't sit still long enough for a picture or likness of her to be made since she was actually sixteen-" Benton opened his mouth to say something but the man was still talking so he just shut his mouth and listened.

"The reason for this trip is because she needs a husband and I'm trying to arrange a marriage for her with someone suitable. However she's reached her rebellious stage and tends to be...willful. She's manage to ruin five marriage proposals, three relationships with other foreign diplomats and to be honest I'm thinking of disowning her. She's just embarrassed me so much over the past few years."

"So...she's a trouble maker?"

"No. And at the same time yes. Don't get me wrong Fraser, she's a good girl. She is less likely to get herself arrested than her little sister is. But I can't control her. She simply refuses to listen to what I have to say. I just wanted to make that clear to you. Now, her likes are monster movies, dancing, arts and crafts, reading, writing short stories, music-"

"I think I get the idea sir." Benton said politely. The man smiled at him.

"Alright, did anyone give you the specifics of your assignment?"

"I was told that I would be showing the young lady around the city and making sure that she has fun. I was to take her on a tour, shopping-"

"Well that isn't all that you'll be doing, constable."

"It isn't?" Bentons asked curiously. The man slowly shook his head no and then started listing his assignment and everything it entailed.

"You will be not only acting as my daughter's escort and keeping her company but you will be acting as her bodyguard as well. And since we will be in Chicago for a month, I asked for the best person for this specific job. Your commanding officer said that you were the best. Do you accept?"

Benton was quiet for a moment as he mulled everything over. Dealing with a twenty somthing year old woman with a willful nature was not his idea of fun. But if his commanding officer said that he was the best for the job then he could do nothing but accept the job and everything that came with it. He just hoped that the woman didn't push his buttons too much.

"Yes sir. I accept."

"Good. You'll find Hanna at the Longridge hotel. Room number 313."