Here's the add-on to the 50 sentence challenge I promised (two weeks ago). So sorry. I've had it done since Spring Break, but I haven't been good about uploading it.

Oh yeah, one more thing, this 50 sentence challenge thing (I failed btw. I couldn't fit it into one sentence :P) is dedicated to ChaosAngel4Us.

Happy reading!

#01 - Urgent

No matter how she much pleaded...and no matter how long she begged, telling them again and again how urgent it was that she go, that Neuro was waiting for her, that he would need her help, she was always met with one steadfast reply.

"Ma'am...'Neuro' doesn't exist..."

#02 - Fruit

Neuro didn't eat human food and therefore never understood the saying, "A bite from the forbidden apple is always sweetest"...but he understood it very well once he took a bite from a delicious human fruit...Yako.

#03 - Start

For her it started with her father's death. For him it started with the allure of complex mysteries...and his odd compulsive attraction to a small blond Japanese girl.

#04 - Dark

As a child, Yako was afraid of the dark. As she grew older, however, she grew afraid of the light, for all the worst monsters lurked there, monsters that walk as she do and talk as we do...and look just like you and me...

#05 - Sad

Neuro breathed in the pungent aroma surrounding the Louse and made a face, taking the beer our of her hands and then he poured coffee on her head, grinning as she awoke suddenly and sputtered furiously. Much better, as a mad Louse was always preferable over a sad one.

#06 - Why

She asked herself this constantly, when she found herself in the hospital for the third time that week, when he crashed her dates, when she found herself used for the 76th time (Yes, she had been counting) as a floor mat, but when her boyfriend asked her the same question, Yako found herself angrily yelling, and extremely upset at the very idea that she shouldn't be at Neuro's side anymore.

#07 - Despair

It was a human emotion, not a daemon's but he had lived here too long, in this world of insufferable creatures with such short life spans and such bright lives, and as such he had caught the disease, as it were, a clawing monster that tore him to pieces inside out..every time, every single time, he visited her grave.

#08 - Golden

The sun was so very bright today, Neuro thought to himself, smiling faintly, for it made the Louse's hair shine golden, and her tears that fell upon him glisten as he slowly, so very slowly, slipped away into a land without light, without sun, and without a certain golden-haired girl.

#09 - Drink

It was her refuge, her escape, her ticket to oblivion, she didn't care if it killed her even though her hands shook now, all the time, even now as her hands opened the bottle butit was the only chance, the only way she could forget those green, spinning eyes and crazy purple-yellow hair.

#10 - Duty

"Do you, understanding your solemn oath and duty as a daemon mate to this fragile human female, swear to remain true to her until the end of time, to protect her from those other than you that would seek to hurt her and promise to stand by her in sickness and in health-"

"I do."

#11 - Shut

The door to her old life swung shut, permanently, the day she fell in love with a daemon.

#12 - End

This was the end. For both of them. She closed her eyes. Let her be a coward, this last time. She didn't want to see the end.

#13 - Beginning

But it wasn't the end, just the beginning. A new chapter in the life of Neuro Nougami, daemon and Yako Katsuragi...also daemon.

#14 - Fire

The sensation on his skin spread like fire, her fingertips cool and dry as they were, stirred odd feelings within him, setting him aflame.

#15 - Flexible

When he was asked one day if the louse was flexible by a leering reporter, Neuro had replied honestly, cutting Yako off, "Oh yes! Mistress bends and twists into all sorts of interesting positions~!" and had been met with the strangest reactions...redness on the louse's part...and everyone else.

#16 - Hit

"Ah, so you hit that?" The reporter continued on, nodding towards the louse.

"Every day," Neuro said, smiling broadly, "It builds character."

#17 - Food

It was her delight, and the one focus of her least before Neuro arrived.

#18 - Sugar

She was sweet like sugar and decadent to taste, Neuro thought happily, taking another bite.

#19 - Grave

There was a grave, solitary and alone, visited by many... That the grave had been dug so soon for one so young shocked many...She had seemed so invincible...But here was an even more shocking fact- the grave was empty.

#20 - Green

His irises were green spinning orbs that danced in his skull...that fact was imprinted on her, time and time again, especially since the day she had awoken to find her entire field of vision was filled with green.

#21 - Ahead

She was ahead of him, her feet desperately pounding the ground, her mind desperately praying that he would not find her, and suddenly as the sun set, she became aware, her body filled with sickening fear, of his shadow looming over her.

#22 - Hollow

It wasn't the same without her. The mysteries he devoured tasted...strange...and empty, leaving him more hollow than before.

#23 - Honor

Upon his honor, he swore to her to give her a head start. Moments later, as Yako crept away, Neuro suddenly swooped in, grinning and said to her "Silly louse. Daemons have no honor."

#24 - Hurt

She hadn't meant to do it, How could she have known? The gun, warmed by its last firing, cooled suddenly in her hand and slid to the floor. She wept.

#25 - Tomorrow

He wouldn't live to see tomorrow. It was a cliche saying among the humans in the strange world he had visited so long ago, searching for food. Neuro raised his head slightly, looking through the window at the mundane world full of mysteries, and felt himself slowly drift away, crumbling to dust.

#26 - Lost

He was lost, in this strange parallel world that was the Human World he had known and was not. He had worried about this, that he would not be able to get back to the Human World with Yako, but he soldiered on, becoming even more lost in this strange world where Mad Hatters reigned supreme.

#27 - Ultimate

The Ultimate danced in and out of his reach and she could see, each time how frustrated he became, when once again, it was revealed to be something ...not ultimate.

#28 - Black

She could feel it, every time she killed, her soul slowly blackening as her hands became stained permanently red.

#29 - Old

He finally found her. Years, a millennia of searching, all for naught. She was old, and withered, slowly crumbling to dust. Useless.

#30 - Peace

She was at peace now. He had finally come, and she ached.. it hurt.. for him to see her like this, to see the distaste in his eyes deepening as he realized her uselessness..but it didn't matter. He was here, he had come back like he promised, and that meant that finally, finally, after all these long years, she was at peace.

#31 - Poison

He had considered strangling...breaking her neck..throwing her out the window...and finally he settled on poison, giving her a dignified death, and slipped it with care into her IV, watching as she closed her eyes for the last time.

#32 - Pretty

Pretty. It was one of those Human words, one of those words that were subjective and truly meant nothing in the end.. Had it really mattered that much to the Louse, for him to tell her that once?

#33 - Rain

The rain fell, a soft pitter-patter, slowly blurring the world through the window, and she cried, knowing it was finally over.

#34 - Regret

He hadn't meant for it to happen. He had forgotten how fragile these creatures were...and now..all because of his one moment of forgetfulness...she was gone.

#35 - Cards

She regretted teaching Neuro how to play cards...but without a doubt, the casino owners regretted it more.

#36 - Music

Over time, his sadistic laughter became music to her ears- if only because it meant he cared.

#37 - Private

It annoyed him, the word emblazoned across the small journal.

#38 - Snowball

Gloves- $5.00. Tickets for 2 to a ski lodge- $400. Neuro's face when Yako finally got up the courage to hit him with a snowball- priceless.

#39 - Ninja

He was like a ninja..she could never hear him coming.

#40 - Spring

Rain came springtime, and along with it allergies, flowers, and tiny daemon-children, each with purple and yellow hair.

#41 - Secure

With him, she would be safe and secure... time would not touch her, the elements would not scar her, with him, she would be safe from anyone and everything...and he would do what he had to do to make her secure, to make her stay with him...even if it meant killing her first.

#42 - Purple

A singular color of the rainbow, yet after her time with Neuro, the color meant so many things to her, husband, detective, daemon...murderer.

#43 - Different

His existence now was much different from what he had before, he who was the strongest, was now the weakest, reduced to the state of a pathetic human. He had lost his wings, his daemon tools, and the only hint that he had ever been anything other than human was his superhuman strength and the faint glow in his green green eyes.

#44 - Taboo

It was against every law, and was an impossible idea against all the odds..a daemon falling for a human.

#45 - Angry

She had every right to be, that journal had been hers, her last refuge from Neuro! Was it so hard for him to leave just one corner of her life to be solely hers?

#46 - War

He came back from the Daemon World, changed. There were scars on his body that didn't heal and the odd quietness or paranoia she found him sometimes displaying. But everythime she inquired, she was only met with a torture and one word- war.

#47 - Water

Cool and refreshing, he envied the water droplets that sank beneath her clothes, touching her smooth skin.

#48 - Wrath

One sure way to incur Yako's wrath- eat her snacks in front of her.

#49 - Nail

It hurt, the nails pounded deep in her flesh, pinning her to the wall. As her blood slowly dripped onto the floor, she moaned quietly, knowing he would soon be here and her torture would be at an end

#50 - Wedding

He had felt it, a strange stirring of emotions and possessiveness exploding from him as quite calmly she walked down the aisle with another man.