Here's the 50 sentence challenge I promised (two weeks ago). And since Sydia's outing us on her account on da, might as well do it here too.

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Oh yeah, one more thing, this 50 sentence challenge thing (I failed btw. I couldn't fit it into one sentence :P) is dedicated to Unleash Your Inner Self.

Happy reading!

#01 - Ring

Neuro couldn't really fathom why on earth a simple band of metal made the louse act the way she did...rings were a sign of ownership among these pathetic creatures, weren't they?

#02 - Hero

Many saw her as a hero, a glutton, the savior of humanity but Neuro always saw her as a louse, save an evolved one.

#03 - Memory

In her spare time, when she wasn't negotiating or eating, her thoughts always traced back to him, sometimes wondering if he even remembered her, because for sure, she always remembered him.

#04 - Box

Even after all these years, the word 'box' came with a feeling of sadness and old memories of a weary detective with a cigarette and two others, a small skinny boy in a long t-shirt accompanied by a soft-spoken calm girl with brown hair.

#05 - Run


"I thought you said you always wanted a dog, Louse. I'm only fulfilling your wishes. Besides, someone has to make sure the pet has some exercise...Run faster, would you, Louse? At this rate, the dog'll never be tired enough for his nap."

#06 - Hurricane

Neuro paused for a moment, staring at the TV screen...he didn't understand what the humans were so afraid of... Hell Maelstroms were much much worse.

#07 - Wings

Yako had to admit, flying seemed pretty cool, but after saying that to Neuro, and being dropped off of one of the tallest buildings in Japan with a pair of paper wings...flying with her 'own' wings didn't seem that cool anymore...being caught by Neuro and getting to see Japan from above was much more interesting.

#08 - Cold

When his Louse shivered, Neuro frowned, taking the opportunity to throw the mini-heater at her head.

He wasn't going to let his human get a cold AGAIN.

#09 - Red

Her blood shone crimson red, and dripped onto the ground slowly every time she took a breath.

He stared down at her as her eyes closed, this slightly 'evolved' human he had spent so much time on...

Was she worth it?

#10 - Drink

Getting the slave with piercings drunk was always rather easy, getting the Louse drunk took more work but was much more satisfying.

#11 - Midnight

When she wakes up in the middle of the night, scared, she stares up at the ceiling strangely comforted by the sight of the puzzle daemon sleeping there.

#12 - Temptation

Seeing Neuro asleep beside her never failed to make her happy and always made her want to touch him to make sure he was really there.

#13 - View

She never viewed herself as a detective. Negotiator was a much more appropriate term...especially since the name of 'detective' was the legacy Neuro left for her.

#14 - Music

Neuro had to admit the music was somewhat pleasing but what was even more pleasing was seeing his partner, his Louse spin and shake to the fast beat.

#15 - Silk

When she finally gave into the temptation, she found that his skin was surprisingly smooth and cool to the touch like silk.

#16 - Cover

She was his cover. This was the reason and the lie in itself that he repeated to himself and to the others of the Daemon World. But with time, even he realized that she was something more.

#17 - Promise

He had promised to come back and so he had, but he couldn't comprehend why Yako was acting so ridiculously and trying to hug him. Didn't she understand what a promise was?

#18 - Dream

Was it so foolish for her to dream of harmless, inconsequential, little things that would never ever ever happen between her and a certain puzzle daemon?

Apparently so...especially since she talked in her sleep and that very certain puzzle daemon had heard every word.

#19 - Candle

"Hmmm... The gesture is appreciated, Louse, but you do understand that if you were to put my REAL age in candles on your pathetic confectionary filth, it would never fit...I'll just have to make you bake me a bigger one...One the size of this house should do."

#20 - Unstoppable

Her talent was understanding people, their hearts and minds while his was seeing past the confusion and the chaos into the truth with his tools and wits...Together they were unstoppable.

#21 - Silence

The silence of the empty office would have been to much to bear for any normal human...But he was no normal human and it unnerved the daemon to be sure, but he could live with it. He could. But had the office always been this big?

#22 - Courage

Ripping a hole in the fabric of one world to create a doorway to the next was the easy part, gathering enough courage to jump into that hole with her relentless tormenter, and partner, she found was the hard part.

#23 - Fire

He flew across the city with the fires blazing below and the sky above, a painted canvas of smoking red and black, filled with only one thought: 'Let her be okay.'

#24 - Strength

His strength in the Daemon World was legendary, here in the Human World, it was greatly decreased and decreasing faster every day, but still sufficient enough to beat a few pathetic humans who were foolish enough to think themselves 'evolved'.

#25 - Mask

His 'innocent' face, his 'unbelieving face' and many of the other faces he used in public were masks, she found, but in the end she couldn't complain...Many humans wore 'masks' of sorts, was it so strange that a daemon wore one too?

#26 - Ice

The ice was deliciously cool in the hot and humid office, but not nearly as delicious as the daemon that fed it to her bit by bit.

#27 - Fall

A myriad of colors spun and shrieks sounded as a gunshot was fired across the rooftops and he fell, his wings unable to catch him, for the last time.

#28 - Forgotten

For him to simply show up once again after returning to the Daemon World to heal and come back to the Human World looking for mysteries, was expected, for him to forget her was not.

#29 - Dance

She couldn't help but be amazed as his lithe body moved easily back and forth to the music, she was even more amazed when he held out a hand invitingly and didn't even bother slamming her head into the ground.

#30 - Body

His body had the likeness of a bird apparently, according to the louse, but to be sure that did not justify her calling him an 'overgrown purple and yellow pelican'.

#31 - Cloud

"Hey, Neuro...I wonder what clouds taste like..."

"Since I'm in a good mood, let me help you find out, Louse."

-one minute later-


"What's wrong, Louse? You should be able to taste the clouds from up there. Keep your mouth open, won't you? Or I might have to throw you up into the sky again so you can have another taste."

#32 - Farewells

He really hadn't expected her to say that, for her to be brave enough to say such a thing, but since she had and since she had evolved so nicely, it was only fair he give his own present of a farewell and call her his 'partner'.

#33 - Human

The longer he stayed here, the more like these pathetic creatures he became, but he had to wonder, looking at his louse-wife, was it truly such a bad thing?

#34 - Formal

Seeing Neuro in a tux had been rather...nice, to say the least...maybe formal events were worth something more than the buffet table after all.

#35 - Fever

Seeing him full of bullet holes never failed to frighten her, but what scared her more was when he was gripped by a daemon fever, because then she couldn't do anything but watch, powerless, as his body twisted and changed uncontrollably, his normal confidence and pride gone.

#36 - Laugh

Her laughter was always enjoyable to hear and much more pleasant than her tears but at times, it irked him when it was caused by a human, especially a male, and made him wish to bang her head against the ceiling until she stopped.

#37 - Lies

He never really 'lied' per se to the Louse, only neglected to mention a few unimportant details, besides, somehow she always saw through his 'outright' lies.

#38 - Forever

Forever was too short, it seemed as she cried, one hand clutching her wedding ring and the other, a single lock of purple-yellow hair.

#39 - Overwhelmed

How could she not be? To see the Daemon World, with its ever changing landscape...and to see Neuro, as he truly was, in all his glory, exuding power and strength from every pore on his skin.

#40 - Movies

She should have known better than to take Neuro to the movies...because she most definitely wasn't going back, not after Neuro had impressed on her all the things he could do to her in the darkness of the theatre.

#41 - Wait

He stared at the tombstone and sighed. Hadn't he made it clear that she was to wait for him?

#42 - Talk

Talking to your mom about marriage is always can be even more so when they don't know you're currently carrying the spawn of Hell.

#43 - Search

He would find them, no matter where, no matter when, because nobody EVER took HIS louse and got away with it.

#44 - Hope

'Hope is the thing with feathers' she told him once only to have him grin and say, 'Does that mean I'm YOUR hope?'

#45 - Eclipse

Under the temporary midnight sun, Neuro wildly gave into his darkest temptation, pressing his lips to hers for a brief scorching kiss, and then pulled away abruptly, dropping her to the ground, as soon as the golden sun broke away from the darkness, and glowed brightly once more in the clear blue sky.

#46 - Gravity

No matter how many times she leaves, she always returns, drawn back to him by some inexplicable force she can't explain and fears to understand, much like how the moon is forever attracted by the Earth, and runs away, only to return...

#47 - Frosting

She stared at him, frozen with the much needed urge to laugh...and the secret wanton desire to lick it off.

#48 - Choice

He had given her a choice, stay or leave, and felt secretly relieved when she replied with a fervent yes...and a kiss.

#49 - Lock

It was one of her most prized possessions, purple and yellow, and she kept it hidden in a box, along with her memories of him...and her sadness.

#50 - Breath

Falling ever deeper into the water, her hand outstretched futilely grasping, her eyes desperately pleading, she took her last breath and watched as he simply turned and walked away, one foot in front of the other, down a dark dark path.